Everyone stands back from her as the casket is lowered into the ground, like they're scared she's going to jump in after him and they don't want the responsibility of catching her.

She's the only one there not wearing black. Jeans, shirt, blue jacket. Same old, same old. It's really not dark and gloomy today, if anything, it's sunnier than usual.

The sky's sunny, she's sunny. She thinks he would have liked that.

Her fingers clench into fists into her pockets just so her hands won't tremble.

No one will hold her hand. Not her friends, who mean well, but know how she'll react to the loss and know she needs space, not her family, who haven't touched her in three days like she's contagious.

He's gone.


Apparently, 'Wont regenerate" doesn't mean "Live to a ripe old age". Time Lord and Human DNA were never meant to mix like that.

After it finished, Rose turned and began to walk. She just kept on walking, for hours, until she's deep in the city and utterly lost.

She wakes up from her trance and finds herself standing outside a chemist, people staring at her red eyes. She feels a whisper brushing past and her palm itches before she ducks into the shop beside her.

She doesn't say a word in there; she just finds what she needs and pockets it, ducking out the doors quickly. People see it, but she's young and red faced from crying. No one stops her.

She doesn't know how her father found her, but he pulled up next to her on the old road, leaving the engine running and opening the door for her.

She's sitting in the passenger seat and feels Pete's weighted gaze on her for a long time before the car starts.

Rose resists the urge to snap at him.

This is when you're supposed to break down. She thinks as her father leads her up to her room and sits her on her bed. Tony is crying next door and Jackie has the television blaring, but as soon as the bedroom door closes, silence is all she can hear.

But no tears come right now.

The room still smells of him. A blue suit jacket is hanging in the closet, just peeking through the door from when someone went through her room, hiding all reference to him, trying to make it as though he never existed. A picture on the nightstand is the only other thing she can see of him. He's done up in a black suit and she's wearing a white gown and Tony is looking adorable as the ring bearer. He proposed to her in this classy restaurant, even when he knew his cells were breaking down.

The photo is only a month old.

'Do you want anything?' Pete asks.

I want the Doctor back.

'I'm just going to toast a sandwich. I can make one for you if you'd like.'

The Doctor. I want the Doctor.

'I'm not hungry.' She croaks. That's true, at least.

The door slams after he leaves by accident. He had opened a window to let some air in, and the wind catches the door as it closes, but when it does, it cuts through her like a jolt of electricity and she wakes up from another trance. She begins to notice things she didn't notice from before.

A box of tissues beside the photo frame.

A hot water bottle on the bed beside her.

A blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

And the pregnancy test she'd slipped into her pocket placed on her lap.

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