"Dad, don't worry!" Jack said while he and Teague were in the study. "We'll be fine! You know, usually I'd be having this conversation with Mum, and you'd be trying to kick me out."

"After what happened last time, I think I've got every right to worry about you." Teague said.

"We've been here for four years Dad!" Jack said. "I mean, it's great to be in Shipwreck Cove, but four years of nothing but land? We're ready to go sailing!"

"Are you sure that little Kate is ready?"

"Why wouldn't she be ready?" Jack asked. "After all, she the daughter of Captain Jack Sparrow."

"That's why I worry." Teague said. Kate is Roxxi and Jack youngest child. She just turned four years old about a week ago, but never went sailing. Even without going sailing, she was still shaping up to be just like her parents, crazy. "I'm just worried that, with all the other Pirate Lords knowing that you know the location of Atlantis, they might come after you."

"And what if they find out I'm here?" Jack asked. "They'll come here and kill everyone. So, in order to keep Mum safe, we have to leave, savvy?"

"You have a point there."

"So, when will you be ready to set sail?"

"Sorry Jack, but I think I should stay here this time." Teague said.

"Oi Beastie, two rums!" Jack shouted. Five minute later, a full grown Beastie came back with a sack holding two rum bottles. "Good boy!"

"Jack, I still don't get why you choose to get a pet tiger." Teague said.

"I already told you, I didn't pick him, he picked me!" Jack said, handing his father a rum bottle. It was true that he didn't pick Beastie. Jack rescued the tiger when he was just a cub from drowning, and the tiger started following him everywhere. "Back to the last subject, I can protect my family, you know."

"Boy, your wife can is able to make you cry in pain."

"Roxxi is the Death Goddess, of course she can make me cry in pain!"

"Oh yes, the Death Goddess is really scary!" Teague said sarcastically, pointing out the door, to where Roxxi was standing on a chair saw Treasure tried to catch a rat. "The woman is still afraid of rats, how can she be scary?"

"I don't know, maybe it's the magical scythe of death she keeps on her person at all times?" Jack said, equally sarcastic. "I can't even go to bed with her without her having that thing nearby."

"What about you and your compass?"

"Hey, I don't bathe with my compass, thank you."

"Do you bathe?" Teague asked. "You don't look like you do." Then he leaned closer to Jack. "So, any dreams lately?" Ever since he was a child, Jack could see any bad thing in the future. Ever since they left Isla de Mythica, however, Jack stopped having dreams.

"No." Jack said. "I don't think I'll ever have them again, though."

"Dad!" Seven year old Amara shouted, running in. "Does this dress make me look fat?" She was wearing a purple dress with gold trim that was saved from when Delila was her age. Jack got up from his chair to make some adjustments to the dress, like tying the back, which required Amara to hold up her red and purple hair. She already had her hair tied back with a purple and gold ribbon, but it was still long.

"No, you don't look fat." Jack said. "You look great. Just why all the purple?"

"It's my favorite color!" Amara said. "I mean, that's like me asking you about all of your shades of red."

"You know, you should change into something else later."


"Cause the Black Pearl is finally setting sail tonight!"

After dinner that night, Teague, Danielle, and Delila watched as the Black Pearl sailed away from the private docks and out to Shipwreck Harbor. "Jack's right, we pirates are really unimaginative when it comes to naming things. I mean 'Shipwreck Cove', Shipwreck Harbor', 'Shipwreck Town', it's obvious that it's all on Shipwreck Island."

"Well 'Keeper of the Code' isn't a very imaginative title either." Delila pointed out.

"She's getting to be just like Jack." Danielle said.

"Odd, isn't it?" Delila asked, smiling just like Jack would. "Oi, I'm going to be late!" She started running to the town. "I hope Chris wont be too mad!"

"Who's Chris?!" Teague shouted.

"Teague." Danielle said, grabbing his arm before he could start running. "Looks like we got the house to ourselves."

"So, what shall we be doing tonight, my lady?" Teague asked, twisting the right side of his mustache with his finger. Danielle rolled her eyes, smiling, and pulled him into their house.

"Mum, Dad, I'm home!" Delila shouted, sounding disappointed. "Chris wasn't there."

"So who is this Chris?" Teague asked, walking out of his room. He was only wearing his white blouse and trousers.

"He's a friend." Delila said. "He just came into town from France. He said something about being on business. We were going to meet tonight before he leaves tomorrow."

"Next time, I'd like to meet your 'friends' before you go out in the middle of the night with them, savvy?"

"Dad!" Delila shouted. "I'm almost twenty years old and have never gone out with a boy!"

"And if you keep acting like a child, you wont be." Teague said.

"Can I go to Chris's house to check on him?"

"Over my dead body."

"It's ironic you should be saying that, Captain Teague." A voice said. Then Captain Chevalle and his men stepped into the house. "Where is your son?"

"He left the town." Teague said, pushing Delila behind his body.

"To where?" Chealle asked.

"How would I know?" Teague asked, lying. "The only person who knows where he is going is himself." Then he turned to Delila. "Get your mother and get out of here!"


"No 'but's. Just listen to me." Teague said. Delila nodded, then ran off.

Ten minutes later, Danielle and Delila were hiding nearby when they heard a gun shot. They both jumped, panicked. Then they both sat down again as Chevalle and his men left. Delila counted them, and realized that they were all walking out, which could only mean one thing...

"Dad!" Delila shouted as she ran back into the house. She found a trail of blood, starting from where Teague was standing down the hall. She followed it, hoping to find him alive, even it he was dying. She froze when she found that it ended at the docks, and the Misty Lady was missing. 'Those bastards must've took the Misty Lady.' She thought. 'Shoot! Mum's going to need a refill of her medicine soon, or she'll...'

"Delila, did you find him?" Danielle asked, already holding medical supplies.

"I think they took him to get to Jack." Delila said. "Along with the Misty Lady." Then she looked up at her mother, who looked paler then usual. "Mum, are you alright?"

"You need to warn your brother." Danielle said.

"How?" Delila asked. "They took the Misty Lady!"

"You don't know about the Dragon, do you?" Danielle asked, before collapsing.