The door opened, letting in a gust of cold and snow. A slender woman looked up from the kitchen table, wondering who was lingering at the door and letting in the harsh winter. She stood up, bracing herself against the table.

"Honey, step inside. Ino will have her death of cold," She said, her young daughter looking up at the mention of her name. Ino looked from her mother to her father, her beautiful eyes wide with curiosity.

The tall blonde man stepped in, but neglected to shut the door as he shifted the small bundle in his arms. He crossed the room to lay the bundle down on the kitchen table. Glancing imploringly at her husband, she gazed down at the bundle, pushing aside the blankets to get a good look. The woman gasped and yanked her hand back, shrinking away from the bundle as if it held a poisonous snake, ready to attack.

"Why? Where?" She asked, seeming to have trouble with stringing coherent sentences together. Despite this sudden inability, her husband understood.

"I found him in the forest, laying in the snow below a tree. He would have frozen," Ino's Father said. Ino drew near the table, growing more curious as they spoke of a 'he'. She stretched up, trying to see over her father's arm, but all she saw were black blankets.

"As he should have," Ino's Mother said, her voice quavering. Ino looked up at her mother, wondering why she sounded so scared.

"Ino, shut the door," Her Father said. Ino didn't understand the tone he used, but she understood the order. Quietly, she tiptoed to the door and threw her little body against it to shut the heavy door.

"What were you thinking bringing this thing into our house?" Her mother demanded, anger and fear mingling in her features.

"He's a child, Maiko," Ino's Father said, sternly. Ino reappeared at her Father's elbow and attempted once again to look at the child they were talking about. Her mother, with wild eyes, grabbed the blanket and ripped it from the baby's body.

"Just look at his hair, Inoichi! It's obvious!" Maiko, Ino's mother, yelled desperately, "He has the flaming red hair of a demon. Look at him! He's the spawn of great evil!"

"Maiko! Listen to yourself!" Ino's father replied, "He's but a human baby. Not a demon."

"Look, Momma," Ino said, finally able to see the baby and pressing a gentle thumb to his cheek, "His eyes are like water."

Maiko froze, staring at her daughter and her tender touch as she rubbed the baby's cold, exposed cheeks. The baby did have blue eyes, not unlike Ino. The baby had been pulled from it's slumber from the yelling and the loss of his warm blankets, and was looking around with full intelligent, blue eyes. Maiko's mouth tightened as she peered into his eyes.

"Look at this," Maiko murmured, carefully pushing away the red hair, still reluctant to touch the him, and indicating the symbol on the child's forehead. Ino reached forward, to touch the symbol, but her mother stopped her with a gentle hand, "How curious."

"What's it mean?" Ino asked, trying to discern it's meaning with narrowed eyes. With no success, she blinked and looked up at her parents.

"It's gaara, the symbol of love," Inoichi, her father answered.

"Gaara," Ino repeated. The baby's eyes focused on Ino's face, and a small smile formed on his rosy lips.

"It would be wrong to put him out in the cold," Inoichi said, "We will not be murders. We will give him a home and give him a name."

"A name?" Maiko repeated, warily.

"Gaara," Ino said again, not looking away from the baby.

"Gaara it is then. Welcome to our family, little one," Inoichi said, wrapping the blankets back around the baby.

"He'll bring destruction to us all, just you wait," Maiko said, though she turned and set about preparing warm goat's milk for the infant.

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