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Konnichiwa minna-san! Yay Chapter Two! Saddi's twin Maddi showed up in the last chapter. I do use a bit of French in this chapter and it is indicated in italics and the English translation is noted as followed, …. I Think that is all I have to say about this chapter so I'll let you start.

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Chapter Two: Explanations

"I don't see why this couldn't wait until morning!" Saddi yelled through the wind and snow.

"Holy Angemon-sama couldn't afford to wait until morning," Garudamon called, "He is in terrible condition. He's weaker than he's ever been and this one isn't in good shape either."

"Don't be to vocal about that," Saddi said, "I don't want his partner to worry too much."

"What happened to him?"

"The same thing that happened to Holy Angemon-sama," Saddi said, "He was attacked by a fake Digimon."

"The fake Digimon," Garudamon said, "What are they like?"

"They look like a normal Digimon but their bodies are completely black." Saddi said.

"That sounds like the thing that attacked the castle," Garudamon said, "Holy Angemon-sama said that he would take care of the thing but Jijimon begged him not to. He should have listened to Jijimon; Holy Angemon-sama was in no condition to do battle. His power levels were down and you could tell that his pervious injuries where really bothering him. His movements were sluggish as a result of the pain and he just couldn't keep up his enemy's attacks."

"Sa-kun it was bad," Maddi said, "The statue had the form of a Golemon, but it had the power of a kyuukyokutai. Leo offered to help but Holy Angemon-sama turned him away. Finally, when the battle ended Holy Angemon-sama just walked away without saying a word. Jijimon tried to stop him but, Holy Angemon-sama shoved him out of the way and kept walking."

"About thirty minutes later Leo and I went to check on him and he pretty much told us to 'mind our own business,'" Garudamon said, "But after about ten minutes he stopped working, turned to us, muttered 'get Jijimon,' and he collapsed."

"We think he was being controlled by something," Maddi said, "But when whoever was controlling him realized that Holy Angemon-sama was too weak to open the gate, they gave up."

"We can continue this later," Garudamon said, "Saddi I think he's awake; climb down my arm and check."

Saddi carefully climbed down Garudamon's arm, "Angemon," She called, "Are you awake?"

"What's…going on…?" He asked, his voice strained from the fever and paralysis.

"We're heading to Holy Angel Castle," Saddi said

"What's… going to…happen to me…?" Angemon muttered

"Nothing is going to happen to you," Saddi said, "Why do you ask?"

"I…don't want…to put Takeru…through the pain…of losing me…again…"

"That's not going to happen," Saddi said as she placed her D-3 on Angemon's helmet, "Your data and energy levels are still high. Don't worry about anything now, just get some rest."



"Ah you're awake," Jijimon said, "Uh…what do you think you're doing?"

"I need to do something," Lord Holy Angemon muttered as he tried to rise.

"You are in no condition up and about," Jijimon said as he tried to prevent Lord Holy Angemon from getting up, "You are never going to recover if you keep doing this!" He yelled as Holy Angemon stood up, "Where do you think you're going?"

"There is something I must do."


"Takeru-kun, how are you feeling?" Maddi asked.

"I should be fine tomorrow," Takeru answered, "How's Angemon doing?"

Saddi sighed she didn't want Takeru to know that Angemon's condition had gotten worse. She put her D-3 against Angemon's helmet and sighed again, his data and energy levels had dropped substantially, "Maddi c'est mauvais," Maddi it's bad Saddi said in French, "Il est tres fable." He's very weak

"D'accrod," Alright Maddi responded, "Garurumon vite, Nous n'avont pas beacoup de temp" Hurry Garurumon, we don't have a lot of time


Hikari sat at her computer with Tailmon. They were scanning the map of the digital world that Koushirou had up-loaded on her laptop.

"You've been staring at that map for a while Hikari," Taichi said, "What's wrong?"

"Takeru-kun was trapped in the digital world," She said, "And I have a bad feeling that something happened to Angemon. Oniichan I didn't like the looks of the thing that ambushed us today it felt evil. I want to go back to the digital world tonight but there isn't an open gate and my D-3 isn't working well."

"Do you…really want…to come…?" A voice came from the computer.

"Yes," Hikari said as she turned towards the monitor, "Can you help me?"

