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I haven't seen the Uchiha yet and I'm thankful for that, I don't even know if I can look him in the eyes. Maybe I'll just walk pass him; forget everything that have happened yesterday, all those things that he had done to me.

I can't say I didn't like it

If you'll ask me

Of course I'll say I've enjoyed it even if it hurt a bit

But the fact that Sasuke doesn't like me hurts me very much, not only very, but super!


here he comes...

...with Ino?

'shouldn't he be mad at her or what? I thought he saw the whole thing?' I asked myself in a distracted manner.

"Hi Sakura!"

"Good Morning..." I said "I...no" and added while I glance at the guy beside her.

He was looking at somewhere else, far, far away I guess? not even glimpsing at my direction.

"Well, we better get going Saki, see yah later! jaa!" The blonde said as she waves and walks pass me.

what happened?

did he had an amnesia or what?


"So Sakura, have you found a way on how to tell Mr. Icecube you like him?" Ten-Ten said loudly

I wonder if the others heard it.

We were walking down the hallway that moment. It was the only time of the week where we both have the same break times.

"sssshhhh Ten-Ten! Don't open that topic all of the sudden especially in the public" I told her, enraged at how openly she said it.

"just asking...just asking, so have you?"

"why would I? there is no point in telling"

She smacked my back lightly and put on a grumpy face. "how long are you planning to conceal those feelings huh?"

"As long as I can" and crossed my arms.

"Then I'll find a way where you won't be able to hold back those feelings then you'll eventually tell Mr. Icecube!" She said and stuck her tongue out like a 6-year old.

"Then I'll try even harder!"

"Let's see Ms. Soon to be Uchiha"

I don't know what's up with Ten-Ten suddenly opening those touchy topics in public. Maybe its because of the fact that she knows that I know that she already knows I like the human ice cube.


This is too much, I'm getting insane

She left after talking to me. I'm afraid that if the brunette won't shut up, the whole campus will know about my feelings for Sasuke, and that is the worst thing possible.

I have to think of a plan to make her think I fell out of love with the Uchiha.

But how?

"Hi Sakura, you alone?"

"Oh hi Sai, yah. Ten-Ten just left" I waved lightly

"Do you want some company?" He asked smiling sweetly at me.

"Sure, why not"

"So, do you have anything to do this weekend?" He questioned, pulling the chair across me and sat down.

"I have to do some errands this weekend" LIE

"Aww. Thats fine. Maybe next time"

I looked at my wrist watch "Do you have to go?" He asked again.

"uuuuh, yah. My next class is in 10minutes. I have to go" I think I was being harsh there, I think I went overboard. The guy was being nice and all I did was brush him off.

This isn't working at all

"You're such an awesome kisser, Sas-uke" I heard someone purred. I know that voice, Ino.

This is bullshit

I thought he already knows she is cheating on him.

I looked around, peaked at places but I can't find where the voices where coming from

I can't find where they are

Damn them

I gave up, I don't want to see them anyways. That will only make my heart ache.

This is so ridiculous, he loves him so much to leave her. What about yesterday? I'm super hopeless

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