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A Human Saiyajin

Chapter One

By Michael Fetter

And Kazblah

The building was too weak to support their weight.

Traveling by rooftop, Ranma and Ryouga were in a mad sprint away from their first encounter from the battle with the green menace. He'd been like nothing they'd faced before. An insect body with human proportion, only his power was more terrifying than his looks.

The fight lasted only a few minutes and in that time they'd already lost so much. It hadn't been a fight, rather a slaughter. The Kuno's, Ukyou and her two cross-dressing waitresses, even Happousai hadn't made it. It chilled Ranma to the bone to think of the creature's terrible laugh. The FREAK had enjoyed killing his friends!

"Oof!" Ranma and Ryouga dropped through the roof and landed awkwardly within the dress shop. Inside he could see why it hadn't supported their weight. Half of the storefront was demolished along with much of the inventory, shreds of cloth flitted about the room as they dropped in. Cell must have come through this area before he and the other fighters caught up with him in the Furinkan gymnasium.


The whole town was being evacuated when news bulletins started pooling in. Cell, a green monster who had turned numerous cities into ghost towns already, was walking down the highway picking off citizens trapped in gridlock. He simply strutted down the center divide with a malicious grim and stuck his tail into people's cars, the people withered and died in a matter of seconds.

"This is stupid, really stupid." Ranma muttered as he looked around the assembled fighters in the dojo. Akane had decided to assemble everyone she could, despite Ranma's protests, and here they stood, milling about, most edgier than Gosunkgi after a coffee binge.

Happousai and Cologne looked grim standing next to him. Their thoughts seemed to parallel his own. The others, his fiancees, enemies, and family turned on him with some annoyance. But Ranma didn't back down even when his mother tightened the grip on her katana. How could have let this happen?

"Baka! We're here for our own safety!" Akane spat, her face turning red. Her hands were balled up into tight fists, filled with more rage and fear than Ranma had seen in all their time together. "If that monster shows up around here we'd be safer together. It's called safety in numbers, you baka!" She waved her arms around the assembled fighters.

Ranma snorted. After the fight with Saffron, Ranma's ki reserves and control were good enough that he could take on everyone here and at least go down with most of them. The monster they saw on the television before it blanked out was worse than Saffron, however. There was so much power radiating from the green menace that even Mousse could sense his ki and Cell wasn't even in the city!

There wasn't any time to pander to Akane and the others like he normally would. This was serious. "Ya stupid tomboy! Cell is a killer! Stronger than anything we've ever faced before! You think we can defend ourselves?! We'd all likely be dead in a few minutes!" He saw her flinch and her jaw tighten. Ryouga looked ready to yell back, but he restrained himself, knowing full well that Ranma was right. "All ya did was put the biggest pot of ki this city has into one place for him to dine on!"

Akane's lip quivered and she started to stomp forward with her hand pulling another mallet from subspace.

The red mallet exploded with a touch of Cologne's staff. "Son-in-law is right." She and Happousai had been feeling for Cell's aura as he got closer, gaining a better understanding for just how powerful Cell was. She was surprised that Ranma hadn't gone to challenge the alien after seeing the news. The boy must have learned quite a deal from his confrontation with Saffron, she surmised. "Cell is far too powerful for any of you to handle, even together."

Ranma looked ready to tear his hair out with his own hands as he wheeled on Cologne. "Then why the hell didn't we just gather everyone up and head for the hills or something?!" He wasn't a coward, but he understood that some things you can not hope to face and survive.

Akane knocked Cologne's staff out of her face and spat, "Because unlike some people, we can't live off the land like you! We'd all starve up there instead of-"

"Instead of getting picked off one by one here by some mass murderer?" Everyone was shocked to see Ryouga cut Akane off. He crossed his arms and stared the girl down. "What do you think he's going to do, Akane? Track each and everyone of us down or pass on to the next town? Though I hate to admit it, Ranma is right. We'd have a better chance running."

A radio was still ticking away in the background, tuned into the news on Cell's whereabouts. Evacuation procedures were being made for most of the cities, but some had attempted making shelters. One had been located in the gymnasium of "Cell has arrived in Nerima and is heading for Furinkan High!"

The room gasped. People they knew, Nabiki, Kasumi, Tendou-san, friends from school, they were all there now. Nothing Ranma had said could keep Tendou- san from dragging his other two daughters there. He swore aloud and rushed for the dojo's entrance.

"Ranma! Where are you going?!" Akane growled, her anger rising again.

Stopping at the door to stare at the others, Ranma's face turned red and veins appeared over his forehead. "Where the hell do you think I'm going, ya stupid macho chick! I'm gettin over to the high school! Maybe I can slow Cell down enough for the people sheltered there to make a run for it!"

Akane turned white and her hands began to tremble. Ryouga passed by her and followed Ranma out the door, passing a nod to his temporary comrade. "Let's do it, Ranma."

Taking a second, Ranma nodded back and they left.

"So the vile sorcerer has a heart after all. I would do well to stand at his side in his moment of honor." Kuno placed a hand over his family's honor blade and ran out the door with his sister close by. Shampoo, Mousse, and Ukyou only took a moment to consider the suicide mission before heading out the door.

"Husband." Nodoka spoke with command in her voice. Genma didn't protest, simply grabbed Nodoka up into his arms and took off after their son.

Cologne tapped her cane against Akane's leg. "You wanted to defend, girl. Now is your chance."

Balling up her trembling hands, Akane swallowed the lump in her throat and looked back down at the two old martial artists at her side.

"Don't worry, my girl." Happousai smiled, tapping his pipe into his other hand. "I won't anything happen to any of my pretty girls!"

She almost smirked. They raced after Ranma and the others.


Ryouga groaned and turned onto his back after the fall. "Dammit."

Dust from the new hole in the shop's roof was settling over their bodies. Overhead dark clouds were forming, but the day had been dark for a lot longer. Ranma's hands were bleeding around the knuckles, still suffering from the few blows he'd delivered to the monster. The thing was tougher than Ryouga and fast. He knew it was suicide to face the thing, but still, he'd hoped they could make a stand against him. Fresh blood ran down his fist as it tightened. Ranma ground his teeth as curses ran through his mind.

"Did anyone else make it out, ya think?" Ryouga asked, still staring up at the hole. His side had taken a bad hit from Cell's tail. There was probably a broken rib or two along with any other injuries. Ranma had had to support him through much of their race through the city.

