A/N: All right… Just for some clarification, Gabriel, physically, is roughly ten years old. Therefore, his childish actions make sense – he isn't an extremely childish teenager; he still is a kid, so he should be expected to act like one…

Chapter 4

Wolfram sighed, gazing deeply into the flame before him. Anger shouldn't control him. He had to control it. He took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. His legs were cramping up. He'd been sitting outside the castle, attempting to calm himself down, for about an hour now.

Passion was a part of him, he knew that; after all, it was one of his defining characteristics. However, he knew that he had to keep better reign on his emotions. His actions the night before had been beyond deplorable. To think that he'd harm his own fiancé…

Finally believing himself sufficiently calmed down, he entered the Maou's study, just to see Gunter ranting about something and Yuuri repeatedly whacking his forehead on the top of his desk. Raising an eyebrow, he stopped a few feet away. He waited for a moment before the older man noticed him. "Ah, Wolfram, I was just explaining to His Highness how—"

"How interesting," Wolfram said off-handedly. "I've come to borrow Yuuri for a while."

"Eh? But, our lessons weren't schedule to be over until—"

"Consider it his lunch break," Wolfram said closely, grabbing Yuuri's wrist and half-dragging the double-black king after him out the door (not that he seemed to mind – in fact, Wolfram rather had the feeling that Yuuri was thanking him mentally).

Wolfram and Yuuri dropped by the kitchen, each grabbing something for their impromptu lunch. They then walked together out into the garden.

Eventually, the couple settled themselves in the portion of the garden that Cheri had dedicated to roses and the blue flowers she had modeled and named after her fiery-tempered son. Yuuri took a bite of bread, chewing it thoughtfully, before looking over at Wolfram, swallowing heavily. "I owe you one. Thanks for saving me from the tutor from hell."

Wolfram rolled his eyes. "Part of my job…" he grumbled. "Wimp."

Yuuri didn't bother to retaliate, and just took another bite of his food. While he was chewing, he heard something he never thought he'd hear Wolfram say:

"I'm sorry."

Yuuri choked as the half-chewed bread went down the wrong tube. He grabbed his throat, his face reddening. Wolfram gave an indignant yell of "Wimp!" and whacked Yuuri on the back, hard enough to dislodge the chunk of food.

Yuuri coughed a few times, and then looked at Wolfram in shock. "Y-You what?!"

Wolfram's eyes narrowed. "What, wimp? I can't say I'm sorry?"

"Th-that's not what I meant…" Yuuri said nervously.

Wolfram snorted, and looked away from the other boy. After a slight pause, he looked back at him, grudgingly. "I mean it. I… overreacted. I shouldn't have thrown all that stuff at you."

Yuuri sighed, and leaned backwards slightly, tilting his head back to look up at the sky. "What were you so mad about, anyways? I was just spending some time with Gabriel."

"That's… just it…" Wolfram said reluctantly. "You and I… we never spend time like that together. And yet you spent it with Gabriel so willingly, when you haven't known him half as long as you've known me."

Yuuri looked at the blonde, eyes blinking in surprise and confusion. "Wolfram…?"

"What, wimp?" Wolfram asked, taking a rather large, impolite bite of his own lunch.

"…Are you… by any chance… jealous?"

It was Wolfram's turn to choke.

Yuuri panicked, and smacked Wolfram on the back as the blonde had done for him. "W-Wolf, are you okay?"

Wolfram coughed once, and turned on him, flushing a bright red. "Me? Jealous?! Of that brat? Why should I be?!"

"I-It was just a question, Wolfram! You don't have to get all serious about it!" Yuuri explained hurriedly, holding his hands up in self-defense.

Wolfram growled in annoyance, refusing to meet Yuuri's eye. "Idiot! You're my fiancé! He may try, but he can't take that from me!"

Yuuri knew better than to argue that point with the stubborn blonde… Besides. The fact that he was 'engaged' to Wolfram hardly bothered him anymore… he'd grown used to it. "It's okay if you're jealous, you know, Wolfram," Yuuri teased.

"Sh-shut up!" Wolfram protested, his blush darkening.

Yuuri found this amusing. Wolfram was adorable when he was riled up. He laughed, holding his sides. "Come on, Wolfram! I just mean that you shouldn't worry!"

Wolfram threw the remainder of his loaf of bread at Yuuri, hitting the Japanese teen smack in the forehead. "Yuuri, you WIMP!"


Yuuri sighed, not even half-listening to Gunter's newest speech on some kind of greeting from some country halfway across the globe from them (which involved a large number of body movements that looked eerily like the Macarena). Instead, he tapped his pen on the desk, trying to look like he was listening to his tutor's words.

Ten minutes, and he'd be free from this hell… Just ten more minutes.

Then again, he thought off-handedly, it could be going from one level of hell to another.

After lunch, he'd promised Wolfram to spend some time with him, just as he'd done with Gabriel. It had definitely shut the blonde up (and turned him an amusingly bright shade of pink), and it was something to keep his mind occupied.