"Hold on a second Hikari," Taichi said, "How do you know we can trust this person?"

"I've got a feeling that he's not a threat," Hikari said.

"Hikari's hunches are never wrong," Tailmon said, "It'll be fine and I'll be there."

"Are you…ready?"

"Yes," Hikari said

"Hold up your digivice…I'll open the gate…"

"Are you coming oniichan?" Hikari asked as she grabbed her D-Terminal.

"No I have a huge paper to work on," Taichi, said, "Don't worry I'll explain things to mom."

"Thanks oniichan," Hikari said, "Come on Tailmon." She then held up her D-3 to the monitor and was then transported to the digital world.


Lord Holy Angemon watched as the teenaged girl materialized before him, "I…apologize for…calling you out…tonight…But it was…necessary…" He muttered, "I didn't…have a…choice…"

"Don't worry about it," Hikari said as she looked over at Lord Holy Angemon, "Are you alright?"

"Forgive me…" he muttered before losing consciousness again.

"Tailmon help me out," Hikari said as she tried to support Lord Holy Angemon, "Tailmon!"

"I don't believe it…" Tailmon said, "It's Holy Angemon-sama, what…what happened to him…?"

"He was attacked," Hikari and Tailmon turned towards the door and was greeted by Panjamon, "Here let me help you. This is the second time he's done this tonight."

"Please tell me that he's going to be alright," Tailmon said.

"He just won't stay in bed tonight," Panjamon said as he gently lifted Lord Holy Angemon off the floor, "Are you one of the ones who bears the power or crest of light?"

"Yes," Hikari said, "My name is Yagami Hikari."

"Panjamon," Tailmon said, "Where are we?"

"This is Holy Angel Castle," Panjamon, said, "And you may call me Leo."

"I thought this place was only a legend," Tailmon said, "Wizamon would always talk of this place and how he wanted to work here instead of with Vamdemon."

"We've had to keep this place a secret," Leo said, "Could you imagine what would happen if everyone knew this location?" He led Hikari and Tailmon out of the gate room and into the hall, "To answer your question, he should be alright if he lets his wounds heal instead of getting up every few hours."

"Leo Saddi and Maddi are back,"

"Jijimon I'll be there when I can," Leo responded, "He's collapsed again."

"What was he doing this time?" Jijimon asked,

"He was opening the gate," Leo said, "He found another with the power of light."

"Leo I don't know what we are going to do with him, I really don't." Jijimon said, "He's never done this before."

"This world is in danger," Leo said, "He's in danger, Daemon wants him dead. You really can't expect him to lie around for awhile, can you?"

"Yes I can," Jijimon said, "He's ill and he shouldn't be up and about. I don't really care about the world being in danger. If Holy Angemon-sama doesn't take better care of himself we'll run into serious problems."


"Ah Saddi, Maddi," Jijimon said, 'Welcome back. Do you need something?"

"We have another Digimon affected by the poison," Maddi said, "Garudamon is bringing him now."

"Adult level, vaccine attribute," Saddi said, "Ailments are mid-grade fever and full body paralysis. Data levels yellow zone but stable, species Angemon."

"I hate it when I'm right." Hikari muttered, "What about Takeru-kun?"

"He's just got a low-grade fever," Maddi said, "he should be fine tomorrow."

"Where's Angemon, Saddi?" Leo asked.

"Saddi you didn't wait for me!" A Patamon called as he landed on Saddi's hat, "You're so mean!"

"Sorry Patamon," Saddi said

"Hey I've never seen you before," Patamon said, "Yay new friends!"

"I'm Yagami Hikari," She said, "And I'm from Japan."

"Are you one of Takeru's friends?" Patamon asked

"Yes," Hikari said, "Do you know where he is?"

"Saddi, can I show them around?" Patamon asked

"Go ahead," Saddi said

"Alright come on," Patamon said, "I'll bring you to your friend. Can I sit on your head?" He asked Hikari, "I hate being in my child form."

"Go ahead," Hikari said,

"I normally stay as Angemon," Patamon said, "But that blizzard took a lot outta me and I was forced to regress."

"Do you have any idea why we can't reach our perfect forms?" Tailmon said

"I have yet to reach my perfect form," Patamon said, "Stop here; this is the room your friend is in."