Pulling himself up to his knees, Ranma looked around their surroundings. It was forebodingly quiet in this part of the city. There were cases set up around the room with glittering objects. A pink dress slipped off the case to land beside some matching shoes and a black purse. Ranma swore aloud this time. Cell's progress was being reported and people had still been out shopping! This wasn't a dress shop, there were suits and jeans and shoes in here as well. The clothing was all that remained of the people Cell had killed!

"I'm sure." Ranma grit his teeth, trying more to convince himself than Ryouga. Akane at least had gotten away thanks to Happousai. Even if the old goat was the most perverted freak on the planet, she was safer with him than Cell. "They'll probably converge somewhere to assess their position now that most of the city is gone."

Ryouga nodded. "That monster has to be stopped. If we can't do it, there aren't many others who can."

Damn! They should have left the city when they had the chance! At least then Ukyou, Tsubasa, Konatsu, and the Kunos would be alive! Breathing hard, Ranma got to his feet and grabbed Ryouga's arm. They had to find the rest and put an end to Cell. This was no longer about keeping people alive, this was about stopping Cell no matter what it took.

Groaning, Ryouga let himself be pulled to his feet. They checked up and down the street before heading for the nearest place everyone would gather in: the Nekohanten.


"Hurry, Ukyou! Get those people outta there!" Ranma yelled as he and the strongest fighters in their group stood off against Cell. The killer had gotten there minutes ahead of them and had blown up half the building people where hiding in. Hundreds had been crushed by the falling debris.

Ukyou, Konatsu, Tsubasa, and his parents were directing the survivors out of the area, doing what they could to defend them from Cell's attacks. Akane had gone rushing into the crowd as soon as she arrived in search of her family. A few moments later she had come back out with only Kasumi's blue hair ribbon in her hand.

On the sides, dodging swipes of Cell's tail, Happousai and Cologne were tossing around ki blasts and a multitude of other energy attacks Ranma had never seen before today. But no matter what they did, Cell regenerated and simply swatted the attacks aside like they were nothing.

"Each of you is quite strong!" Cell laughed even as he rushed Ryouga with a heavy punch to the face. The 'Lost Boy' flew off into Kodachi and they both fell to the ground. "But not strong enough!"

Kodachi screamed as Cell's tail punctured her chest. She wasted away to dust in a few seconds. Ryouga had only barely dodged the attack meant for him by rolling off of Kodachi where they landed.

"Foul demon! You shall suffer a thousand deaths at the hand of Kuno!" Tatewake cried as he raced forward with his katana slipping through the air at blinding speeds. He got no closer than a few feet before Cell's tail lashed out again and caught Tatewaki in the thigh.

"You bastard!" Akane's fist was flaming red as she rushed in with tears streaming down her eyes. In her fury she did not see Cell's tail whip about again in her direction.

Fortunately for her, Ryouga did see it and tossed himself in the way, taking a snap from Cell's tail in the side for his troubles.

Akane continued on, not seeing Ryouga knocked through what remained of the gymnasium wall. She connected solidly with her fist, only to scream in pain a moment later as she pulled back her broken hand. Cell smirked at her and tilted his head back into position. "Nice try, little girl. Now feel mine!"

Happousai, drained of much of his energy, still had enough to pick Akane out of the air as she was struck across the face.

Settling his sights back on Cell, Ranma's aura raged forward another notch. "Get her outta here, Happousai!" He didn't see the old man nod, but knew they were leaving.

Closer to the crowd now, Cell started working over the running citizens quickly.

"Oh no you don't!" Ukyou hefted her battle spatula high and brought it down with a big swing.

Cell caught the giant kitchen utensil and snapped it in half without a thought. His tail missed the chef by the smallest of margins as she was pushed out of the way by Tsubasa. "Oh, that wasn't too bad." Cell commented and lunged for Ukyou again. Without her spatula, there was little Ukyou could do. The spine at the end of Cell's tale pierced her eye, killing her before she had a chance to scream.

"Ucchan!" Ranma gasped and watched his friend's body wither away. The kunoichi next to Ukyou dropped to his knees and sobbed uncontrollably until Cell also took him.

Laughing, Cell flicked the kunoichi's kimono off of his tail and went looking for his next victim.

"Son-in-law." Cologne called out from the sidelines. "I would suggest a strategic retreat!"

"Then go!" Ranma roared. He'd seen his best friend killed along with others he'd known. There was no backing down from this fight while his anger was the one in control. Rushing in, Ranma flipped over Cell's tail and landed both feet against his face. Feeling no give, Ranma rolled onto the ground and onto his feet, shooting up again quickly to catch Cell under the chin with a Moko Takabisha. The power of his attack was enough to tip the monster over at least.

Ranma tried to follow through with a few good hits, but Cell knocked him away in a second. He twisted again in the air and rubbed his sore arms. Ryouga was just behind him, leaning against a tree as he stood. "We can't win here, Ranma."

"And we can't leave either." Ranma snapped. "We're all that's left!" His parents had gotten the last of the innocent people out of the school grounds. For a second he'd been frightened that his mother would try to defend Ukyou as well, but his father grabbed her about the waist and they ran for it like everyone else.

"Leave that to me, son-in-law." Cologne jumped down a few meters away from Cell and shot an uppercut that wouldn't connect. Violent winds suddenly picked up around Cell and pulled at everything that was not nailed down. Mousse threw in a few weapons to hopefully slice Cell up while he was trapped within the tornado. "Let's hurry n-"

"Hahaha! Going so soon?!" Cell chuckled, floating in the air outside of the tornado, which was dying quickly.

Mousse gasped and released another barrage of weapons as everyone ran in a different direction.


Ranma and Ryouga didn't get far before they heard the sounds of fighting again. The streets and buildings were mainly intact, but empty clothing was strewn all around the place. Ranma had tried to push the anger aside, but then his eyes would find another empty shirt beside a pile of dust.

"Monster! How dare you strike Shampoo!"

Ryouga looked up. "That sounded like Mousse."

Ranma nodded. They stood there for another moment deciding whether or not they should help, facing off against Cell now would not be smart with Ryouga hurt. Ranma looked at the 'Lost Boy' and received a nod in return.

Grimacing from the pain, Ryouga stood up on his own and took a deep breath. They both ran at full tilt down the street and around the corner where they heard Mousse's scream.

