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"What do you want?" demanded Lavi, not even bothering to turn around. He knew who it was, so why bother to look at them.

"You know exactly what we want." said the shorter of the two figures from within the shadows of Lavi's room. The very room that he had been hiding in ever since he had discovered what has begun happening to him.

Lavi let out a loud sigh, partially for the fact that he as simply annoyed with everything that had been going on and partially for the fact that he was just too tired to keep up this act any longer.

"I don't have much choice do I?" the red head mumbled, speaking more to himself than his two guests. He stood up from sitting on his bed, and dusted off imaginary dust. Such an ironically normal act for such an ironically un-normal circumstance.

Road giggled as she grabbed hold of Lavi's arm, hugging it so fondly. Tyki grinned at the uncaring disinterest on Lavi's face, that one of his so called enemies, or should he say "use to be enemies", was clinging to his arm as if they were the best of friends.

"Don't worry" reassured Road as she pulled Lavi towards the door that she had just opened up "You'll get along just fine. I'm sure you'll love the rest of our family"

The word 'our' seemed to ring in Lavi's head, sounding so strange and unusual that he couldn't help but test the word out.

"Our…" murmured Lavi, the word seeming to drip off the very tip of his tongue as he spoke "Our family…. The Noah family….."



One for One

Chapter One



"What do you mean he's not here?" demanded Allen "No one's even seen him come out of his room, so unless he decided to jump out his bedroom window, it's impossible that he disappeared! He doesn't even have his innocence!"

Komui stayed silent under the white haired boy's intense gaze, as the red head's disappearing act was as much as a mystery to himself as everyone else. Even Bookman was unable to provide any suggestions.

"I'm sorry, Allen, but we don't have any sort of information n where he might be" said Komui.

Allen brought his fist down against Komui's desk, and with string of cuss words mumbled under his breath, Allen walked out. He would find Lavi, whether or not the others would be able to help him, he would still find his red head friend. Allen, of course, had never been the type to give up.




"My, my, my…." Mumbled the Millennium Earl as he walked around their new 'family member'. The Earl, after having finally been satisfied with studying the boy, let out a long, loud laugh.

The red haired boy didn't even so much as bat an eyelid this entire time.

"How lovely that we would have a new family member especially one that had used to be an exorcist" cooed the Earl. The boy before him still had yet to say a word, but the Earl could tell that he already liked the boy.

"What is your name?" asked the Earl.

"I don't have one" replied the teenager.

The room of Noahs (and Earl) went silent as they thought this over, before they all simultaneously spoke up with a loud "Eh?!"

"Ne, ne, Nii-san" said Rode "what do you mean you don't have a name? I thought Allen-kun called you Lavi"

The boy shrugged his shoulder.

"Lavi is the name of the exorcist. I am not an exorcist, so clearly I am not Lavi. I am a completely new persona that had developed to become a Noah"

"A persona, eh?" asked Tyki "So are you saying you pretty much have multiple personalities?"

"In a way that is correct. Well to be more exact, this persona had actually always been present, just dormant. That idiot Lavi knew about me, but he had been trying to keep me under control all this time, but now I am finally free."

"How is it that the Bookman Junior already knew about you if your memories hadn't even appeared yet?" asked Tyki.

The red haired Noah smiled.

"He had known about it before he had even become an exorcist. The eye patch was for a special reason. I'm not actually blind in that eye."

"What do you mean?" asked Road "Are you saying that you actually have both eyes and you where the eye patch for a different reason?"

"That is correct." Answered the Noah "This eye under the eye patch was the real reason that I had been chosen as the Bookman's apprentice."

The red haired Noah lifted up the eye patch covering his right eye, revealing a bright yellow eye. The eye of a Noah.

"How long has that been there?" asked the Earl.

"Since I was born. Bookman had known that I would join the Earl's side, and at the same time I had been compatible for innocence. This way, I would experience both sides of the war, being the only one who could record from either side, and be completely unbiased on everything. That was my job. Unfortunately Lavi doesn't agree with this, and wants to remain one hundred percent exorcist, which is one reason why no one besides Bookman knew about this eye."

The Earl grinned down at his new family member. He patted the top of the boy's head.

"Interesting. Very interesting indeed." Said the Earl happily "But we still need a name for you."

"Levi" answered the red head "I will go by the name Levi."

"Why do you want that name?" asked Road "It sounds just like Lavi."

"Which is one of the reason I want this name." answered Levi "I am still the same on the outside, but on the inside I am completely different. I want a name that is similar but different at the same time. Also there had been a man named Levi that was mentioned in the bible. A man who had served his god. I am now serving under the right god, not the fake useless one the exorcists believe in."

"Hehehe!" laughed Road "You're a real strange one, Levi Nii-san. But I really like you though."

Road tugged on Levi's arm.

"Come on, Levi Nii-san! I want to show you around, and then we can pick out your new room! I want to help you decorate!"

As the two disappeared, Tyki and the Earl were left by themselves.

"Do you like you new brother, Tyki-pon?" asked the Earl.

Tyki shrugged his shoulder as he reached into his pocket to pull out a cigarette.

"He's fine, I guess. I'll admit I'm a bit surprised though. Never thought we would have an exorcist on our side. But I guess that's what makes life interesting."

"Yes." Agreed the Earl "I'm also surprised that he is on our side, but he is a very important Noah to have."

"Oh?" asked Tyki "Is he now? I don't think I ever heard exactly which Noah he was."

"The Noah of Memories." Answered the Earl.

"How ironic." Mumbled Tyki as he lit his cigarette.

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