Jamie shouted at her friends. All of them had guilty looks on their faces.

It had been three days since Jamie woke up and she was feeling better, at least she could walk now on her own. But still, she had no recollection of the event that happened then.

Jamie was sitting up in bed, her friends Eric, Paul, Mike, Katie and Melissa were all in the room. Apparently they had something important to tell her.

I can't believe you guys! you'd give up on me just like that?! she shouted as she felt her throat tighten up.

Jamie, we're not going to go against Ash's word Eric said.

And we sort of agree with him to Katie answered.

But why? Jamie asked.

Melissa spoke up Ash could do a much better job of protecting you than we can. I mean, we couldn't even stop Team Rocket from taking you away from us three days ago

But you didn't know! Jamie said.

And neither would Ash if they tried again but at least he'd be ready for it. Eric said.

I can't believe you guys are siding with him! Jamie protested, her voice rising with her anger.

What's so wrong about it? Mike asked.

Let me tell you something. All my life I've wanted adventure and surprises. Not being stuck inside with absolutely butt kiss to do. Finally I get the chance to become a real pokemon trainer and have my wish come true but NOOOOOOO. You guys want me to stop, go home and be locked up like a prisoner, get treated like a two year old and stop training all because of this one innocent!

Why am I the one getting punished! Team Rocket's been after us the whole journey and that's never stopped us and then I get kidnapped and all of a sudden my friends, my freedom, and my life get taken away from me!

Jamie, your life isn't being taken away from you, and we'd still call you and find out what you're up to Melissa said trying to calm her hysterical friend down but it didn't work.

Yes it is Melissa, don't you understand! Jamie paused to see Ash walk into the room. Jamie grew even more enraged.

I'm going to make myself clear once and for all. I am not going home with that SLAVE DRIVER! she yelled facing Ash, NOW EVERYONE GET OUT OF MY FACE NOW!!! she yelled.
Everyone shuffled out quickly. As Eric closed the door they all looked at each other than at Ash angrily. He gave them a seriously look and said She'll see it my way and then she'll thank me for this and he walked off.

What do we do? Jamie's really upset Melissa said.

The best thing we can do is leave her alone and let her blow off some steam then try again later tonight or tomorrow Paul said.

Not a chance, I wouldn't go in there tonight, she'd still be mad. We all know her Katie pointed out.

They all agreed but then they heard Ash chuckle Well you better say what you have to tonight he explained, because in the morning she's going home

Everyone looked at each other, then Melissa said Hey Eric?

I'm going to miss Jamie she said realizing her voice was almost gone.

Eric and the others lowered their heads. He looked at Melissa I know he said, noticing his throat tighten I'm going to miss her to and a glimmer was in his eye.

It won't be the same Katie said, and she was the first to show her tears. One by one the others followed.

Leaning up against her door, Jamie was weeping silently to herself.


The Pokemon Center clock read 3:46 am. Everyone was asleep and someone was taking full advantage of it. Folded outfits, borrowed' food and medicine, valuables and belongings packed and tossed into a backpack that would suite its purpose over a period of time.

An open door to a last look of those most precious in the heart, and a silent wish for them. Apon return to a temporary sanctuary; the pokemon that would help out along the way were placed alone the waist line of a black belt. The final chore was opening to window that would lead to freedom and a path unknown.

The moonlight casted a silver glow along the beach shore to the Valley Lake. Campers fires on the other end flickered out in the soft winds. The stars danced heel to toe above. Brown eyes caught their glimmer as they kept going forward. A pause, one last look, a thank you that would never be said to the friends that might never be seen.

A tear trickled down her cheek as she looked back apon the pokemon center. She wouldn't go back, not now. Would she ever see her friends and family again she didn't know either... and frankly she didn't care.

She was alone now.


WAKE UP! Katie yelled at everyone with urgency.

Everyone looked around Jamie's bedroom, here stuff, pokemon, and personal items were gone, and so was she. Ash was shaking his head in disbelief as the breeze of the nearby lake blew in through the open window, the footprints in the sand showed her direction.

Jamie won't know where she's going! Melissa yelled.

Paul shouted My map's gone and so are some medicines and potions

Some food's gone to Mike said as he held his pack.

Eric yelled, refusing to accept what he was seeing.

He ran out side followed by the others. It was late in the morning and Jamie had much of a head start.

As the lake gently lapped at the shore, and the fresh breeze blew through the air, they all looked at each other realizing that they'd have to accept the reality. Jamie was gone.

Will Jamie come back? Is this the end of Pokemon The Next Generation?

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