Moving in synchronized format, Ryouga rushed over to Shampoo's side where she had fallen unconscious after being smacked against the side of a building, the brick wall cracked like a giant spider web around her body.

Cell was dueling with Mousse, but it was obvious the Amazon was about to lose. Ranma ran to the blind boy just in time to deflect Cell's tail from claiming another victim. Mousse spared a quick smile to his savior before he heard a scream.

Ryouga gasped and looked back down at his arms, the weight of Shampoo's body having dwindled to nothing.

"Bastard!" Mousse screamed, pulling out two of the largest Chinese flat swords Ranma had ever scene. "Now you will DIE!!"

Much to their surprise, Cell caught the two blades with his forearm, an aura of red ki protecting his green mottled skin. "Temper, temper, boy." Cell taunted just before sapping Mousse's strength. A number of blades tinkled onto the ground along with the white robes of the Hidden Weapons Master.

Staring in shock, Ranma didn't see Cell advancing this time, his eyes trailing the line of dust being swept away by the air.

"Move, you fool!" Ryouga screamed, knocking Ranma out of the way and into the street ditch. He turned and just avoided the spine as it passed by. Following through with his spin, Ryouga was put in perfect position to land a punch against Cell's chin. He did so with relish, feeling a satisfying give as the green murderer tripped backwards onto his back.

Snarling, "You'll pay for that, human." Cell snapped out one of his legs to bring Ryouga to the ground with him. As Ryouga landed with a scream of pain riding up his side, Cell perched his tail over the boy's body.

Shaking off a bit of confusion, Ranma got out of the water, brushing the red locks out of her eyes, and found Ryouga about to be absorbed like the rest. She didn't think, only acted as she thought best. They may have been enemies some of the time, but Ranma still thought of Ryouga as a friend.

"Back off, you asshole!" Ranma-chan screamed and lunged atop of Ryouga, screening his body with her own. She had intended to lift the boy up, but he was a dead weight and did not have enough ki left after the first fight to help. Her scream woke Ryouga up and he saw her draped over his body with Cell's tail sticking out of her thigh.

Without thinking, Ryouga grabbed the spine and pulled it free and began to run with an unconscious Ranma-chan in his arms.


"So that's it." Goku finished. He was an impressive man with a powerful build. Standing near six feet tall, Goku's voice only added to the feeling of authority and strength that many associated with him. He wore the traditional red-orange gi with the symbol of his last master on the back. Blue weights were affixed to his wrists and ankles that matched the blue undershirt he wore.

He stood before three other individuals much like himself, though two of them were only half-breeds. He and the man growling at him were known as Saiyajins, a powerful race of people born to fight. With the destruction of their home world, he and Vegita were all that remained of the once mighty race and it was up to them to reclaim that power.

Behind Goku, two large doors waited to be opened. They led to the Chamber of Time and Space on Kami's temple on earth. Simply being a Super Saiyajin was no longer enough for the four people. The creature, Cell, which they must now face was capable of levels exceeding those of a regular Super Saiyajin. Goku had spent the last few minutes describing the function of the chamber and how it could be used to increase a person's strength. For every year passed inside the Chamber only a day was spent in the real world.

"Perfect." Vegita grinned coldly at the doors. "I will go first and become the strongest Saiyajin in the universe and then I shall destroy Cell as the insignificant insect he is."

"Hold up, Vegita." Goku put his hand on the Saiyajin Prince. "The Chamber can take up to two people at a time. Why not have Trunks with you. I've been in there before and it could drive a lone man insane."

Staring at the hand on his shoulder, Vegita slowly began to growl. He had no need of a weak have breed son from the future. He was the Prince of all Saiyajins and could overcome anything without help, especially help from a peasant like Kakorotto. "I am the greatest of all Saiyajins. I need no one."

"That may be." Goku's voice maintained a commanding tone, but it was not harsh. "But I'm sure Trunks could use your help."

Vegita looked at the platinum haired boy. He was strong enough to become a Super Saiyajin, unlike Kakorotto's son, Gohan. Trunks was also weak because he would not sacrifice others to achieve his own ends, that meant vulnerability. He would have to mold the boy into a true Saiyajin or he would be forced to rule over a bunch of weaklings. "Fine." Vegita growled and proceeded past the taller Saiyajin.

Trunks stood there stunned for a moment. He hadn't thought his father would actually consent to the idea after knowing him for the past few days. Vegita had always seemed indifferent to other people's suffering. When the androids were caught on the road, Vegita had scoffed at the other fighters as weak and useless, but after only a few minutes he was being beaten into the ground by the female android, 18.

"Go on." Goku prompted the boy. "Your dad's not so bad once you get to know him."

Trunks quirked an eyebrow in a way as though to ask if Goku was living in the same world he was. Still, the Vegita in his time was long dead and this would be his perfect chance to really understand who his father was.

"Good luck and train hard!" Gohan had called out. Trunks waved back to the fourteen-year-old boy on his way in.

More than sixteen hours had passed since Vegita and Trunks had entered the chamber. Goku and Gohan had spent the time waiting in the courtyard of Kami's home. Both would far rather be training than sitting around. With nothing but free time they could feel the battles occurring below.

"Hey dad, did you feel that?" Gohan asked. He was standing near the edge of the courtyard and looking down onto the earth over three miles below.

Goku nodded. They could both feel Cell's power slowly growing as he absorbed the energy of people in the cities. Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Kuillin, and Bulma had been trying to find a way to either kill Cell or destroy the androids that would complete his evolution. So far they were having trouble catching up to the green menace. The androids expended no ki and were therefore impossible to find.

"Whoever it was," Gohan continued, "their power level was so small I'm surprised they were able to hold Cell in one place for so long. It ought to be easier for the others to catch up now."

They hoped so anyway, but even if Piccolo and the others did catch Cell the outcome of a confrontation was still uncertain.


It was late by the time Ranma-chan woke up again. Her senses felt strange. There was a new tingle that ran the length of her body. Rolling her head, which felt heavy, she could see the girl body that was her curse. This was nothing new considering she often woke up in her cursed form at home as well.

The drowsiness was leaving her, but slowly. There was a pain in the back of her leg, which she felt was wrapped with some cloth. It was a miracle she and Ryouga had escaped the last encounter with Cell at all.

