Title: Maybe Labels
Category: Smallville
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Lois/Clark
Prompt: Hair by shiverslala
Word Count: 654
Summary: He and Lois had been... getting closer... in a physical way for a few months now.

Maybe Labels

He and Lois had been... getting closer... in a physical way for a few months now. He shifted uncomfortably just thinking about it. They agreed that there would be boundaries; they were not in a relationship, they weren't expecting anything out of it, it was just a thing that sort of happened... They were arguing, nothing out of the ordinary, but one thing led to another and while she was yelling at him about one of his disappearing acts, he had looked at her, her cheeks flushed and her body rigid, and before he knew it, he had her pinned to the wall, his large hands buried in her hair and his body pressed tight against hers as his mouth slanted over hers... And then things just sort of evolved from there.

And he'd been happy with a lack of label for them. Because really, he hadn't expected anything to happened between him and Lois Lane... ever. They weren't compatible; she drove him crazy half the time. But he did like the idea that even though she was sarcastic and she was constantly knocking him down from his position of morality, she also had a tenderness to her that he rarely saw come out, but found himself drawn to when it did. And it became more and more noticeable as they grew closer. Until one morning, he woke up and it just sort of hit him, like a handful of Kryptonite waved in his face. His gut twisted, his entire body clenched, and realization washed over him abruptly.

She was lying next to him, completely bare of all clothing, her arm slung over his waist and her hair spread out everywhere, tangled and messy and stuck in weird knots that made her look like she'd just been in a serious scuffle. But she had a smile on her face even in her sleep and while he knew that if he moved just a little to the left, she'd frown, tell him to quit it and refer to him as annoying while using her nickname of Smallville. She was sure to call out Clark! while she was sprawled out beneath him, her legs spread and her nails digging into his shoulders, but at any other moment, she was just Lois and he was Smallville.

So he stayed where he was, too shocked to do much else but gaze at her in her unkempt and entirely too attractive way and he found his own lips curve in a smile as he came to the conclusion that maybe it wasn't so bad. Maybe, eventually, when they did label it, he could handle that. Maybe he could see himself with a woman who was so vastly different from anything Lana Lang and be happy in doing so.

So he let his head fall back, stared at the roof in silent acceptance and sighed contently.

"Quit moving, Smallville, some of us are trying to sleep here," she mumbled sourly.

He laughed lightly. "I'm sorry if your using my body as your own private pillow is a little restricting for me." He shook his head with amusement.

"Yeah, well, get over it." She snuggled in closer, sighing lightly, her breath skittering over his chest before she pinched his side and he could feel her smile. "Go back to sleep, already."

"Yes, ma'am," he teased.

She didn't reply, but he knew that she was inwardly rolling her eyes.

He let his own fall closed, breathed in the early morning air and relaxed enough to fall asleep, his arm holding her close but not tight. She would complain that he was crowding her later if he did, even if he knew she liked it. It was just Lois and while she would probably always drive him up the wall, he knew he loved her... Just like he knew one day she'd admit to loving him too. For now, he'd settle for this.