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"EWW! Such a geek!" shouted a girl with her group of friends in disgust.



Geek! That's what they call me. My blonde haired friend shoved me aside as she step forward and pull the girl's hair who called me geek. The girl turned around and saw no other than Ino Yamanaka. She flipped her hair smoothly in a flirtatious manner and drew attentions from guys around. She is loved by boys, hated by girls, but respected by all.

"Call her geek and your tongue will be cut!" she said and a hint of threat was in her voice.



Actually she can really do that kind of thing. The girl ran in horror. "Thanks...i...ino..."I thanked her and sigh with relief.

"No problem! But remember this sakura i'm not always there for you. So learn to protect lets get going." she said and walked ahead of me. I walked as fast as my feet could as I catch up with her. she's Ms. popularity b the way.

she got the looks

but she don't have the brains after all

I'm jealous of her

that's what i knew

As we enter the cafeteria. My eyes searched for Mr. Popularity. There, he is laughing with his friend.

his really handsome

Raven locks fell in his face as he laughs. His name is sasuke uchiha, the most famous guy in the campus.

and the hottest one indeed

I have hidden feelings for him that no one knows, even ino! A girl like me, who is called a geek, who can't protect herself, can't be loved by a guy like him. As we passed each tables. Guys waved at ino.

she's really popular

Jealousy overpowered me. I'm jealous of ino I admit it. She has everything she wants. And she can drive guys crazy.

we approached the table located at the left part of the cafeteria where ten-ten and hinata are located. The paled eyed one is hinata hyuuga, boyfriend of naruto uzumaki, and also cousin of ten-ten's boyfriend neji hyuuga.

she's the nicest one in the group

"heya! ino,sakura" ten-ten greeted us as we sat down across the table. "hi ino ,hi sakura" hinata greeted us too. she's shy but not geek as I am. she can protect herself unlike me. we chatted, ate and afterwards went separate ways. but ino and I went to chemistry class together. As we head to the chemistry room, we discussed something bad for me but very well for ino.

what could this be?

"sakura I have something to tell you" Ino whispered. I sensed its private and must be kept, since I don't have that much friend. I can keep that secret of ino.

i can keep secrets! duh!

"what?" I asked her with interest in my voice. "uchiha sasuke is asking me out"


what did she said?

i can't feel myself

i'm getting numb

she blurted out not knowing she hurt my feelings. 'what? Can you please repeat what you said earlier' I asked myself. I felt numb. I felt a pin was stuck in the middle of my heart.

"hey are you ok?" she asked me and her brows crimpled in confusion.


can't you see, i'm not!

I wanted to shout at her that very moment. But realization came in my mind. I realize I'm no one to sasuke even if I confessed my true feelings about him nothing will change. No matter what happened I think I'll keep it a secret she's my friend after all.

after all

after all-

"then go for it!" I told her. and my voice trembled even my knees trembled. My mind is messy right now.

just lie to her

just lie


"but his weird" ino said. I can't believed her she have said that to sasuke. "why?" I asked her. "he said I can bring a friend with us. it's a date! then bring a friend? what is he?" she asked me.


i don't think so

'Why does sasuke wants ino to bring a friend?'I asked my confused self. "Oh well! I'll just bring you" she said and waved carelessly. She looked at me and waited for my reaction. "B...b...b.ut, ino" I wanted to declined the offer. "No buts! Be there ok? At 9 am" she said and entered the room. I was still outside the room and I can't think very well. 'I must be brave!' I told myself 'you can do it!'my inner added.

i'll just pretend


I'm ok

but really

I'm not!

As i entered the classroom, I saw sasuke with naruto. Were classmates during literature, biology and chemistry class. I sat in my designated chair. But I feel there's someone watching me. I looked everywhere and found two onyx orbs looking directly at me.

his looking at me

I blushed,

it send chills around my spine.

'sasuke uchiha is looking directly at me' I told myself.

'well,he is looking at you, BUT! he don't like you!' my inner made me realized that. he may be looking at me but not liking me.

He was distracted when Ino approached him and tapped him in the shoulder.

"hi" his gazed turned to ino and he smiled. I tried my hardest to hear what they are talking about since I'm seated two sits away from sasuke. "About the date, I think I'll bring my best friend with me, sakura haruno" I heard ino said. She informed him and gave him one of her smiles. "Sure" he answered and gave her a smile too. as ino walked away the class erupted when naruto shouted.