Groaning, Ranma pulled himself into a sitting position and found Ryouga watching her carefully. Concern and nervous tension seemed to war over the 'Lost Boy's' countenance. He had his side wrapped to hold the broken ribs in place and all the other scratches were clotting. A small fire was set between them with a pot of hot water set on top of it.

She rolled her neck and felt a few things pop. "Hand me some o'that water, willya?"

Ryouga hesitated then shook his head. "We should save it for the food."

"Oh, give me a break, Ryouga." Ranma's voice was relaxed rather than the forced male tone that she usually tried to employ in her cursed form. But Ranma was too tired to notice or care. "I don't need that much anyway."

"No." He slapped Ranma-chan's hand away and picked up the pot of hot water. "Let's not waste it. We may be out here for a while."

Ranma looked around and thought the place looked familiar. Most of the buildings were intact, only a few partially destroyed, but she wasn't sure. "C'mon, we can just get some outta somebody's tap. Now give me the water."

Ryouga again refused her grasping hand.

Snarling, Ranma was at her snapping point. First Akane calls them all together without thinking things through, then Cell attacks and in one foul swoop he loses most of her friends and family. Another fight with Cell and she had a killer pain running through her leg, her senses were all fucked up. Now Ryouga wants to keep her from the hot water so he can stare at her female body or something?! "Just hand it over, bacon breath!"

Ryouga pulled the hot water out of the way, but left himself open to be tackled by the angered redhead. They both fell to the ground with the hot water spilling over the both of them.

The fire crackled from the bit of dirt that had fallen into its flames. Ranma-chan ended up lying on top of Ryouga and staring into his eyes with a wild expression, he thought of the deer standing before an oncoming car.

Swallowing hard, Ryouga waited for what would happen next. Steam was rising over each of them as they lie there for nearly a minute while Ranma slowly started to realize she was not dreaming, but was actually covered with hot water and still . . a girl. Why wasn't she surprised?

"You knew."

Ryouga nodded at her accusation. He'd tried earlier to wake Ranma up with a splash of warm water and fix his gender at the same time. A male Ranma was much stronger than a female one. When it hadn't worked he tried to concentrate on the fire and the slowly boiling water. But even his grumbling stomach hadn't distracted him from the wet shirt clinging to a very female Ranma. Almost an hour passed before Ranma woke and during that time horrific thoughts of what a martial artist capable of killing a god would do to him.

Her jaw clenched as she sat up and pulled herself off of Ryouga. Shaking fists at her side, she stared down on the 'Lost Boy' with hatred. Rationally Ranma understood that this wasn't really Ryouga's fault. Somehow Cell had done this to her during the fight, but it didn't help that she'd lost her male body while protecting the jerk!

Red flames, Ranma-chan began to growl, "Ryouga-"

"Ah, Son-in-law, I'm glad you made it."

"Huh?" Ranma whipped around to find Cologne standing near the threshold of the Nekohaten's backdoor. "Ryouga no baka!" Where the mallet came from, she didn't know, but it helped her vent some of her frustration.

Grabbing a fistful of dazed Ryouga, Ranma-chan dragged the boy into the restaurant after Cologne. Inside was dark and cold without the heater or any of the stoves on. Akane was watching the backdoor through tears, her arms wrapped about her legs as she rocked on her chair. Happousai was there, smoking his pipe, distracted in his thoughts.

"Ranma!" Akane jumped off her chair as soon as she saw the redhead enter the door.

Without protest, Ranma-chan allowed her fiancee to grab her about the shoulders and weep onto her shoulder. What was this she was feeling? Ranma put one of her arms around Akane and tried to soothe the girl's fear and loss. In all likelihood, Akane had lost her entire family this day. When Ranma woke up, Cell having not killed her and Ryouga, she assumed he must have gone back for the easy pickings of the crowd following their parents. There was at least no sign of any of them making it back here. Why was there none of the usual electricity? Her heart hadn't even fluttered with the contact.

Akane pulled back and smiled at the short, pretty redhead in her hands. "I'm so glad you're alive. After . . After I heard what . . what happened . . ."

Ranma caught herself from provoking Akane and just offered the girl a wane smile. In her anger, Ranma would likely spout enough curses to offend the demon Cell. She turned to Cologne and Happousai who were waiting for the reunion to end. "I've got a problem."

"That's all we seem to have, son-in-law." Cologne nodded sadly.

Ranma shook his head. "I don't think ya can even call me son-in-law anymore."

Happousia perked up a bit, but kept to his seat.

Hopping closer on her cane, Cologne took a close look at Ranma's aura and sighed. "I see." Sad eyes, Cologne looked up into Ranma-chan's blue eyes. "Could you have beaten Saffron as a girl?"

"I doubt it." Ranma's jaw tightened. "But I could probably hold back Cell a bit. He's strong and fast, but no skill."

"And how do you plan on doing that . . Ranma?" Happousai asked. Calling the cursed boy Ranma-chan probably wasn't what the situation called for. He noticed that Akane hadn't yet truly released the short redhead.

"Me and Ryouga keep him distracted. I'll just have to adjust my style to something more passive aggressive, but it'll be up ta you two ta take him down."

Cologne quirked an eyebrow. "And how do you suppose we do that?"

Her teeth ground in irritation. "Hell! You two are supposed to be the most powerful and experienced martial artists in the world! Think of something!"

"Ranma, calm down." Akane placed her hand against the redhead's cheek.

Ranma-chan returned Akane's gesture with a glare. The stupid tomboy should have listened. But she never listened, and now . . "Aauggh!" Her hand snapped the wood table in front of her in two. She breathed through her nose and tried to gain control of herself once again. Her eyes alight with fire, she turned back to Happousai and Cologne. "Get together your strongest attacks and let's go find Cell."

Finally, Cologne and Happousai nodded. The old Amazon went into her back room for whatever devices she would need. The lecher sat down to review all of the techniques in his mind, chewing at the end of his pipe in concentration.

Ryouga got up off the ground after he recovered enough and sat down in one of the booths holding his head. He'd heard the plan and it was probably the best they had. He, Ranma, and the old masters were all that remained and it was going to be up to them to avenge those who died today. He felt a twist in his gut at the thought of going out there to distract Cell.

Akane grabbed Ranma-chan's hand. "What about me?"

"You stay here."

"Hey!" Akane dropped the hold and stomped her feet. "I'm a martial artist too!"


