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Chapter 1

Twelve years ago a nine-tailed demon fox attacked the Village Hidden in the Leaves; the fox was a powerful demon and could destroy mountains with one swipe of its tails. A man stepped up to defend the village, this mans name was the Fourth Hokage. He sacrificed his life to save the village by sealing the demon into a newborn child. The childs name is Naruto Uzumaki!

3 Years Later

Naruto was running through the streets as he was being chased by a mob of villagers.

"Get back hear you demon!"

Naruto always wondered why everyone called him a demon. As far as he knew he hadn't done anything to hurt anyone.

"Why don't you just die you stupid fox!"

Naruto always heard this and tried his best to not cry in front of his attackers. If he showed any kind of weakness he knew the villagers would attack him even more and more violently too.

Naruto felt something hit his head and he fell down. He tried to get up but the villagers already caught up to him. They were about to begin there daily beating. During the time Naruto always tried to space out and ignore the pain. But it was hard! But luck was on Naruto's side.

Just as the villagers were about to attack they all found that none of them could move.

"Are you okay Naruto?" the mysterious savior said.

Naruto a bit shaken up said "Yeah… thanks. Who are you?"

The mysterious man laughed. "The names Shikaku Nara!"

The villagers hearing his name started to worry. This man was part of the council, a jonin, and he could kill a man without even touching them. One villager though having never heard of him grew angry.


"If I were you I would not insult this child in my presence!" Shikaku said while releasing a great amount of killing intent.

Shikaku released the Shadow Possession Jutsu and all of the villagers realizing they could move on their own started to run away as fast as their legs could carry them.

"Let's go see the Hokage; he needs to know about this." Shikaku said.

Naruto nodded and proceeded to following his new hero.

Hokage Tower: 15 Minutes Later

"Lord Hokage Naruto was attacked again today."

Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, sighed deeply! "Hatred runs deep; they need someone to blame!"

"Lord Hokage I have a request!"

"What is it?"

"I… I wish to take Naruto Uzumaki into my home!"

Sarutobi's eyes widened at this. No one had ever asked him if Naruto could be adopted.

"What do you intend to do with him if he is adopted?"

"I wish to train him in our clans jutsu and train him to be able to defend himself.

Sarutobi widened his eyes again. The Nara family had never taught there jutsu to anyone that wasn't in there clan unless it was a very special case.

"Why? Why would you train this kid? After all this time!"

"I can see who this kid really is. His heart is pure, he has amazing stamina and he is a prodigy among the Nara!"

"I see! Let's ask Naruto."

Sarutobi asked his receptionist to send in Naruto who had been waiting in the lobby for quite sometime.

"About time you called me in here old man!" Naruto said glaring at the Hokage.

Shikaku widened his eyes at the comment but Sarutobi just laughed. If anyone else had called him that Sarutobi would have pinned that person against the wall and released so much killing intent the nine-tailed fox would shiver with fright.

"Naruto… I have a very important question to ask you!"

"What is it old man?"

"The Nara clan has asked me if they could adopt you into their clan"

To say Naruto was happy was a great understatement, he was absolutely ecstatic. He was jumping around and sticking to the roof with chakra even though he had never had any training to do it.

Shikaku and Sarutobi laughed at seeing Naruto so excited. "Well Naruto; what do you say?" Sarutobi said in between laughs.

"I say Naruto Nara just rolls off the tongue!" Naruto said beaming to himself.

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