A/N: This is my first Nessie/Jake fanfic and I really hope you guys like it. It will be told from Nessie's point of view (I may change my mind and do some Jake P.O.V. later) and it will be a reflection of her time with Jake. I know it may start out slow with her reflections of childhood, but the good romance will come :).

I am not the brilliant Stephanie Meyer so I do not own any of these characters, although I keep hoping to find a Jacob out there somewhere )


Renesmee's P.O.V.

Claire once told me that she could remember before she was born. I'd been so excited at time because I actually can remember before I was born. I felt for a brief moment like I shared something normal with my human friend, but I quickly learned that she really couldn't remember and it was nothing more than pure childish fantasy. I remember the cramped space, the sound of my mother's voice, and the pain I felt knowing that I was causing her pain. By the time I was born I was able to distinguish a few other voices, Daddy's and Aunt Rosalie's, but none held me captivated more than the voice that I would later know to be Jacob's. There had been something about his voice, even then, that soothed me. I had wanted to be born, to end the suffering I was putting my mother through, but Jacob's voice had given me new motivation.

My birth was awful. For me it was confusing as Daddy removed me from my mother. Even though it was scary seeing her broken and covered in blood, there was a joy in my heart that could not be contained. I remember being in her arms, for the briefest moment, before Aunt Rosalie took me away. That had frustrated me. I had waited so long to see my mother and I didn't understand why they wouldn't allow me to be with her. Physically, I could not speak yet, but my mind was advanced enough to form coherent thoughts. I had recognized my Aunt Rosalie's voice as she attempted to care for me immediately following my birth, but the anger I felt over being taken from my mother so quickly began to bubble in my chest. Nothing she could do appeased me, until she nuzzled me against her cheek. It wasn't her comforting action that had calmed me, but instead the person I saw over her shoulder. The moment my eyes landed on him everything changed. The longing I had had for my mother all but vanished, for the moment at least, and had been replaced with a longing for the boy staring back at me. Somehow, I knew that he belonged to me.

I had tried to reach for him, but Rosalie paid no attention. It was then that I used my gift for the first time. I had put my tiny hand on her cheek and showed her a clear picture of Jacob. She had jumped from the shock of it. Looking back I'm not sure if her shock was had been the result of experiencing my unique talent, or if it had been more of an astonishment that I could possibly want Jacob, the dog, more than I wanted her.

"I think she wants" she paused, barely able to believe it "you"

She shot Jacob a disgusted look, but it was lost on him. He never took his eyes from mine.

"Can I hold her?" he asked his voice so low that only Aunt Rosalie's vampire senses allowed her to hear him.

Hearing his voice, my voice that I'd loved so much, only furthered my longing. I touched her face again to emphasize that point. Reluctantly she had carried me over to him and handed me off. She left us then, but I barely noticed. I stared up into his face and he stared back at me. He smelled wonderful and I felt completely calm and comfortable as I rested in his arms. It was a moment before he spoke.

"Renesmee" he breathed, his voice full of reverence.

After a moment he had smiled, which caused his whole face to light up. I had very much liked that.

"That's a big name for such a little girl" he cooed. "Maybe I'll call you something else. "

He thought for a second. "I think I'll call you Nessie"

He paused again, but this time his face turned into a frown "Maybe not. Bella would probably kill me."

I had reached up to him then and touched his cheek showing him how he'd smiled and called me Nessie.

"Whoa little girl" he'd laughed. "You gotta warn a guy before you do something like that. So you like Nessie, huh. Well I guess it will be worth facing your mother if it makes you happy."

He'd held me for a little while longer, almost lulling me to sleep when I'd heard another familiar voice, an angry voice, call out to him.

"Jacob Black, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Daddy had asked.

Daddy quickly rushed over and took me from Jacob's arms.

"Edward" Jacob had said in a soft, shaky voice "I didn't mean to, it just-"

"It just what?" Daddy had said angrily "Her mother is lying up there in agony, held her only one time, and you imprint on her?"

Jacob had looked sad and confused, which made me want him to hold me again. I had wanted to comfort him, to bring his smile back.

"Get out Jacob." Daddy had said through gritted teeth. "Get out and do not come back."

"Edward, please." Jacob said in a pained voice before looking up his face fully revealing his suffering.

"Get out" my father had barked back.

Slowly Jacob had stood and started to leave. Panic filled me completely, and I couldn't bear for him to go. I touched Daddy's cheek and showed him a picture of Jacob. He didn't act shocked at all to hear my thoughts, most likely because he was so used to hearing other people's thoughts, but he didn't understand the meaning at first.

"It's okay little one" he had said "He's leaving"

Angrily, I showed him again and he couldn't mistake the meaning behind my communication. He had groaned slightly.

"Just like her mother" he whispered before raising his voice. "Jacob"

Jacob was back in the house in an instant, a mixture of surprise and hope on his face. The elation I felt at seeing him again caused another groan to escape my father.

Daddy's eyes had remained hard and his voice chilly. "It appears that she would like you to stay."

Jacob had smiled again and began to approach my father and me. He had reached for me, but Daddy had quickly turned away, keeping me out of reach.

"I do not like this Jacob" he began "But I cannot deny her something she so clearly wants. However, I swear that if I hear one errant thought you will be dog food. Do you understand me?"

"Oh Edward you know it's not like that." Jacob started, relief filling his voice.

Daddy hadn't made a move so Jacob let out a sigh. "Yes, I understand."

Begrudgingly, Daddy had handed me back to Jacob and I'd happily settled back into his arms.

"I'm going back to Bella" Daddy had said, before breaking into a huge smile. "That's one thing I guess."

"What's that?" Jacob asked uneasily.

"You get to tell Bella" He said, a wicked smile on his lips.