The room was startled into silence as Ranma-chan put her hand back down to her side, glaring at Akane with equal measures of pain and anger. "Don't you even try it this time, Akane. You're better'n most out there, but Shampoo, Mousse, Ukyou, Konatsu, Tsubasa, the Kunos, even our pops are dead! There is nothing you can do now but run or DIE!"

Her lip quivering, Ranma grabbed her fiancee by the lapels dragged her face down closer. In a small voice, "And I don't want you to die too."

Akane still hadn't gotten over the fact she'd been slapped by Ranma. Her hand was resting over her right cheek and her eyes were stared wide open at the redhead. Unable to maintain her gaze on the troubled blue eyes, Akane looked at the ground and nodded. She shuffled to a seat beside Ryouga at the booth and remained silent.

"I have what I need, Ranma." Cologne entered the customer area with a clear gem, about the size of a baseball, in her hands.

"Is that-"

"Dragon's Fire." Cologne nodded at Happousai. It was a focus gem for multiplying the strength of someone's ki blasts. Her strongest ki attack amplified by the object would likely overload the relic and destroy it after one use, but it would be worth it to avenge her great-granddaughter and Mousse.

Ranma looked over at Ryouga who nodded and stood up. He was still in pain, but he was getting used to it. Almost.

"I'm sorry, Ranma, but I can't come." Happousai spoke sadly.

Her anger rising, Ranma turned on the old lech who was trying to weasel his way out of this fight. Didn't it matter to him that his family and students were nearly gone?! Didn't the pervert have a decent and noble bone in his entire shriveled little body?! "What?!"

Meekly, "I don't have the energy to use my attacks. I burned off most of my ki on the first fight with Cell and then later with protecting Akane as I carried her back here." He looked about the room and cried. "And there aren't any panties here for me to get energy from!!!"

Ranma's hand shot out and grabbed the old pervert by the front of his gi. Her lips were pulled back in a snarl as she stared at the man with fire in her eyes. "I ain't gonna enjoy this, but I need yer help, old lech."

Ryouga and Akane stared at her in amazement as she stuffed Happousai into her cleavage and restrained her self from killing him.

"Just get the energy ya need and then get the hell off!" Ranma snapped. She knew this would take a while, so he would be hanging there, fondling her breasts, probably for a few minutes at least. Snarling as she felt Happousai begin to rub himself all over her chest, Ranma started stomping for the door. "Let's just go!"


Nerima was looking no different than the other cities they had already been to in search of Cell or the Androids. A few blasted buildings and a number of articles of clothing lying on the streets or near the edge of town. There didn't seem to be anyway for these people to survive when Cell came. He was a brush fire that consumed everything.

Piccolo was leading them into the fights now. He was the strongest after fusing with Kami. They weren't certain if he was strong enough to defeat the Androids, but for now he should be able to take Cell. Though his power has been growing, Cell thus far had only absorbed the strength of ordinary people. No great leaps in power were being made.

"I feel something." Kuillin announced. He closed his eyes to concentrate; it didn't take long. "Over there," Kuillin pointed, "Cell is fighting someone fairly strong."

Piccolo and the rest nodded after feeling the auras themselves. The powers were small compared to their own, even to Cell's, but the fact that they were still fighting told them these others were good. Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, and Kuillin powered up a bit more to hopefully catch Cell before he could escape again.

It took them no more than a half a minute to locate Cell and the other fighters. Tien and Yamcha were ready to jump into the fight and protect the weaker fighters when Piccolo put out his hand to stop them. "Don't interfere." His voice allowed no room for argument. "This is personal fight."

Blinking, the rest landed on the a nearby rooftop with Piccolo to watch the fight. What they saw . . they would never forget.

Standing in the center of a parking lot, wreathed with red flames and tearing across the area with enough speed to leave a trail of dust, was a young girl, maybe eighteen, in a loose Chinese shirt and black kicking pants, gracefully jumping about as she skillfully dodged and countered each of Cell's attacks.

"Woh!" Yamcha exclaimed as he watched. "Who's the chick?"

"Don't know." Kuillin answered. "But she's good."

Tien, all three eyes darting back and forth to study the fight, nodded in agreement. "She's not as fast, but it's like she can tell what he's going to do next."

Yamcha was about ready to remark on her looks when he winced in sympathy as Cell finally got in a good hit. The redhead was knocked through the air and into a nearby wall. With the extra time, Cell looked at his broken arm and screamed, holding it straight out. Impossibly, the elbow corrected itself and his arm was returned to perfect condition. "Well, well, I'm rather impressed, girl. You've done much better than any of those other fighters I've met up with so far. It'll be a treat to absorb your energy."

"EAT THIS!" The redhead burst out of the wall, flames higher than before. She ducked in past Cell's tail and jumped up to face level with him. "KACHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!"

The four Z-fighters watched with some awe as the girl's arms began to blur with incredibly fast punches. None of the hits were very strong, but the shear number of them raining down on Cell in such a short amount of time tripped him up. The girl continued the execution of her speed technique while running around Cell's body, avoiding the swing of his tail. She was holding Cell up with the blows!

"Man." Yamcha whistled. "She keeps this up and we won't get to fight at all!" The others looked at him oddly. "Not that I want to fight Cell or anything!" He shouted defensively.


It wasn't hard tracking Cell. His massive power signature was not being masked and the intensity told them Cell was still in the city.

They ran by way of rooftop until they were close to his position and dropped down to the streets. It was another school, a little school that had been used as a second shelter for the public. The buildings were mainly untouched except for bullet holes. Somewhere within the building Cell was sapping the strength out of the last of the huddled people. It was time to call the murderer out.

Ranma-chan began to power up, sending tendrils of her ki to licking the sky. "CELL!"

"Yowch!" Happousai jumped off her chest finally and waved his burnt hands around a bit. Ranma's aura had grown so quickly that he hadn't had time to build up his ki defenses. Her shirt was still open, but covered her chest enough to keep Ryouga from passing out.

The 'Lost Boy' stole a quick glance then looked away with his face red from more than just the light of Ranma-chan's aura.

Bricks flew outwards in a spray as Cell answered the call, floating in the air and smirking at the group of four. "What's this? The little girl brought her boyfriend and Grandparents?" Cell taunted. "Or did you hope to distract me with your shirt open?"

Scowling, Ranma stopped herself from closing up her shirt since it would tie up her hands. Cell moved fast enough that he could knock her out before she got to the first button. "Laugh it up green boy cause yer gonna be pushin up daisies in a bit!"

