Summary: Wolfram's younger cousin, Gabriel von Bielefeld, comes to Blood Pledge Castle after his parents decide to go on vacation for a few weeks in Vandarvia. Gabriel takes a liking to Yuuri, and Wolfram, of course, gets jealous when Yuuri seems to like him, as well…


Yuuri sped down the hill towards his house, swerving to avoid joggers, random pedestrians, and in a few cases, cars. He turned into his driveway, skidding a little from the fast speed he'd idiotically done it at. Murata was waiting for him next to the garage. "Shibuya, ready to go?"

"Yeah," Yuuri replied. "I'm thinking that I'll try to bring my bike with. Might give me something to do during down time, since we're gonna be over there for a few months."

Murata shrugged. "Fine by me, so long as you can fit it in that kiddy pool in your backyard," he replied.

Yuuri laughed, and they both walked into his back yard, passing his mother, who was hanging up laundry on the clothesline. She smiled at her son, and watched calmly as he and his friend climbed into the small kiddy pool, and as they – and her son's bike, for some odd reason – were swallowed up by the small amount of water.


"Where are we?" Yuuri asked, rubbing his lower back, where he'd landed roughly.

"About two miles from Blood Pledge Castle," Murata replied. "Maybe a mile from Shinou's temple, if that makes you feel any better."

"A mile?" Yuuri said, sighing. "You're kidding me…"

"You brought your bike," Murata pointed out. "We can double-up and get to Shinou's temple, and then you can keep going on to the capital."

"Fine," Yuuri sighed. He lugged his bike up, and swung a leg over it. After Murata got himself situated on the newspaper stand of Yuuri's bike, Yuuri kicked off, shakily at first (as he was unused to the added weight), but soon, they were speeding down the hill towards Shinou's temple, which Yuuri could make out at the base of a hill a short distance away.

Yuuri dropped Murata off a few minutes later, and took off again, shifting gear now that he was going uphill.

Soon enough, he ran into a small group of horsemen, and recognized Conrad at the front, his blonde fiancé riding next to him. He rolled to a stop, waving up at them.

Conrad waved back, and Yuuri could make out a faint smile on his face. Wolfram ordered his horse forward, trotting up to his double-black fiancé. "Wimp! Why the hell did you have to come through all the way out here?"

"Sorry," Yuuri replied, laughing nervously. "Didn't know I'd come through this far away."

"Hmph. Doesn't matter," Wolfram said after a moment's pause. "Let's go home. I have to be there when Gabriel shows up."


"My cousin," Wolfram said with obvious distaste. "My uncle on my father's side and his wife are going on a vacation to Vandarvia, so they're ditching their kid with me for two weeks."

"You don't like him much, huh?" Yuuri asked, sweat dropping.

"That kid's the biggest brat I know," Wolfram sniffed. Yuuri believed this comment would have been, had Wolfram not changed since their engagement, the biggest case of hypocrisy ever.

"What Wolfram's saying," Conrad said calmly, "is that if Wolfram has anything Gabriel wants, Gabriel will make it his mission in life to get it from him. He's been that way since he was born."

"Hmph. He should respect his elders," Wolfram said bluntly. "I'm older than him by thirty years! That little cretin should learn his manners!"

"Wolfram, calm down," Yuuri soothed, laughing. "I'm sure he's fine. And if you don't want to watch him, I can, if you want. I'm not too good with babies, but I can deal with older kids."

Wolfram looked away. "You have your duties as king, Wimp. Worry about those before my problems."

Yuuri's smile dropped off his face. Here he was, attempting to be nice, and Wolfram had to act like this… Wolfram seemed to notice the missing smile, and gave a quiet 'Hmph'. "Idiot. If you really want to help, feel free, but don't blame me if Gwendal wants to strangle you for skipping out on your paperwork again."

