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"Oh Pieeeeeetro!"

Pietro looked up from his book to where Todd stood, something hidden behind his back.


"I got you a present."

"Really!?!" Pietro grinned, standing up, "ooh what can it be? Todd you really shouldn't have! I know I'm wonderful and all but; you really shouldn't have."

"Hey," Freddy pouted, "how come I didn't get one?"

"Because you're not me," Pietro grinned, "ooh ooh, let me have the present Todd."

"Choose a hand Quickie."

"Ummmm, both!"

"Pietro, play properly," Todd whined.

"Fine, left."

"How the hell did you know?"

"I can read minds. Now give me the present!"


Pietro snatched the present from Todd and unwrapped it at super-speed. His face fell as he pulled the present out of the wrapping. "Todd you moron! Giant underwear! I could camp in these! Are you trying to tell me something in a tasteless and extremely untactful way? Cause I sure as hell don't find it amusing!"

"Hey guys have you seen the - holy shit! Where the hell did those come from!"

"I bought them for Pietro!" Todd grinned, "don't you think the floral pattern matches his eyes?"

"It so does not!" Pietro objected. "Look at this!" he cried, "they reach past my knees! Who the hell has an ass that huge?"

"Ooh," Freddy said, catching sight of the underwear, "4XXL! Comfy!"

"I spoke too soon didn't I?" Pietro said, holding his head in his hands.

"Hey Pietro, can I have those? I mean, it's not like you're going to fit in them. You're kinda on the skinny side."

"Skinny!" Pietro snapped, "skinny!"

"Run Freddy," Lance said, "run as fast and as far as you can."


- - -

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