Conrad, over in one corner of the room, sent Yuuri a knowing smile as the young king fidgeted. Yuuri had the feeling that Conrad was enjoying himself.

Yuuri looked over when he heard a knock coming from the study door. "Come on in," he called, smiling. "You're early—"

"You were expecting me?" Gabriel questioned, tilting his head innocently. He sent Yuuri another adorable smile. Yuuri found himself absent-mindedly placing that smile on Wolfram's face.

"Oh… Sorry, I thought you were Wolfram," Yuuri apologized. "We're going out for a bit later," he explained.

Gabriel paused for a moment, as if processing this information. "Ah… that's too bad," he admitted. "Are you bringing Greta with you?"

"Wolfram said that we've done things as a family, but not as a couple…" Yuuri half mumbled. "So it's just going to be the two of us."

Gabriel gave Yuuri a strange smile – something was wrong about it, but he couldn't quite place it. "That's fine. If Greta's here, that means I'll at least have someone to play with. But promise that we can play tomorrow, Yuuri!"

"Gabriel," Gunter protested. "His Majesty is an extremely busy—"

"That sounds fine," Yuuri smiled. "Mind if a few others join in? We can play a game of baseball."

"As long as Yuuri's playing, I don't mind," Gabriel stated, nodding. "It'll be fun!"

Yuuri laughed. "Definitely… I haven't played baseball in ages!"

Gabriel looked behind him, frowning. "Oh… Wolfram's here…"

The blonde soldier entered the room, sending a glance towards his cousin, but otherwise, he made no motion that he even noticed the other Bielefeld was in the room. "Yuuri," he greeted, nodding his head. "I had the maids pack us a dinner. Let's get going."

"A picnic?" Yuuri questioned, standing and dusting off his pants. "That's the second time today…"

"You always complain about being cooped up inside," Wolfram pointed out dryly. "I thought you'd enjoy it. Come on. Our horses are waiting outside." Yuuri followed after the other boy, wondering just what exactly he'd planned for their 'couple time'. Then again… Who was he kidding… it was a date.

Gabriel watched as Yuuri and Wolfram disappeared around a corner. He felt something tug at his heart, and his stomach tightened itself into a knot.


Yuuri was pleasantly surprised when Wolfram dismounted his horse in a rather familiar place. They had been here a few times; the view of the capitol was beautiful. In the spring, the field below them was always full of flowers. Now, in the time between spring and summer, it was filled with swaying grasses and the remnants of earlier flowers, as well as the buds of flowers that would bloom in the coming weeks.

He helped Wolfram spread the blanket out underneath a tree, in the area freest of rocks they could find. Yuuri made himself comfortable, laying back and closing his eyes. It was warm out, but not as hot as it usually was at this time of year, as if the seasons were merely toying with summer.

Wolfram made himself comfortable on the blanket, unpacking their lunch as Yuuri sat down next to them.

They ate in complete silence for a while. On several occasions, Yuuri saw Wolfram open his mouth as if to say something, then change his mind and take a bite of food.



"Just say it."

Wolfram's hand twitched. "Um…"


"Well, it's just…" It was unusual for Yuuri to see Wolfram uncomfortable. The soldier usually projected an air of confidence, as if there were nothing he couldn't do. Yuuri couldn't help but think it was kind of cute. "Yuuri… I've seen it a few times… Some times… When Gabriel smiles at you, you, well… get this look in your eyes. Like you're far away." His expression turned sour, and he looked at Yuuri with a familiar flame in his eyes. "I won't tolerate you having those sorts of thoughts about my little cousin, Yuuri."

"What? Are you saying I'd cheat with Gabriel?" Yuuri asked indignantly. "He's, what? Nine?"

"Fifty-three," Wolfram waved him off. "That's not the point, though. I'm saying this in two lights, Yuuri – one, as your fiancé, not wanting you to cheat, and two, as Gabriel's older cousin, wanting to protect his honor. I may not act like it, but I do actually care about the brat. Just a little, though. Don't you overestimate it."

Yuuri's expression softened. "Don't worry about it. And, actually… when he smiles…" Yuuri wondered if this would sound strange, but it was too late to go back now. "I'm always imagining you smiling like that. You know. Not one of those small smiles you sometimes show, but… a real one. You always hold yourself back, keeping yourself composed. It's okay to let go sometimes, Wolfram."

Wolfram didn't know how to reply to that. He looked at Yuuri out of the corner of his eye. The double black king was looking straight at him, a serious air replacing his usual carefree one. "What do you mean? I smile plenty."

"Not really. A completely let-loose smile – that's what I mean, Wolfram."

"Maybe there's never been a reason for one," Wolfram shot back, slightly annoyed.

"Then tell me what would give you a reason for one," Yuuri replied. "Whatever it is, I'll do it."

Wolfram thought for a moment. He could use this against Yuuri, and he knew it. He could do a number of things to the double black (most things rather sadistic and geared towards his own sick amusement), but he knew what he most wanted. "Kiss me."

Yuuri looked taken back, and turned a bright red. "What?"

"You heard me," Wolfram said, rolling his eyes. "If you kiss me, I'll smile for you."