"Thank you," Hikari said as she knocked on the door.

"One moment," Takeru said.

"Can I stay with you?" Patamon asked, "Saddi will be coming here soon and there's no point in me going back."

"Sure," Hikari said as the door opened, "Takeru-kun!" She cried as she threw her arms around Takeru's neck, "You're alright!"

"H-Hikari-chan," Takeru stammered as the girl cried into his shoulder, "I'm alright, just a little tired."

"Will you be able to stay up a little longer?" Saddi asked, "We have important matters to discuss."

"Holy Angemon-sama has asked me to speak to you on his behalf," Leo said, "As much as he wanted to speak to you himself, Jijimon just wouldn't allow it. I'm sure he'll talk to you again when he's strong enough. This world is in danger again," Leo said, "We don't know how it happened but Daemon has escaped the seal of the Dark Ocean. He is planning on taking over both digital and human world alike. To do this he must take over this castle but in order to succeed he would have to kill Holy Angemon-sama and Jijimon. We called you because Jijimon and Gennai found another prophesy that may pertain to your group."

"How are we going to do that?" Tailmon said, "The last time we fought Daemon our attacks did nothing."

"You were only perfects," Leo said, "I'm sure you're familiar with Kyuukyoku evolution."

"Kyuukyoku Shinkaa?" Tailmon said, "But we can barely maintain our perfect forms."

"You can now," Leo said, "While Holy Angemon-sama was unconscious we had to put a limit on evolution, but we can't do that now, he doesn't want us to."

"We've spoken with Gennai and the prophesy pertains to everyone in your group," Jijimon said as he entered the room, "Can you contact the members of your group tonight?"

"It shouldn't be a problem," Hikari said,

"Come with me," Jijimon said, "As for the rest of you try to get some sleep."


"This is the control room," Jijimon said, "You can use the communicator in here to contact your group. How soon do you think your group can meet here?"

"Well school gets out at three," Hikari said, "So I think I can get everyone here afterwards. Will that be a problem with Holy Angemon-sama's condition?"

"No," Jijimon said, "just do what you can."

Hikari nodded and started typing her message."


"Miyako why is there a blinking envelope on your computer screen?" Poromon asked.

"It means I have a new e-mail," Miyako said as she clicked the envelope, "Hey it's from Hikari-chan." She read the message, "What? Daemon is back, I thought we sealed him."

"Miyako," Poromon said, "Will I be able to see you everyday again?"

"I think so," Miyako said, "I've got a feeling that this new threat won't be a quick fix."

"Yay," Poromon cried, "A new adventure!"



"Chibimon," Daisuke said, "What have I told you about waking me?"

"Only wake you in an emergency or if Hikari calls." Chibimon said.

"Then why did you wake me?" Daisuke asked, "There had better be a good reason for doing so."

"You've gotten an emergency email from Hikari," Chibimon said

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Daisuke said as he got out of bed to read his e-mail.

"I tried," Chibimon said, "but you weren't waking up."

"What Daemon escaped the dark ocean?" Daisuke said,

"Does that mean more adventures?" Chibimon asked

"I guess so little buddy," Daisuke said as he placed his hand on Chibimon's head, "Well let's get some sleep, we've got a big day tomorrow."


"Ken-chan, you've gotten an e-mail," Ken's mother said as she checked on her son.

"Print it out for me," Ken said, "Who is it from?"

"Yagami Hikari-san," Ken's mother said as she handed the paper to Ken, "She's the one with the brown hair right?" Ken nodded as he read the e-mail, "She's a nice girl."

"What?" Ken exclaimed, "Daemon is back? I thought I sealed him away!"

"Ken-chan," Wormmon said as Ken started coughing, "Don't work yourself up, you'll start coughing again."

"Hikari-chan is planning a meeting tomorrow," Ken said, "But I'm not sure if I'll be well enough to attend."

"Don't worry," Ken's mother said, "I'm sure Yagami-san will understand if you can't attend."

"Good night Ken-chan."

"Good night mom."


"Oyasumi nasai," Iori said as he shut the door to his bedroom.

"You've got mail! You've got mail! You've got mail!"

"What's up Upamon?" Iori asked as the young Digimon continued chanting.

"The computer said, 'You've got mail,' so I'm relaying the message," Upamon said, "Iori has mail!"