"sasuke-teme is going out with ino-chan!" I heard the blonde shouted. "Will you pls shut up dobe!" sasuke demanded in an irritated voice. Ino blushed and sasuke hit naruto's head. The teacher quieted the room and the class ended with my heart aching.

i'm getting numb



i can't feel anything

'well better prepare yourself for you will really have a hard time dodging sasuke's glances' my inner informed me and I looked at at the space blankly.

Early the next morning

"Did you know sakura, when you went home yesterday sasuke gave me flowers" she said and blushed really deep.

i can't take it anymore

'Why is this happening to me?' I asked myself 'my heart was pinned in the middle and now it's can I ever fix this thing?' I just smiled and gave her a hug.

it was fake

I wanted to hug her. I'm willing to give sasuke .

his all yours

I can't even beat her. She's someone I can't reach.

"Why did you hug me?" she asked me in a surprised voice. "Nothing, that was just a friendly hug." I lied

I'm really a liar

and loving it!

"ahm...ino...i have to go, my class will start any minute now" I told her and I didn't gave her the time to reply cause I have ran away. I lied again I know.

I'm such a good liar

with an aching heart

As I entered my classroom in literature because I decided I'll just wait there till the class starts. I was surprised to see sasuke and naruto playing pick up sticks. I sat at my chair and I didn't even greet them. Instead I watched them as they play. They are having fun I assumed.

"naruto!' hinata called up and her head popped out of the door. "Professor Iruka wants to see you" she told naruto and vanished. "sasuke-teme..i will be going but I'll be sure when I come back your going down!" he threatened sasuke. And stood up and left. But he said hi to me as he went out.

at least he greeted

"Hi" he smiled at me

he smiled

at me

for me?


for ino?

'thats was for ino'

my heart was thumping like crazy. "h..h..hi!" I managed to say behind those trembling lips. He stood up and sat beside me. I hope he can't hear my heart thumping. I'm trembling really hard than before, even my hands are trembling.

his near me

"Hey why are you trembling?" he asked in a concerned manner and guess what.

he held my hands.and touched it

my heart was thumping faster





Until I realize he likes ino. I pulled my hands and conquered my heart.

"Its...ok, ok." I told him. I harvested all my courage. He leaned closely, only inches away from me. Face so close.

'his going to kiss me' I thought.

'wake up..your not in a reality show!' my inner always interrupts me when im in a good mood. hell her.

kiss me



"Your sakura right? ino's best friend" he asked me. "Yah"I answered. So foolish of me thinking he'll going to kiss me.

'i told you so...hahahaha' my inner laughed. she's right

"Pls feel comfortable when you're with me," he pleaded with his sweet voice i'm having cavity

"s..Sure" I replied.

"I heard you're being bullied by others" he asked me and raised both brows.


'yah..what can you do?..nothing!' now i lectured my ownself.

His face is still close. And I don't know what spirit possessed me, I can't move. I can feel his hot breath touching my skin."maybe" was only my answer.

"don't worry from now on i will be you best friend" he paused and smiled "to protect you. so ino and me will be a total shield for you..because i pity you.." he said. i liked it but when he mentioned the woird "PITY" i can't stop my anger from raising.


just that?

just pity me?

you don't know me

don't pity me!

"Thanks! But I don't need pity! Yours or ino's…what I need is att-"I never noticed my voice suddenly grew louder. But in my greatest surprise, sasuke kissed me.



his invading me

Caressing mine with his. I didn't have the time to resist, the moment was so real. I let him in when he begged for entrance.

enter me



But guilt occupied my body now. I pushed and pulled myself away from him. I touched my lips and I can still feel his lips, his tongue inside of me.

his sweet

I was about to talk. But He talked first. "I'm sorry" he apologized to me. I accepted it with all my heart. But I think I must say something.

"Your ino's boyfriend...Im her friend and we must not do that again." I said and was surprised. Because usually my speeches are messy when i'm with people I really don't know.

but i want to do that again



just one more time

"I know" he replied and looked away. I can sense his also guilty. And after that we didn't have the time to talk again later that day. Even when we met in chemistry class and even when our gaze met.

I was playing with my pen when suddenly I remembered aunt kurenai came back from otagakure and will be living for a while with me. Maybe five to ten days. She's my favorite aunt. She loves make-ups especially lipsticks. Well I will be seeing her later and this heart aches will be gone for a little while. While she's there I can put my whole attention at her.


my attention

and heart aches...

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