Pokemon The Next Generation
Part 2

Everyone was gathered around Jamie. She had burns to her face, hands, arms and legs, she was also still unconscious. She had taken a pretty nasty hit to the head and her body needed time to heal.

Everyone that they had met was there. When they all heard about team Rocket kidnapping Jamie they didn't hesitate to come to the Valley.

Sasha, Kate, Rhapsody, Lila, Kimberly, Rose, Peter, Satoshi, Hasan, Mary Alex and Ann. Professor Oak, Mrs. Ketchum, Ash, and Gary were there to along with Jamie's usual friends.

Paul was outside of the room talking to everyone while Ann and Melissa were with Jamie hoping to see some improvement.

I reckon Jamie must have had gone through a lot to end up this way Mary said.

But the why would Team Rocket just dump her there after what they did? Rhapsody asked, It doesn't make sense

Satoshi nodded I'd also like to know what they did to make her end up this way?

We'll see soon Paul answered.

That's right, when Eric returns. Where is he anyway? Mike said.

With Gary and Ash Peter answered.

They said they had to talk to him alone Rose added.

But how did Jamie end up with so many burns? that's what puzzles me the most Sasha said.

They might have attacked her with fire pokemon Lila suggested.

That's what Nurse Joy thinks. Eric said they probably wanted her to use that stone pendant she has Alex said.

Why would they do that? Is this stone suppose to have some sort of power or something? Satoshi joked.

That's what Eric and his buddies are saying Kim finished, and I'd like to see that for myself

You're about to Eric said as he walked back into the pokemon center with Ash and Gary behind him.

Eric took his pendant out of his pocket and put it over his neck then he walked into Jamie's room. Everyone followed.

Eric sat down next to the girl and looked down into her angelic face. Even covered by bandages and burns those couldn't hide the beauty Eric saw within her.

Jamie was still out and hadn't moved since they brought her in. Okay, lets do this Eric said.

Melissa handed Eric the pendant Jamie was wearing when they found her and he put it over her head and rested it on her. Eric took one of her hands into his, closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Everyone watched in wonder as Jamie's pendant gave off a small blueish glow and Eric's gave off a purplish glow.

Eric focused into the deepest part of his thought and there he was able to see into Jamie's thoughts. Eric described everything about yesterday he could get.

I see her in a jail, they locked her up for sometime. There's a face, a teenage boy with white hair and a cloak, that's mostly what I'm getting. Wait.. Giovanni! He gave Jamie the pendant but he wants her to do something, she's refusing and he doesn't like it so he locked her up...

Eric opened his eyes to pause for a moment. He looked at the group who was just stunned.

Dude we need more info! Paul said.

Eric looked at him I'm mostly getting images of this kid but no name, she won't let me know he said.

Eric ignore it, what else can you tell us Melissa said.

Eric reached into his friend's thoughts and tried to get more information. There's a battle floor like a pokemon gym. I see hundreds of Team rockets and pokemon, they're coming at her. Giovanni is doing this... WHOA! he shouted.

At the moment Jamie cringed and seemed to panic in her sleep but didn't move. Eric paused but kept his eyes closed.

Well, what?! everyone shouted.

Eric shook her head Rage, pure anger. Here's and something else. there's fire everywhere and she's trapped. People and Pokemon are dead now. That boy again, all I see is a face. Now she's running down a hallway with him, there are more flames coming towards them....

John! that's his name, she just said so.

Eric opened his eyes and stopped. That's it he said to Paul and Mike.

That was... weird Hasan concluded.

Eric ignored all the whispering and comments of others as he stroked Jamie's head. Suddenly he felt a darkness engulf him. Then he found himself in a dark space not in the hospital. Eric heard a scream and he looked in front of him to see Jamie screaming in agony for the pain to stop and to be let free. She was surrounded by intense blue flames with Eric on the outside.

Eric! Somebody! Help me! she cried out into the darkness.

Eric yelled.

He reached out for her through the flames. The fire parted and he grabbed her hand. He pulled her out of the fiery inferno and out of the darkness. Slowly, light began to light up the darkened space and Eric was suddenly flung back into reality. Eric shook his head and looked around, no one had noticed.

Paul, got anything that will ease her pain? She's in a lot of it right now Eric explained.

I was going to use that jolt stuff I make but since you seem to know better and Paul went into his pack and pulled out a bottle. He took off the cap and handed it to Eric, Not much dude Paul warned.

Eric nodded and put it to Jamie's lips.