"I doubt that little girl!" Cell laughed and then suddenly lunged at the redhead.


Cell was caught completely off-guard by the power of Cologne's attack. He was slammed through the school's concrete walls and out the other side by a surge of orange-gold energy that erupted from the crystal in Cologne's hands.

Everyone held their breath as they waited to see the results of the attack. Ranma hadn't expected Cologne to go straight to it, but save it if they got into real trouble. The old ghoul was on her hands and knees panting for breath when Ranma-chan landed beside her. The crystal was broken and there were scorch marks running along the blast's trajectory.

"Nice shot, Cologne." Happousai commented, standing in front of the two girls just in case.

Ryouga was still staring at the obliterated portion of the school when the ground began to rubble. "Uh, I don't think that's your stomach, Ranma."

The group got ready for anything, Cologne hobbling to the sidelines until she recovered enough of her strength.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" The area started to glow a sickly green, not all of it coming from the injured Ryouga. "Was that your best shot?! It'll take much more than that, old timer!"

Ranma-chan put herself between Cologne and the emerging Cell, flanking Happousai as he began to build up his own perverted purple aura.

Cell slowly rose out of the crumbling building swathed in power. There were cuts running down his chest and shoulders, most of his body singed. He narrowed his eyes at Cologne. "You're going to pay for that with your life, you fossil."

Seemingly from nowhere, Happousai pulled out some of his lit bombs. "You'll have to go through me first!" The others looked at him surprised as he seemed to be mad at Cell for threatening Cologne. "I can not forgive you for taking away all of my pretty girls!"

Oh well, the moment passed. Cell almost laughed but Happousai began tossing his bombs. The resulting explosion knocked Ryouga and Ranma off their feet. They landed over a dozen feet from where they had been and stared as Happousai continued to pull out bomb after bomb, tossing them where a large black cloud of debris was forming about Cell.

"Geez." Ranma-chan stared wide-eyed. "He got all that power from rubbing his face in my chest?"

Cologne smirked and patted Ranma on the shoulder. "No, he had those bombs in subspace all along. He's saving his real attack for later."

Ranma-chan smiled sheepishly. "I guess that would make more sense."

Smiling triumphantly at the slowly dissolving smoke cloud, Happousai stuck the end of his pipe into his mouth and waited to see the bruised and battered Cell lying on the ground.

Ryouga stood back up on his feet and started forward to see the results of this attack when Ranma-chan grabbed his arm. "It's not over yet."

He gave her a questioning look then felt for Cell's power. Ryouga gasped and took a step back. "H-He survived all of that?!"

Happousai had lost his smile as the cloud dissolved faster to reveal Cell staring back at him coldly. "You're pretty strong for a big cockroach." Happousai commented dryly.

Growling, Cell suddenly sped up and engaged Happousai in a full out ki war. Green and purple energy clashed and brought up violent wind storms as the two fighters pushed at each other's barriers. The noise was overwhelming; Ranma could barely hear Ryouga yelling at her as they held onto the school wall for support.

"ANYTHING GOES FINAL ATTACK!" The purple aura spiked higher into the air as sparks flew about the school's courtyard. In the center of it all, Ranma- chan could barely make out the form of Happousai holding his hands up to the air. "HENTAI STAR!!!"

Ranma would have rolled her eyes but the sudden descending energy bolt sent the wall she was clinging to tumbling to the ground. Ryouga had barely managed to snag Cologne out of the air before she was lost in the wind. The area lit up with a perverted light that made everyone feel a little queasy as it began to fade.

A large portion of the school and surrounding area had been wiped away in the blast's tidal energy. Happousai stood at the destruction's center, holding himself up on shaky legs.

"That was good, old man."

Ranma gasped as she realized Happousai was really only standing because he was being supported by Cell's spine driven into his body. The old pervert faded to dust in a matter of moments.

"Yes." Cell examined his flexing hand. "I feel stronger than Piccolo now!" With a grin, Cell found the other fighters sprawled over the ground a short distance away from him. The old woman was held in the fanged boy's hand. "You should be quite a snack as well."

Cell disappeared and then reappeared only a few steps away from Ryouga. There was not time to react as Cell's tail snapped out to absorb Cologne.

"AAAaaug . ."

"Holy-!" Ryouga dropped the old woman's robes and scrambled backwards as quickly as he could. It wasn't fast enough as Cell knocked him hard in the face into Ranma-chan. Both landed in a heap and stared as Cell poised his tail over the both of them.

"Now then." Cell looked between the girl and the boy. "Who should be next?"


A mallet, like the hammer of Thor, descended upon Cell's head and continued into the ground, burying the green monster deeply into the earth. Growling with red energy, Akane stood up and slapped her hands free of the dust, glaring at the hole she'd created as if daring Cell to rise up again.

Gaping in surprise, Ranma and Ryouga sat up and stared at the hole and then Akane's proudly smiling face. She had her hands crossed over her chest, a toothy grin wide enough to encompass the sun. "Are you two perverts just going to sit there all day?"

Ryouga was the first to jump to his feet. "Yatta! Way to go Akane!"

Still sitting on the ground, Ranma-chan slowly brought herself up to her knees, keeping a wary eye on the hole. It couldn't have been that easy. Cologne and Happousai had thrown their most powerful attacks, attacks that had left the area devastated. She wasn't going to start celebrating until she saw Cell's corpse carved into a hundred pieces and launched into the sun.

Ryouga was rushing over to give Akane a crushing hug when Ranma's fears were answered. The ground shook violently and bits of gravel began to float on the surplus energy being generated.

"What?!" Akane looked down to the hole and gasped. "AAUGGHHH!"

The energy Cell was creating forced Ryouga backwards through the air until he landed close to where Ranma-chan still sat. His tail sank deeply into Akane's thigh. Her skin went from the slight tan to a sick paleness that spread over her body, draining color from her hair and eyes. The skin shriveled until she was nothing but bones, and then they fell away into a fine dust.


Cell smirked and disentangled his spine from the yellow gi that piled onto the ground where Akane had been. The sound of their anguish was sweet in his ears. He laughed uproariously as he watched them feed off of this anguish to fuel their own auras. They too should make quite a snack. There had been so much energy in this city, a variety of flavors that he'd never encountered before. The green aura's of the redhead and the fanged boy looked even more delightful!