Iori opened the message and read it, "Demon has returned?" He asked, "Hikari-san said that she's planning a meeting tomorrow at a place called Holy Angel Castle."

"I've heard of that place," Upamon said, "Holy Angemon-sama lives there."

"Holy Angemon-sama?" Iori asked, "Isn't that Angemon's evolved form?"

"Yeah," Upamon said, "But he's the one in charge of the digital gate. I've always wanted to meet him."

"Well you'll have your chance tomorrow," Iori said, "Good night Upamon."


Saddi sat in the medical ward of Holy Angel Castle, "Jijimon, I want an honest answer, Are they going to be alright?"

Jijimon sighed, "It's really hard to say," Jijimon said, "I've never seen anything like this before. They both have the same kind of toxin affecting them but…the Angemon is feverish and completely paralyzed and Holy Angemon-sama's skin is a bit cooler than normal and we know he can move. But he has this wound that just won't heal and it worries me."

"Saddi I've been looking every where for you," Patamon said, "What are you doing?"

"Trying to save him," Saddi said, "Jijimon may I see the wound?"

Jijimon nodded and removed the bandages revealing a jet black, tennis ball-shaped wound.

"Ugh what is that?" Patamon asked, "It almost feels like there's some kind of evil energy coming from that wound."

"Patamon get ready to evolve," Saddi said, "Jijimon try poking the wound with your staff."

Jijimon poked the wound and Lord Holy Angemon screamed in pain, "There's no blood…" Jijimon said as he examined the bottom of his staff.

"Saddi…there is…some kind…of bug in…that wound…" Lord Holy Angemon murmured, "Please remove it…"

"But…it'll hurt you," Saddi said, "I don't want that to happen."

"It can't be helped…" Lord Holy Angemon said weakly, "If you don't…It'll kill me."

"But how…?"

"Your digivice…"

Saddi sighed, "Alright," She said, "Brace yourself," She held her digivice up to the wound and it went off causing Lord Holy Angemon to scream in pain. After a few minutes she dropped her digivice, "I can't do it."

"You…have…to…" Lord Holy Angemon panted, "Keep…going…"

Saddi nodded and held up her digivice to continue the process, "I can't!" She screamed, "I just can't!"

"You can," Lord Holy Angemon said between screams of agony

"No, I can't," Saddi said as she began to lower her digivice, "You're in too much pain…I don't want to hurt you anymore…"

"The pain…is nothing…compared…to letting Daemon win…"

"Demo…" Saddi murmured

She then felt a hand on her shoulder and another on her arm, "Saddi if you give up, you've let Daemon win."


He gently raised Saddi's arm, "You need to keep going," Angemon said softly, "If you keep thinking negative, he'll never make it."

Saddi nodded and wiped the tears from his eyes, "Alright," She said as she raised her digivice again, /He's counting on me/ Saddi thought, /If I give up now it will seal the digital world for a long time. No! I can't let that happen/ "I won't let that happen!" She screamed.

A blinding yellow light filled the room and forced everyone in the room to shut their eyes.

"Excalibur, Soul Banish!"

When the light faded, a Holy Angemon was standing over a jet black bug like thing that looked like a cross between a spider and a leech, "Don't worry its dead," He said as he pulled his Excalibur from the insect, "You did well Saddi," he said with a smile, "I was able to evolve. Now let's finish healing them, Holy Disinfection!" When he finished he regressed back to Patamon, "Ugh that was tiring."

"I knew you could do it Saddi," Lord Holy Angemon said, "Thank you."

"Where am I? Where's Takeru? Is he alright?"

"He's fine," Saddi said, "This is Holy Angel Castle."

"I wan to be with Takeru," Patamon said,

"It's up to Jijimon," Saddi said

"Please Jijimon,"

"I don't see why not," Jijimon said, he turned towards Lord Holy Angemon, "You on the other hand, I've got a bone to pick with you. We are going to have a very long talk about what you did while you were sick."

"Well, I've got to get going," Saddi said, "Good night, Jijimon, Holy Angemon-sama."

"Good night Saddi," Lord Holy Angemon said, "and I thank you again."

Saddi left the medical wing followed by the two Patamon, "Do you think Holy Angemon-sama will be alright?" Takeru's Patamon asked, "Jijimon sounded pretty irritated."

