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(story 4 in the Miscommunication Series aka It Sucks To Be You Series)

By cnrocks/CaseyROCKS

Atlantis Paradise Resort

Nassau, Bahamas

February 14, Wednesday 3pm

Casey finished unpacking and closed the drawer on the chest. She puttered around the room looking at all the decorating details, then wandered over to the balcony door and looked down on the beach. The attorney called out over her shoulder to the rooms other occupant. "Honey, c'mon; we're burning daylight here."

"I'll be out in a minute," was the muffled reply through the suite's bathroom door. "The strap on this suit is bothering me."

"I can get you a different suit. You packed a couple." She made her way back to the dresser.

"No, I ne... want to wear this one." There was a pause. "Be sure to take the sunscreen with us."

"I'm redheaded and freckle like a Dalmatian; I have several types of sunscreen in the tote. But we won't need them if the sun goes down, so get out here."

The door opened and Liv emerged dressed in a dark blue tankini. Casey looked puzzled at the suit choice. She looked down at her own bright print bikini.

"I thought..." she was puzzled. "You are making me feel seriously underdressed."

Olivia walked over and threw her arms around Casey's waist in a loose embrace. "Not at all." She tugged on the knot holding Casey's skirt wrap in place. "You look fantastic." She kissed her.

"What's with the tank top? I don't remember ever seeing that suit." Olivia bit her lip, then moved to step away but Casey would not let go. "Liv?"

"I was going to wait until later tonight to show you." Olivia stepped out of the embrace and turned her back to Casey.

"Show me what?"

"Yesterday afternoon I stopped off in the Village."

"To buy that suit?"

"Not exactly."


Liv took a deep breath and muttered, "IstoppedatJakesandgotatattoo."

The attorney had to run what Liv said through her mind twice until it actually sounded like real words. Casey's eyes lit up. "You did it? Really? Where?"

Olivia turned back at the sound of excitement in Casey's voice. She looked at the smiling face and mirrored it. "Same place as yours." Liv stepped closer. She kissed two fingers and ran them gently over Casey's tattoo. "That's why I needed the tank top. I can't expose it to sun until after it heals."

"I wanna see."

Olivia took a deep breath and began to lift the tank top over her head. She hissed and winced at the pain.

"Let me help. I know what that feels like." Once the top was off Casey's eyes were drawn to the tattoo. "Oh, Liv. It's... it's..."

"See, your initials are in the glove webbing and my initials are worked into the stitching on the ball." She looked at Casey. "I know you love softball and you did catch me..."

Olivia's sentence was cut off by a kiss and then another and another. "I." Kiss "Love." Kiss "It." Kiss "I." Kiss "Love." Kiss "You."

"Good, because I don't think it'll wash off," Liv joked. "Cause if I went through all this pain and it does, I'm going to go back and ring that southern belle."

"Dite did it?"

"Yeah. What a character. Okay, help me get the top back on and we'll head down to the beach." Liv looked at the clock on the credenza. "We can get a little sun in before it sets. Then tomorrow we can see the sights and do some island exploring."

"I have a better idea. How about I help you remove the rest of that suit, I see some of your sights and do some exploring?" Casey waggled her eyebrows. "Then later we can get some dinner and go for a romantic moonlight walk on the beach."

"Oohh." Olivia threw herself backwards on the bed and lay with her arms outstretched. She closed her eyes and put on her sexiest grin. "Mar-co..."

Casey, on all fours, crawled up Olivia's prone body, careful not to put any weight on her partner. She brought her lips down close to Liv's ear and whispered, "Polo."

"Gotcha," Liv gleefully replied as her arms closed around Casey.

Cabot Residence

February 14, Wednesday 11:55pm

It took a few tries but the giggling twosome managed to get the door open. After Alex keyed the lock, Abbie pushed open the door and held it while the blonde entered. She closed it behind them and locked the deadbolt while Alex continued into the apartment. Once Alex had placed her purse on the end table, she turned back to her companion.

"Oh Abbie, that was so much fun. A carriage ride to the restaurant. An incredible dinner and that decadent mocha chocolate dessert. Casey would have loved it. Speak of the devil duo, I wonder what they are doing now?"

Abbie took a few steps forward and embraced Alex loosely. "Probably having their own dessert." She grinned rakishly. "I'm glad we did the carriage ride first. I'm stuffed. I don't think my stomach could have taken the jostling now."

"Oh, well and here I was going to offer you some coffee, tea or mi... ow!" Alex broke the embrace and took a small step backwards.

Abbie smirked. "Meow?"

Alex slapped her shoulder playfully. "Stop pinching the Cabot goods, Carmichael." She turned to make her way to the kitchen. "And to think I baked you cookies today."

"You baked me cookies?" She asked in puzzlement. "You baked?"

"Better change that surprised tone or no cookies for you." Alex called over her shoulder on the way to the kitchen.

".ahem. Wow, golly gee Alex; I didn't know you could bake." She answered brightly and followed her. "Why thank you."