Ryouga, the pain in his side forgotten in his grief, picked himself up and leapt into the air. In perfect unison, Ranma-chan rolled onto her feet and launched herself at Cell, staying low to the ground. She met up with him first and began to quickly riddle his body with ki-powered strikes at Amaguriken speed. Cell blocked a good number of them, but he could not divide his attention enough to keep track of Ryouga and was caught by a powerful double hammer fist to the back of the head. The ground cracked and splintered beneath the pressure of the attack, knocking Cell to the ground.

Ranma and Ryouga stood side by side, facing down Cell with hatred in their eyes. Their green auras grew as did their grief, soon bathing the battlefield with their anguished light. "You bastard!" Ryouga had tears in his eyes as he glared at the monster. "For killing Akane, PREPARE TO DIE!!!"

Cell laughed maliciously as he stood back up. "I can assure you that I won't be the one dying today, boy."

Ranma-chan wasted no words and began to race ahead as Ryouga tossed ki- powered bandanas around her. They kept Cell busy just enough for her to penetrate his defenses with only a glancing blow to her shoulder. One hand forward, she screamed, "MOKOU TAKABISHA!" and released the ki blast at point-blank range into Cell's face. The explosive power threw them in opposite directions, but Ryouga had been ready for this and held his umbrella ready, swinging it upwards to meet Cell's head.

Cell tried to growl something, but Ryouga quickly pivoted about on his foot after the swing of his umbrella and dropped his heel into Cell's face. He didn't fall this time, but shoved Ryouga's foot out of the way, forcing the 'Lost Boy' to roll away to skip the follow up of Cell's tail. "YOU MISERABLE INSECTS!" Cell growled and turned to look for the redhead. "HOW DARE YOU-!"

Ranma-chan caught him under the chin with a kick. "Less talk . . just DIE!" Her hands and feet blurred again though she was feeling the drain on her energy. It was her anger and despair that kept her going. Something suddenly squeezed her neck and pulled her into the air, choking.

Cell brought Ranma up to his face to smirked. "You know, you little worms have caused me more trouble than any other human on this miserable planet!"

Struggling vainly in his grip, Ranma-chan tried to kick her way free but the hits did nothing to weaken Cell's grip. Her vision was starting to darken as she hung there by her neck, hand wrapped about Cell's wrist. "You need . . a breath mint . . ugly."

Smirking, Cell brought back his fist to incave Ranma-chan's face.


The blast hit Cell squarely in the back, but he'd been ready for the attack this time and barely registered the attack. Calmly, he turned around to confront the boy, still holding Ranma-chan with one hand. "Oh yes, I almost forgot about you." Cell chuckled. "Then again, you seem like the kind that people forget easily, isn't that right?" Cell snapped out a kick that caught Ryouga in the chest and knocked him into the wall with a painful grunt, blood dribbling out of his mouth. With a casual flip of his wrist, Cell sent Ranma-chan rocketing in the same direction.

Ryouga spit up a bit more blood as he and Ranma-chan fell to the ground. "So . . now what, Ranma?" He asked, pain creasing lines across his face. "If you've got a plan I'd sure like to hear it now."

Up on hands and knees, Ranma-chan sucked in a deep breath and turned her bruised face towards Ryouga's. "Sorry, bud. I've only got enough energy for one more attack before I meet up with Akane on the other side," she smirked.

Turning up one side of his face into a grin, Ryouga nodded. "Well then, we'll just have to go see her together." Ryouga wanted nothing more than to damn Ranma for all that had happened and finish this fight with Akane at his side. But Akane wasn't here. It was down to Ranma-chan and him against the most monstrously powerful evil they'd ever faced. "Tell you what."

Ranma-chan helped Ryouga to his feet as Cell watched them with an amused glance. "What?"

"First to get to Cell and set off a perfect blast is the better martial artist. It'll be me, of course." He grinned at the little redhead.

Ranma nodded. "You're on, bacon breath."

Cell stood solidly on his feet as the two martial artists broke apart and rushed in for their last attempt to kill him. The redhead took the lead easily, but she was too weak to stand up against his attack. Cell swatted her away and caught the boy only a second behind her. He laughed and shook the boy by his neck. "You are the most annoying pair of humans I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!"

Within Cell's grasp Ryouga smirked and dropped his hands to his side. He whispered the words, "I win, Ranma". Ryouga screamed and brought his hands upwards to the sky and released an enormous amount of ki. "PERFECT SHI SHI HOKODAN!"

On her back, Ranma-chan could almost laugh as she watched the great swirling ball of green energy descend upon them. "You win, Ryouga."

The blast cleared away the last vestiges of the school and the surrounding houses. Every ounce of energy, every fiber of Ryouga's being had been placed behind the blast and it rolled across the earth in a shock wave like a tremendous tidal wave breaking over a beach.

Ranma-chan was spared from the blast with her body and soul shrouded in the same great depression. Her clothes were singed, flapping wildly in the wind with her hair, until everything began to settle down, dust hiding the world from her eyes.

Soft rain broke through the dust cloud and spattered over her face and body. Were they kisses from heaven? Ranma-chan's shoulders shook as her eyes filled with tears.

Cell's chuckling broke her from her momentary peace. The dust fell away in the rain and Cell stood there, battered worse than before, but still standing strong. Ryouga's shirt hung from the spine tipped tail of Cell's until he dropped it to the ground.

That's it, Ranma thought. They're gone now. They're all gone and I'm alone. They fought and argued, but they had been everything to Ranma. She would have given up anything to keep them safe and now . .

Ranma-chan felt a shuddering sob break loose the tears in her eyes.

Now, now all she had . .

A new aura flickered into being about her body as she slowly stood up, crouching slightly with her fingers splayed, ready to rip and tear. The blue aura of her confidence was surrounded by a corona of her hatred and anger.

Now all she had was . .

Ranma-chan's lips pulled back in a snarl that showed off her teeth, blood from her lip running down her chin.

. . revenge.

A feline growl stirred deep within her throat as she stared at the smirking monster in front of her. Her hands clenched once and then unfolded with sharp chi-blades sprouting from her fingers.

Blinking, Cell watched the feral redhead quickly climb up the power levels beyond that of the previous fighters had possessed. It should have been impossible. The two children had been at the end of the rope with their energy. Where was this new strength coming from?!

Ranma-chan roared up to the heavens, shaking away some of the clouds blocking the sun.

