In honor of the "Breaking Dawn" being so great and the "Twilight" movie being so close to release, I decided to become temporarily insane (yes, I know, such a shock, lol) and write a Stargate SG-1/Twilight crossover. This takes place after "Breaking Dawn," so any spoilers for the book series are fair game. It also takes place after Contiuum, so any SG-1 spoilers are also possible. This story was inspired by the awesomness of the Twilight saga, the brilliance of the characters of SG-1, and also, strangely enought, the new single "Love Song" by young country artist Taylor Swift. (And yes, I stuck with the suaul Twilight-ish title sort-of theme.)

This is a teaser, to get a feel for if anyone likes this idea at all. Don't freak out after you read just this. remember that it's fanfiction and anything can happen. ;) Please let me know what you think! Thanks so much!

Morning Light

The forest surrounding Cheyenne Mountain was cool in the evening autumn weather, and Vala shivered in her jean jacket. It was time to start breaking out the heavier coat for when she came here.

"But you know, I wouldn't have to be shivering out here if you hadn't disappeared on us," she muttered into the wind. "I mean really, Daniel, a whole year? I know you've done it before, but you didn't even give a good reason this time. You didn't give any reason," she huffed. Then more quietly she added, "And this time I have to be here to miss you."

She sighed and dropped on the boulder on which she usually held vigil. She wasn't sure why she kept coming here. She didn't honestly expect to find anything. She didn't even look; she just sat here. She decided that she drew comfort from being in the last place she had seen Daniel—as if being here remembering extended that moment to the present and made it as if he had never been gone.

Vala grimaced and quickly stopped in its tracks the sound in her mind of the agonized scream that had been the last she'd heard of him. She blacked out the replaying memory of turning and not seeing him, and never seeing him again.

"Why?" she whispered. "I don't understand. I know we were never—well, anything, really, except sort of friends…But why did you have to leave just when it seemed like something more could happen?"

She asked these questions nearly every time she came here, late in the afternoon when no one would miss her. Sometimes they passed her lips, and sometimes not. The tears didn't come as often anymore.

She wondered why she came so much, but then again, she had nowhere else to go. Daniel had never had a chance to teach her to drive, and now she had no interest, for some reason. Of course the others were still themselves, still her friends…but there was no real distraction there. Teal'c cared for her, but he wouldn't take up with someone so much younger, and Sam and Cameron comforted each other. That small hint of a possible relationship had cascaded and blossomed after Daniel's disappearance, probably with of the need of that comfort as a catalyst.

Life was not bad by any means, besides his absence. SG-1 was no less a team than before—perhaps more so for the strain they went through together—but somehow nothing helped her more than sitting here. She felt closer to him here.

Something caught her eye as she went to leave again, a little later in the evening. Vala whirled quickly, but saw nothing at first.

"Wh-who's there?"

Her heart began beating wildly without provocation, but she didn't realize why until she saw the white chiseled figure that appeared to have just stepped out from behind a tree about a hundred yards away. The human-like figure stood frozen there, as if in shock.

Vala's mouth hung open. She didn't know what it was, but something made her move closer. She had closed almost half of the distance before she stopped dead and drew in a sudden gasp of air. She stared stupidly, unable to trust her eyes.

It was definitely a man, but a man so stunning that it almost hurt her eyes to look at him. He stared back, unwavering. He didn't even blink, and from where she was she could only tell that his eyes were a crystalline shade of some brilliant, light color that didn't seem natural. His eyes shone out from under short, perfectly cut brown hair. Everything about him was perfect—even the way the t-shirt and jeans it didn't look like he belonged in hung on him.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded softly, almost desperately. There was no threat in the words. But his voice…

His voice was like nothing she had ever heard. It was more beautiful than any human's had a right to be. But what he really human?


There was something she recognized in that voice.

Vala took several abrupt steps forward, close enough that she could make out the individual features of his face. He looked like he wanted to run away, but something held him where he was, studying her in return almost as if…as if he knew her.

Her heart skipped a beat, and then went right on beating wildly.

It couldn't be.


His eyes widened just a fraction.

She was right, somehow. It was impossible, but she was right.

Suddenly Vala didn't care how insane it was; she knew it was him, even if she didn't know how he could possibly have changed like this.

She was only glad he was alive.

He certainly didn't seem to have expected it when she ran to him and threw her arms around his neck, but what she hadn't expected was the touch of his skin. It was cold, even through his shirt, almost hard, and much too pale, she realized anew now that she was so close.

And then there was nothing in her arms, and she gasped when she saw him standing several feet away, eyes as wide as saucers.

Bright amber eyes wide as saucers.

Vala gaped. "What…what happened to you? We thought you were dead," she stammered clumsily.

"I was," he said. That surprised her enough, but now that he spoke at a normal volume she was shocked again by the sound of his voice. She was now definite that it was the most glorious sound she had ever heard. "What are you doing here?" he asked again. His face clearly portrayed confusion this time, conflicting with something else, like pain. But it was all still just as beautiful as before.

"I come here…" she tried to explain. "Since you disappeared, I just…I come here sometimes. I don't know why. Something told me I should." She swallowed. "What happened to you?" she repeated.

Daniel was backing up already, his movements more graceful than any career dancer. "I-I…can't explain. You shouldn't be here. You should go. Now. I should go. I'm so sorry…You have to forget you saw me. No one can know. I should have run; I'm sorry, I was just so surprised to see you. I miss all of you…" His face was a mask of agony. "But I'm dead. You can't think anything else. I can't come back. I'm sorry, I—goodbye."

"No, wait!" Vala cried.

But he was already gone.