Alex was standing near the counter with her back to the entering Abbie. She removed the plastic covering the plate of cookies. She turned, her voice suddenly quiet, "I tried to make them heart shaped first but that didn't exactly work out well." She held one up.

Abbie crossed to her and took the cookie out of her hand. Alex ducked her head shyly. Abbie looked at the cookie and smiled. She used one finger on her free hand to raise Alex's chin so they were staring blue to brown.

"Well, it might not be that tired overused commercial conventional heart shape but yours are anatomically correct." She turned the cookie slightly around in her hand until it resembled a real heart and she held it up to her chest. "See?"

Alex smiled. "And you know this how, Ms. Carmichael?" She tugged on Abbie's jacket lapel.

"I played doctor a lot as a kid," Abbie quipped. She took a small bite of the cookie and chewed. "MMMM, I love choco-chips." She took a closer look at the cookie. "Two kinds of chips... oh and macadamias. You wild woman you." She took another bigger bite. "These are delicious," she said around chewing.

"Slow down there Abs; there are plenty more." Alex turned and grabbed the plate. "Like I said, I tried making heart shapes but that didn't work too well. Then I decided to make letters. I was trying to spell out your whole name. But only one A-C-M and E survived intact. The others broke apart when I went to take them off of the cookie sheet."

"Well, it doesn't matter what they look like; they taste great." She leaned over and kissed Alex softly. "Thank you." She took another bite. A small piece broke off and fell to the floor. "Sorry, Alex, let me get that." Abbie bent to pick up the piece. "Hey, where is your canine vacuum cleaner?" she asked as she stood back up.

"Teddy is at Evie's having a sleepover with Jimmy," she took the broken piece out of Abbie's hand and took it to the trashcan. "I was hoping we could have a sleepover too." Alex turned back to face Abbie.

Abbie rubbed her nose as if she was thinking, then frowned. "All my jammies are at the hotel."

Alex stepped closer and leaned in to whisper in the brunette's ear. "This is a special sleepover - no boys, dogs or clothing allowed." She kissed the ear once and then continued to whisper, "I'm sure we can find some games or movies or something to occupy our time. What do you say?"

Alex leaned back and looked into Abbie's eyes. Abbie smiled. "What side of the bed do you sleep on?"

"Right, why?"

"Oh darn," Abbie snapped her fingers. "Me too." She sighed exaggeratedly.

Alex grabbed her collar and turned her around. She began to walk her backwards to the bedroom. She removed Abbie's jacket and watched it hit the floor. "That's okay." She began unbuttoning Abbie's blouse. "I really don't think much sleeping will be going on." She let her hand trail down Abbie's arm until their fingers met and joined. They walked together the rest of the way.

Alex and Abbie took their time removing each other's clothing. They alternated buttons and zips with kisses and caresses. Finally they fell together on the bed, giggling. Abbie propped her head up on one hand and stared at Alex. Alex mirrored the position.

"Before I let you have your way with me, Allie..."

"Excuse me, Abi-gail - my way with you? You have been chasing me for months."

Abbie kissed her deeply. She waited for Alex to open her eyes again. "I let you catch me."

"Your memory going there, Counselor?" Alex jokingly tapped Abbie's head with her fist. "You let me catch you?"

"Isn't that what I just said?" Abbie replied grinning.

Alex shook her head in mock disbelief, then ran her fingers down Abbie's face. "Let's get the facts straight. One, you chased me. Two, even with discouragement..."

"... and numerous injuries..."

"... and numerous injuries, you continued chasing me. Three, I felt bad for you expending all that effort and four, I let you catch me."

"That so?"

"Yes. But there is a more important thing."


"Now that you got me, what are you going to do about it?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

"First thing I am going to do is finally satisfy my curiosity." She grinned. "I have to know."

"Know what?"

"You know what." Abbie gestured to Alex's behind.

"One. Track. Mind." Alex began to roll over. "You know, you think you could have figured this out sooner. You had hints," she chided Abbie.

"Oh Allie." Abbie looked at the tattoo. "It's so cute. The blue and the purple feathers. And you put your sexy black glasses on it." Alex rolled back to face Abbie. "So if this is you," she pointed to Alex.. Alex nodded and smiled. "Then that makes me..." Abbie, pointing to herself, paused to think back over the past few months. "OHMIGOD!"

"Mee Meep."


Christmas Songs used without permission:

Bob Rivers/Felix Bernard-Winter Wonderland Parody (Walkin' Round In Women's Underwear)

Ross Bagdasarian-The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)

John Rox-I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Abbie Carmichael/James Pierpoint-Jingle Bells Parody

Characters used without permission:

Lindsay Boxer and Cindy Thomas of The Women's Murder Club belong to James Patterson and ABC.

Judge Harold Stone of Night Court belongs to Reinhold Weege and NBC.


Well, that's all folks. I hope you enjoyed the ride. Four stories, over three hundred and fifty pages and a year's worth of my time from start to finish. WHEW!

Big Big BIG thanks to the Beta. It wouldn't have ever made it without her and especially wouldn't have been nearly as readable. You rock darlin'…now where's MY update? .g.