We are going to do something different with this one. Since this story takes place over a period of four months or so, each numbered part will be a specific event/day/holiday and will end with the patented "doink doink." Some parts will be longer than others...much longer.

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WARNING: This story contains a couple of "awwww" moments. The first was totally unintentional. This is a freakin' comedy for goodness sake. My beta flipped over it and requested, quite forcefully, the second one. .sigh. Two in two hundred pages... I guess I can live with 'em.

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(story 4 in the Miscommunication Series aka It Sucks To Be You Series)

By cnrocks/CaseyROCKS

Cabot Residence

4 months later-February 14, Wednesday, Valentine's Day 6:20pm


Alex Cabot walked hurriedly out of her bedroom still fussing with one earring. "I'm coming," she yelled at the door.


She reached for the knob and pulled the door open. "I said I was coming," she said breathlessly.

"Just what I like to hear... and breathlessly too." The voice came from a face behind a shield of a bouquet of roses. "Could you add an 'ooh Abbie' to it?" The speaker was leaning casually on the door frame.

Alex put her hands on her hips and smiled indulgently. "Carmichael."

Abbie lowered the bouquet a bit and winked. "Cabot." She offered it to the blonde.

They both broke out in laughter. Alex took the flowers and brought them to her nose. She closed her eyes while she inhaled their fragrance. When they reopened, she found a pair of brown ones at close range, staring intently at her.

"Thank you." Alex pecked Abbie nose. Then turned to go back in the apartment. "Let me put these in water."

"Wait a doggone minute..." Abbie caught up to Alex and snaked her hands around the blonde's waist. She pulled her back against her body. Leaning in toward her ear she whispered. "I haven't seen you for weeks and that little kiss is the best you got?" Alex tilted her head and Abbie took advantage and kissed her neck.

Alex turned in Abbie's arms. Her own circled behind Abbie's back.

She leaned in for a proper kiss. When the kiss broke Abbie wrapped her in a big hug. Abbie's hands moved to the back of Alex's pants and she started to pull the garment away from the Bureau Chief's body. She looked down over Alex's shoulder.

"Hey!" Alex backed up out of the embrace and slapped at Abbie's hands. "Stop that."

"But Al-lie..." Abbie whined. "We have been dating for months now. When are you going to let me see the tattoo?"

"We have not been dating for months," Alex disagreed.

"Sure we have."

"No we haven't. Stalking and dating is not the same thing."

"I wasn't stalking. I was charming my way into your heart." Abbie started alternating between pinching and tickling Alex's body in various places.

Alex snorted as much from the explanation as from the tickling. The blonde mock struggled and at one point whacked Abbie on the shoulder with the bouquet. Finally, she just wrapped Abbie up in an embrace to pin her arms down. This time she thoroughly kissed her.

"You," she poked Abbie on the nose, "have a one track mind."

"I prefer focused... and your point is?" She reached again for Alex's ass.

Alex moved out of her reach and again slapped at the roaming hand. "You are a very bad girl."

"And you just love bad girls, doncha?" She lowered her sunglasses down her nose and looked over the top. Abbie assumed what she hoped would be a tough, cool looking stance. "Again, your point is?"

Alex laughed. "I shouldn't encourage you by laughing but you are just too damned cute." She kissed Abbie gently and then looped arms with her as they continued walking through the apartment.

"Oh, encourage me, encourage me." Abbie grinned and bumped hips with Alex. "Y'know, I still have a few ideas left in my 'win Cabot over with pure Carmichael charm' arsenal..."