Only In Vengeance

"Of Course, this isn't over. The Volturi won't forgive what happened here." - Siobhan, Pg. 743; Breaking Dawn.

Chapter 1: Jane's Wrath

Jane let out a high-pitched scream of a snarl. Everyone jumped, even the disciplined guard. Everyone but the ancients, who didn't so much as look up from their conference. – Pg. 726, Breaking Dawn.

All of a sudden Jane crouched ready to take action. Alec held her shoulder trying to calm her and to manage keeping her from acting harshly. Unfortunately, Jane didn't take his suggestive mannerism seriously. Almost immediately, Jane let out a thundering set of growls expressing her agitation.

"Jane, shut it!" I over-heard, Demetri hissing.

The response he got was nothing more but a sneer and huffing noise from Jane. Narrowing my eyes, I saw Alec nervously shifting his feet. Why would he be doing that? I thought that was only a human habit… Unexpectedly, Jane walked into the forest to her left and disappeared. Looking at Edward I noticed that he had not seen her move, no one had. Soon I recognized that Edward and Aro had been talking while I stared at the not so empty forest before me…Jane was in there…and who knew what she was planning. Without warning, I heard murmurs of Alice.

"Alice?" I whispered to myself.

Out of nowhere Alice appeared by Edward's side, with Jasper. Meanwhile, behind her three others were entering the clearing. One of them, a boy, with beautiful features. I guess I had not been paying much attention because they were now speaking of the boy's life, and I found that his name was Nahuel. Also that he was exactly like Renesme. This, in a way made me sad for how different his life was yet happy for Renesme that she's not the only half-immortal in the world. I must have been daydreaming for far too long because the Volturi started to leave one by one and now Aro and Carlisle were saying their goodbyes. But wait…it's over? This is finally over?!

"Edward?" I asked, looking into my love's blazing gold eyes.

"Yes, Bella… It's finally over…" Edward said, wrapping me in his warm embrace.

The next thing I knew I was kissing my husband feverishly as if I hadn't done so in a century. Then I remembered Renesme, and I abruptly turned around yanking my daughter off of Jacob and hugged her as tight as I could without hurting her. Behind me I heard chuckling coming from Edward, and I turned around facing him with Renesme cradled in my arms.

"What?" I asked, eyeing him curiously.

"I like seeing you happy." Edward whispered, seductively in my ear.

Then I remembered Jane.

"What is it?" Edward asked, enveloping my cheek in his palm.

"Jane." I said, worriedly.

"Bella. She's gone, along with the other Volturi. They won't cause us any more problems." Edward replied kissing me on the cheek.

"B-But…she went into the forest! I saw her!" I said rapidly, while pointing towards the part of the woods I had seen her walk into.

Edward sighed, "Bella you worry too much. She went into the forest to leave like the rest of the Volturi.".

I was about to argue, but instead Edward placed a finger on my lips silencing me.

"Shhh…now let's go inside. I think you should rest. The same with Renesme." Edward said, smiling while looking at Renesme's sleeping form in my arms.

"Ok." I replied, leaning on Edward's shoulder as we walked with the others towards the house.

…3 hours later…

I was resting on my bed in mine and Edward's little house, with Renesme, while Edward went to say goodbye to the Denali's. He refused to let me come because he claimed that I needed to calm down a bit. I couldn't help but wonder if Jane was still in the forest though… So I decided to call Rosalie and Emmett to see if they wanted to watch Renesme while I went for a walk.

"Hey, Rose? Can you come watch Renesme while I go for a walk?" I asked, speaking into the phone. All of a sudden the phone line went dead and the door opened in the other room.


I groaned.

"Rosalie! She was sleeping!" I said, while taking Renesme into the other room to greet Rosalie.

"I'm sorry!" Rosalie replied, taking Renesme from me and walking to sit in chair.

"I'll be back in about an hour." I said walking out the door.

As soon as I was a mile from the houses, I broke into a run.