Yuuri sweatdropped, chuckling nervously. "True enough…"


Yuuri watched as Conrad removed his bike from the side of his horse. The brunette gently set it on the ground, kicking the kickstand to hold it up, and handed off the horse to a soldier, who walked it towards the stables. Yuuri carefully jumped off of Ao, and watched as Wolfram did the same. Another soldier stepped forward and took their horses off after Conrad's, and Wolfram brushed off his pants.

Yuuri heard the clatter of hooves and turned around, just in time to see a carriage pull up. Wolfram stepped to his side stiffly, unnaturally straight. "Gabriel?" he asked under his breath. The blonde soldier nodded in return, but said nothing.

The door opened, and a young woman, maybe around Lady Cheri's age, stepped out. She smiled towards Wolfram, and Yuuri could tell this was his aunt – they had the same unmistakable eye shape, and though hers were darker, she had the same emerald green eyes as Wolfram, as well.

"Welcome to Blood Pledge Castle," Wolfram said politely, bowing his head slightly.

Wolfram's aunt covered her mouth and laughed quietly. "Wolfram, you're being so formal! I'm your auntie, aren't I?" she asked. Wolfram turned pink around the ears. "Embarrassed?" she teased.

"Please try not to treat me like a child," Wolfram said stiffly.

"Oh, poo, Wolfie," she laughed. "You ruin my fun." She laid eyes on Yuuri for the first time, and her eyes widened with realization. "Oh! Wolfram, why didn't you introduce your fiancé to me? It's such a pleasure to meet the Maou!" she exclaimed.

Yuuri inclined his head with a smile. "Nice to meet you, as well, Lady…?"

"Kirsten," she said, nodding. "And my husband, Randolph," she said as another blonde-haired noble exited the carriage. He was unusually tall, and smiled down at Yuuri. Yuuri suddenly felt extremely short.

"We're finally here?" a sleepy voice asked.

"Yes, Gabriel – why don't you come and greet your cousin Wolfram?"

A small boy, maybe around thirteen years old, stepped down from the stagecoach, brushing off his navy pants. Yuuri was struck by the resemblance between Wolfram and the kid. It went beyond looks – there was some way that Gabriel carried himself that seemed so Wolfram-ish. The only difference other than their ages and heights that Yuuri could pick out was that Gabriel seemed to be a shade or two more tan.

Yuuri smiled at Gabriel, intent on the boy having a good stay at Blood Pledge Castle. "It's nice to meet you, Gabriel. I'm Yuuri."

"The Maou," Gabriel said quietly, eyes widening with surprise. "Wow… I guess Mom wasn't lying when she saw I would be staying with you…"

Kirsten looked at her son sternly. "Gabriel! Behave yourself, understood? Listen to what His Majesty and Wolfram say."

"Why the hell do I have to listen to him?" Gabriel spat out, pointing at Wolfram. "That pretty-boy ain't that much older than me!" Wolfram gritted his teeth. Yuuri could tell he was biting back quite a few insults, most likely in extremely colorful language.

"He's engaged to His Majesty," Kirsten sighed, "so he is, indeed, in charge of you!"

Gabriel crossed his arm, annoyed, but nodded. "Fine," he relented. "I'll see you in a few weeks, Mom."

Kirsten leaned down, planting a kiss on Gabriel's forehead. "Be a good boy," she repeated quietly. "Be nice to Wolfram."

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "If that pretty-boy can't handle me, how the hell will he ever handle taking care of children for Yuuri?"

Wolfram snapped. "How dare you address my fiancé so non-challantly? You have no right to call him informally, let alone by his first name!"

"And who gave you the right to yell at me?" Gabriel shot back angrily.

"Gabriel," Kirsten scolded immediately. "Wolfram's right. You shouldn't be calling the Maou by his first name! You just met him!"

"No, really, it's okay," Yuuri smiled. "I don't mind. In fact, I prefer it." Wolfram winced at the words. Yuuri had to wonder why. "Anyways, Gabriel, if you're going to be staying with us, how about I give you the grand tour?"

Gabriel smiled lightly. "I think I'd enjoy that very much… Yuuri."

Wolfram looked away, trying his best to look as if he couldn't care less.