"He'll be fine," Saddi said, "A harsh lecture is nothing compared to some of the stuff he's been through."

"I don't know," Saddi's partner said, "Jijimon looked as though he was about to kill Holy Angemon-sama."

"Really?" Leo said as he came around a corner, "So Holy Angemon-sama is feeling better I take it."

"Yeah," Saddi's Patamon said, "Until Jijimon gets a hold of him."

"Don't worry," Leo said, "I'll go make sure Jijimon doesn't kill Holy Angemon-sama. Saddi are going to go home or stay here?"

"I'm probably going to stay here," Saddi said, "I don't want to bother Jijimon he's in the middle of lecturing Holy Angemon-sama half to death."

"Alright," Leo said, "I'll see you later then."

"Good night Saddi," Leo said as he headed off to the medical ward.

"Good night," Saddi said, "I'll show you to Takeru-kun's room."


"Takeru-kun, what happened after the gate closed?" Hikari asked,

"Angemon kept fighting the Kuwagamon," Takeru replied

"How in the digital world did you defeat that thing?" Tailmon asked, "That thing may have looked like a Kuwagamon but it had the power of a perfect."

"Angemon evolved," Takeru said, "But everything after that is fuzzy. He must have had to borrow some of my strength because I passed out shortly afterwards."

"So he was able to reach his perfect form despite the block," Tailmon said, "I guessing that the block they had in place made it so that a perfect evolution drained our power so we would either fail at the evolution or be forced to change back after only a few minutes. So Angemon must have tapped into your strength in order to evolve and with your cold it was too much for you to handle. It makes sense now," She exclaimed, "Even thought we couldn't evolve to perfect by ourselves when the block was in place, if we had our human partner with us, we could evolve!"

"Bingo Tailmon," Saddi said as she stood at the door, "You're absolutely correct. We made it so that if any Digimon without a human partner tried to evolve to perfect or maintained a perfect level their energy would be drained, forcing them into their adult forms."

"But why did you do that?" Tailmon asked

"Daemon knows the location of this castle" Saddi said, "He also knew that for a while Holy Angemon-sama was far too weak to put up much of a fight. Plus Daemon never fights himself unless he really has to so he usually sends someone else to do his dirty work."

"So to keep Daemon's forces at bay you put a block on perfect forms and evolutions?" Tailmon asked

"Right again Tailmon," Saddi said, "It would have been an opportunity for Daemon to follow through with his plan. His main plan has been to eliminate Holy Angemon-sama and Jijimon to gain control over the digital gate. As long as Holy Angemon-sama has control over the gate, Daemon cannot access it." She paused, "Oh before I forget, Takeru-kun there's someone who wants to see you."

"Takeru!" Patamon cried as he flew into the room.

"Patamon you're alright!" Takeru said as he embraced his partner

"Of course I am, silly," Patamon said, "It takes more than that to take this digimon down!"

"I'll leave you guys alone now," Saddi said laughing,

"Hold on," Takeru said, Saddi turned to the boy, "Thank you for saving us today."

"No problem," Saddi said, "Good night."

"Saddi please tell me that you're going to go to bed now," Patamon said yawning, "It's been a long night."

Saddi laughed, "Alright Patamon I'll go to bed."

"Good," Patamon said as he closed his eyes and crossed his small arms across his chest, "You don't get enough sleep."

"Patamon you sound like my mother," Saddi said as she walked towards the little suite that she shared with her sister.

"Hey Maddi," Saddi said as she walked into the room

"Sa-kun, what have you been up to?" Maddi asked, "I haven't seen you since we talked with Takeru-kun and Hikari-chan."

"I was trying to find a way to save Holy Angemon-sama's life," Saddi said

"Well did you succeed?" Maddi asked

"Yeah," Saddi said as she removed her hat, "But Jijimon may injure him again, he is not happy at all."

"Man, Jijimon is not someone you want to mess with when he's pissed," Maddi said, "Hey Sa-kun are you going to bed?"

"Yeah," Saddi said, "Patamon won't let me stay up any later."

"You're right there," Patamon said, "You need your sleep."

"Alright mom," Saddi said, "Good night."

"Night Sa-kun."


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