Annoyed and angry, Cell dropped into a serious fighting stance. "Little girl, you should have stayed dow - ARRGGHH!" Shallow cuts slashed across Cell's face and he put his right hand over them relfexively. The girl had been nowhere near him and yet she'd gotten through his defenses and caused him pain! "You bitch! For that I will-"

"You will WHAT?!" Ranma-chan growled, already jumping into the air and sending off another set of slashes. "DIE!!"

Cell screamed in pain again as the redhead pried away his hands and took a powerful bite out of his neck. With a grip on her pigtail, he swung her through the air before slamming her down onto the ground.

Green blood dripping down her jaw, Ranma-chan spit out the piece of flesh she'd taken from Cell and grinned. In a low stance, she flashed her green stained teeth, "I'm gonna tear you apart, Cell!"

Cell finally took the fight seriously and pushed more ki into his own reflexes. Whatever advantage Ranma had gotten with her new found control over the Neko-ken was lost as Cell's already superior strength and power were given greater speed. A single hit from the murderer could spell the end for her. Ranma's last tenuous advantage was in her greater agility and experience in the Art. Cell was telegraphing a great number of his attacks. Ranma-chan flipped backwards to avoid his hook and saw a muscle tense in his leg just in time to push off with her hands in a handstand to avoid the kick and knock Cell in the chin at the same time.

Slowly becoming more and more annoyed with his failure to connect, Cell lashed out wildly with one arm to hold the redhead still it worked, but he paid the price.

Ranma-chan found her chance to truly cripple the green monster as he threw a punch and hesitated while pulling it back. Her smaller body flipped around the arm, hands trailing along pressure points, she used natural leverage to snap the joint at Cell's elbow. She had a proud smile on her face until it wore Cell's right fist.

Smirking, Cell watched the redhead's body finally come to rest in a pile of broken bricks and clattering wood beams. That was the end of that. She had been strong for a human, but not as strong as him.

Cell examined his arm and had a moment of respect for the weak girl capable of doing this to him. It passed and he held it out to his side. With a scream, the arm healed itself and Cell only felt a small measure of his energy drained by the experience. This was one of the great benefits of having a piece of Piccolo's cells integrated with his body.

He was about ready to take off for the next city when he heard a feminine growling. "What?" Cell looked over to the collapsed wall of the store and saw a red glow emanating from its interior.

The world was filled with stars as Ranma-chan was hurtled through the air and crashed through the wall of a nearby ice cream parlor. She fell dazed within the rubble, unable to focus her eyes long enough to stop the dizziness. Her bit of ki had been all that kept her from losing her head just then.

Clawing at the brick and splintered wood, Ranma-chan slowly brought herself to a sitting position and could gaze back out to where Cell was examining his arm.


She gasped as his arm and most of the cuts she'd given him healed. Cell flexed his arm and smirked in her direction. This couldn't be happening! Ranma-chan felt more of her strength fade as the futility of all of her effort finally sunk in. She couldn't do anything to beat Cell! He was a monster! A terrible, frightening monster she had no hope of beating!

"No." Ranma cracked the knuckles of her fist and gnashed her teeth. "There's a way and I'll find it if I have to kill him a thousand times!" She glared back out at the battlefield and saw Cell ready to leave. "Not yet you don't!" Ranma-chan growled, scraping up the last of the Neko-ken's power.

"Well, well, I'm rather impressed, girl. You've done much better than any of those other fighters I've met up with so far. It'll be a treat to absorb your energy." Cell powered up again for the fight with the redhead. This time he would put her down for good.

"EAT THIS!" The redhead burst out of the wall, flames higher than before. She ducked in past Cell's tail and jumped up to face level with him. "KACHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!"

The hits were no longer strong enough to do anything but annoy Cell. His tail whipped about in an effort to swat or absorb her, but she jumped out of the way at the last second. In a sudden move, Cell brought his forehead down and connected with the redhead's face.

"Augh!" Ranma-chan dropped like a sack of potatoes. Her nose was freely flowing blood down her face. Cell didn't stop as she hit the ground. He followed through with a series of powerful hits to her stomach, face, and limbs.

Cell reveled as he listened to the sound of cracking bones that brought out more screams of pain from the girl. She had the sweetest voice when it was distorted by pain. After cracking a few ribs, Cell fractured her right shoulder blade and collarbone. Her scream was losing its strength as she began to succumb to the pain.

This was it. Ranma tried to protect herself, but Cell was too strong. The arm she used to block his hits was broken. A number of ribs were also broken and digging into organs, punctured lung, diaphragm, and who knew what else. There was no way she would survive for much longer. Her voice finally gave out and Ranma prayed for forgiveness, she couldn't kill this monster and avenge her family and friends. Please forgive me.

Cell paused and looked at the silent girl. She was no longer pretty or vibrant. Blood ran out of her nose and mouth along with a number of various points where bones protruded from her skin. There was no fun in toying with her anymore. He would dine on her energy now.

Ranma couldn't believe it as she realized Cell had stopped. But why? Her eyes cracked open only slightly and she found his tail reeling back to stab her in the head. This was her last chance then. Ranma's body hurt all over, but the pain would soon be over, one way or another. Let it be my way, Ranma prayed.

His defenses were down. Now was Ranma's perfect opportunity! In a sudden and painful lurch, Ranma-chan dodged Cell's tail and brought up both of her hands to his chest. "PERFECT MOUKO TAKABISHA!"

Cell's eyes widened in surprise as he felt the energy collide with his chest. He tried to hastily build up some ki to block the blast, but it came to late. A small portion of his back exploded with his green blood spraying everywhere.

Ranma-chan's body slid across the field because of the blast. She warily looked up to see her greatest triumph. Cell's body was lying motionless on the ground. "For you." She whispered triumphantly to her dead family. The wind picked up for a moment and brushed away the red locks from Ranma- chan's forehead.

The peace of her victory was destroyed by a deep rumbling from across the field. Not quite dead yet, Ranma looked up curiously and her face paled. Cell's body was glowing green and the rumble turned into a scream. Cell's body became whole once again and he slowly stood up once again.

"No." Ranma cried weakly and tried to drag her body away. "It can't be." She cried, clawing at the ground with one hand. "You're supposed to be dead!"

Ranma-chan was stopped short as she ran into somebody's foot. She looked up and found another green monster staring down at her. Her vision turned dark and she finally succumbed, "No . . ."


End Chapter One

* * *

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