Jack and Roxxi watched in horror as Delila fell to the ground, after being shot in the back. Jack immediately knelt down next to his sister. "Delila, why are you here?"

"Followed you. Hid in a bush." Delila said, before passing out.

At the palace, Teague watched as Beastie started to chase his tail. Teague lowered his hat over his face. 'Dumb cat.' He thought. 'Damn thing thinks he's a bloody dog. I wonder if he'll come when a whistle.' He whistled, and sure enough, Beastie came. Teague then smiled, pulling Mushu out of his pocket.

"What do you want this time?" Mushu whined. "I was sleeping, if you haven't noticed. And one who has to deal with you needs-"

"Oi Beastie, fetch!" Teague shouted, throwing Mushu. He smiled as the full grown tiger ran after the 'stick'.

"Dad!" Jack shouted, holding Delila. "Hurry up. She got shot." Then he looked around. "Where's Beastie?"

Teague looked toward where he threw Mushu. "I'm not really sure." He said as he walked over to Jack. "Why did you let her get shot?"

"I didn't 'let her get shot'!" Jack said, handing Delila off to Will. "I didn't know she followed me until she got shot! Believe me-"

"Oh yes, I should believe you!" Teague argued. "After all, you're the one who was born on the Misty Lady during a typhoon, right?"

"And you're 'Captain Edward Teague'?" Jack asked. "What kind of pirate is named 'Edward' anyways?"

"And you roped yourself a couple of sea turtles to get off that little island you were marooned on?"

"And you were the Pirate Lord of Madagascar?"

"And you got your piece of eight from a Moroccan lady you had a one night stand wit?" Teague asked, slipping into pirate language...

"And ye're not me father?"

"And ye was just me cabin boy on the Misty Lady?"

"And ye-"

"WILL THE TWO OF YOU SHUT IT!" Roxxi shouted. "My god, you two are worst then the kids!"

"Dad." Jackie asked, while his sisters played with the newly found Beastie and Mushu. "Why did you give them the necklaces?"

"He didn't." Roxxi said, smiling. "We gave them fakes, made by Will."

"But then why did you get so upset?"

"That, my dear, was just an act." Roxxi said. "One has to become a very good actor as well as a good fighter if one is to survive in this world." Then she remembered the time. "Oi, it's late! Time for bed kids!"

As soon as Roxxi and the kids left, Will came back. "Delila's fine. Luckily, Mr. Gibbs got the bullet out and cleaned it before she woke up. She's actually quite cheerful, for some odd reason."

"Figures." Teague said. "She is Jack Sparrow's little sister."

"So?" Jack asked. "You're Captain Jack Sparrow's father, and you're about as cheerful as a grave." He suddenly felt a swift slap upside his head, which knocked his hat off. "Dad, don't you think I'm a bit to old for that?"

"You think so?" Teague asked, pulling a cats-o-nine out off of his sash. "Fine, let's try that again."

Will watched as Teague chased Jack around the front yard, trying not to laugh, when Elizabeth came. "Will, what happened?"

"I'll tell you later." Will said. "Where were you?"

"You wont believe who I found at the docks."


"Your parents." She said, smiling. "They said that they'll come by tomorrow. Will, did Roxxi ever make a decision?"

"About what?"

"About becoming Atlantis's next ruler?" Elizabeth asked, causing everybody to stop what they were doing.

"I'll be right back." Jack said, running up to the kids room. With all of the drama going on, Jack had completely forgotten about that!

A week later, everyone was in the grand hall of the palace, for the coronation ceremony. Roxxi had made the choice without telling anyone else, not even Jack. Only she and Treasure knew, resulting in Jack chewing on his nails...

"Jack, stop that!" Teague hissed.

"Teague, can't you talk to you own son in a nicer way?" Danielle asked.

"Jack, please stop that!" Teague said, still sounding more like a hiss.

"Ladies and gentleman." Roxxi began, from a landing in the grand staircase. "Thank you all for coming for this coronation ceremony today. As you all must know by now, my family has been going through some drama and so, my choice to not remain here was mine and mine alone."

Teague smiled as Jack's jaw dropped, and as other people gasped in shock.

"So, in my place, my little brother, Sammy, has agreed to take over." Roxxi continued. "So, thank you all for the opportunity to be a queen, but I can't be bound to land, even if it's under water."

That night, Roxxi and Jack were in their cabin on the Black Pearl, getting ready to set sail out of Atlantis, along with the other pirates. "Jack, how did you get the other Pirate Lords to believe that those pieces of scrap metal are the treasures?"

"Didn't have to." Jack said. "Barbossa said that they think that, after they couldn't the fakes to work, the story is just that, a story." Then he smiled. "Glad all of that's over!"

"I don't think so." Roxxi said, looking in a mirror. Her reflection was wearing the death goddess outfit, with no pupils in her icy blue eyes and a hateful look on her face...