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"Oh! Hey there Allen!" called Lavi as he poked his head around the corner of the bookshelf. Allen, having not heard Lavi, jumped in surprise, dropping his arm full of books.

"Lavi! Jeez, you scared me!" Allen bent over to begin picking up his books from the floor. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you still be in the infirmary?"

Lavi gave a careless shrug as he helped collect Allen books.

"Just got let out. Not much more they can really do for me. The nurse said I just need to take it easy and get some rest. And eat more food too! Except I have to cut down on the burgers and pizza, and maybe eat some more salad." Lavi pulled a face at the mention of healthy foods, sticking his tongue out as to emphasize it.

Allen couldn't help but laugh at the redhead, standing up as he collected the last of his books.

"Here you go!" said Lavi as he handed over the books that he had helped Allen pick up.

"Hey, why don't we go get some lunch after this?" suggested Allen. It was nearing lunch times anyways, and besides, all this talk of food was making him hungry.

"Sure." said Lavi "Let me just grab a book for the old panda real quick." Lavi turned and ran around the corner to get his book.

Allen rocked back and forth on his heels as he waited for Lavi. He entertained himself by reading the titles and authors of the books that he had picked out. Having finished reading through them twenty-three times now, Allen realized that Lavi had been gone for far too long. It shouldn't take this long for someone to get a book, especially the red head, who a photographic memory and had every book in this place memorized and even more so, probably knew exactly where to find each book.

So where could Lavi be?

Realization hit Allen, and he gasped in horror as he dropped his books and sped around the corner, but Lavi wasn't there.

"Lavi? Lavi! Where are you?" cried Allen as he ran past every aisle of books, but the red head was nowhere to be found.

'No, no!' thought Allen 'Don't tell me they took Lavi!' People stared at Allen as he continued to run through the library, screaming for Lavi, hoping beyond all things that the Noahs had not come to take him away…



One For One

Chapter Three



"Oh! There you are Levi Nii-san!" said Road. She dropped the doll she had been playing with, picked herself up from the floor, and ran up to her red head brother.

Levi gave a grunt of annoyance as he adjusted the eye patch that over his left eye. Road look up at her brother with a curious look.

"Ne, Levi, what's wrong? You look frustrated." observed Road.

Levi gave another grunt before answering.

"That's because I am frustrated. That damned Bookman has already figured out, so he had warned Lavi. Now the idiot Lavi is constantly on guard, and I'm having a hard time getting past him!"

Road chuckled at her brother, a clearly amused, and slightly sadistic look on her face.

"This is the first time I've ever seen you show a real emotion, and it just so happens to be annoyance and rage. Maybe you should have been the Noah of Wrath." joked Road.

Levi gave a loud and very much Kanda like snort at the fact that the younger Noah would even mention something as ridiculous as that.

"I am nothing like that idiot. I would never let my anger control me like that." Growled Levi, becoming even more annoyed then before at the mention that he might be one to lose control and think unclearly when he was angered.

Road gave a small shrug of her shoulders and mumbled a "Whatever." To her brother's anger filled rant.

"So, will you play with me?" asked Road, putting on her best smile for her brother. "Lero is out with the Earl right now, so I can't play with him, and everyone else is busy or too big of a meanie to play with me." huffed Road "So please? Won't you play with me? I even found this neat little town that we can go to if you want. I'm in the mood to play with a few people right now." Road suggested.

"Not right now. I have something I need to do first." said Levi as he walked past his sister. Road stuck her tongue out at her brother's retreating figure before he disappeared down one of the halls.

Road sighed before plopping herself down on the floor once more. Jeez, where was Lero when she needed him the most?




Levi walked into the large room that he had claimed for his own. He walked up to the long standing mirror in his room as he gazed at his own reflected image.

His skin was still the normal slightly tanned color that it always was when he was just a normal human. Being currently only half Noah, his transformation wouldn't occur unless his human side, Lavi, had finally given up and let the Noah take over. But the exorcist was strong, and he didn't seem to be ready to give up any time soon.

Levi gave a huff of annoyance before pushing back his red bangs with his hand. He carefully examined his skin to check for even the slightest sign of the dark crosses that should be marked across his forehead. Finding nothing, Levi gave a scream of rage, punching the mirror. There was a loud crash as the glass of the mirror was nearly split in two with a crack that went from the top of the mirror to the bottom, dividing the left side from the right.

Levi lifted his right hand up to his face to get a better look at it. There was a relatively large sized piece of glass protruding from his hand, blood dripping steadily from the wound. Levi raised his hand to his mouth, his tongue licking at it, lapping up the warm metallic tasting blood and enjoying every bit of it.

Levi couldn't help but smile to himself, for this was feeling that only a true Noah could experience from something like this. This was something a mere human could never understand, could never feel the full pleasures of.

Levi's smile grew even wider before suddenly turning into a grimace as he felt a sudden pain in his forehead. A hand shot up to push the bangs aside as he once again examined his skin for the dark crosses, but yet again found none.

So if the pain wasn't from the crosses appearing, then what could it possibly be from?

Levi couldn't help but gasp as another wave of pain shot through him, and his body suddenly collapsed, his head hitting the floor with a loud crash.

The red haired man laid still on the floor for several minutes before a groan was suddenly emitted as a hand reached up, patting slowly across his face, until reaching the eye patch that covered his left eye. The black material was quickly torn away, revealing a green eye that stared right at the reflection of the mirror, the large crack in the glass separating the face that had one emerald green eye and one brilliant gold eye.

Lavi couldn't even so much as gasp as he stared at his image in the broken mirror. The image of the red haired man that was both an exorcist and a Noah.

But the only thought that ran through Lavi's head as he stared at himself was 'No…please, no….if there is any sort of God out there, then please….please don't let this be true….'

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