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We have to report this to the Hokage right away!

Shikaku bounded off with speed Naruto had never seen. His father was usually sluggish and never moved unless forced to. However this time Shikaku was in a hurry. He had just witnessed a young boy with three affinities; two of whom were extremely rare.

Shikaku raced to the Hokage tower reaching their in his record time yet.

Shikaku walked up to the receptionist; got her attention and stared into her deep blue eyes. "Excuse me but I need to see the Hokage right now."

The receptionist looked at his with a bewildered look. She had never seen Shikaku like this before and frankly she was getting kind of scared. Something major had to be wrong in order for Shikaku to be up and running around. And unfortunately for her the Hokage was currently in a meeting.

"I'm sorry sir, but the Hokage is a meeting right now and asked not to be disturbed." the young women replied quietly.

Shikaku narrowed his eyes and started directly into the receptionists eyes "I will see the Hokage.. now."

The receptionist shivered right after he was through with his sentence. She was also scared to death. Not too many people had ever heard Shikaku speak that way before. Low and demanding. And when he said it he means that he is either really scared or really pissed off. The receptionist did the one thing she thought. She let him in!

"Y-yes sir!' she stammered. "Right this way."

Shikaku followed the young receptionist down the hall towards the council meeting room. As he was walking down the hall he started to pass pictures of the previous Hokages. The First Hokage, his ability to control wood. The Second Hokage, his powerful water affinity. The Third Hokage, nicknamed "the professor". And The Fourth Hokage, could destroy entire armies with only one jutsu.

"If only you were here now!" Shikaku whispered while staring at the photo of the Fourth Hokage.

A few seconds later they reached the meeting room and walked in. Sarutobi was not pleased at being interrupted especially when he specifically told his receptionist he was not to be bothered. And also because he was reading one of his favorite books and had barely enough time to hide it.

Just as the receptionist was about to apologize Sarutobi waved her off. "It's OK. You may go". The young women turned around and started walking; but not before she turned back around and started thoughtfully at the Hokage. Whenever someone interrupted him he was always upset. But if it was Naruto or Shikaku he never really seemed to mind. She started to think off topic and walked away.

"Shikaku, may I ask why you needed to barge into my office so unexpectedly?" Sarutobi said lowering his wooden pipe.

"It's Naruto!"

Sarutobi tensed as soon as Shikaku had spoken those words. He had hoped that since Naruto had been adopted the attempts on his life would have stopped, but maybe he was mistaken.

"Whats the matter with him?" Sarutobi replied almost regretting he said the words. He certainly hoped Naruto was OK.

Shikaku went on to explain everything that had happened to Naruto in the past day.

"So... Naruto has the light affinity huh? Just like his father!" Sarutobi said to himself.

"Yes sir. What should we do about it? " Shikaku asked.

"Keep training his darkness affinity and when he becomes a genin we'll start training his light affinity.'

"When will you tell him about his heritage?" Shikaku asked hoping he wasn't going to get a boot in his face.

Sarutobi paused to think for a second; "I will tell him when he becomes chunin just as his father requested."

After Sarutobi and Shikaku stopped speaking Shikaku took his leave and started on his way home. On the way he noticed Ichiraku coming up and decided he should stop and get Naruto and Shikamaru something to eat.

2 Years Later

"Come on Naruto, just one more time and then you can go to sleep!" Shikaku yelled out.

Naruto, Shikamaru and Shikaku were all in the woods surrounded by trees. Shikaku however was standing up. For the past few days Naruto and Shikamaru had been doing a new exercise their father called tree-climbing. The tricky part was you couldn't use your hands. But what made it even worse was that Naruto and Shikamaru both had weights tied to both of their feet.

"Come on dad! We've been out here all day!" Naruto whined.

"Just one more and you beat my record!" Shikaku said while trying to get Naruto's adrenaline pumping again.

Naruto glared at his father "You and me both know you have neverdone two hundred tree-climbs on the side of a tree with four hundred pounds on your feet. How were doing this I don't even know!

"Your doing this because I put steroids in your cereal this morning!" Shikaku said quietly to the boys.

"What?" Naruto and Shikamaru said in unison.

Mom is gonna be so mad when I tell her!" Naruto shot at him.

Shikaku widened his eyes. He had forgotten about her. The last time he had said something like that to Naruto and Shikamaru she wouldn't even let him look at her for a month, and if he did she would slap his eyes right out of his head.

Shikaku put his hands up in surrender "Aha I was just kidding! Don't tell her I said that! Please I beg you! I'll do anything!"

Naruto stopped taunting his father and started to think.

"Go get me fifty bowls of ramen and …. what do you want Shika?"

Shikamaru looked up from his grass bed he had made "I'll take the same! You know what I like dad!"

Sighing in defeat Shikaku got up and well to fill his sons orders knowing that if he didn't the couch and him would have a lot of fun together.

Naruto and Shikamaru looked at each other before nodding. "Time to catch some z's!" they both said.

Ichiraku Noodle Shop

Shikaku looked at his order and then back at his wallet. And then started to sniffle. "That was all the money I had left! Maybe Yoshino will give me s'more!"

Shikaku made four shadow clones to help him carry the ramen back home leaving Ayame and Tuechi smiling to themselves. "Those Nara boys just paid for your entire college tuition." Tuechi said grinning from ear to ear.

Nara Training Grounds

Naruto and Shikamaru woke up from their nice snooze just as Shikaku was walking towards them with their ramen. They both smiled and then jumped up to race over to their dad to get their food.

An hour later Naruto Shikamaru sat on their back looking at the clouds. There was nothing better than eating a bunch of ramen and then watching the clouds go by.

"That one looks like a shurikan!" Naruto pointed out.

"It does! Do you see the one that looks like moms big head jutsu?" Shikamaru asked laughing to himself.

Naruto began laughing too until it was so contagious people walking by couldn't help but snicker for a bit. Naruto had in fact seen the cloud Shikamaru was looking at and it did look in fact like his mothers deadly jutsu.

"Naruto, Shikamaru get up. I need to tell you both something." a mysterious voice said.

Naruto looked up to see his father standing over him.

"Hey dad you see that cloud up there that looks like moms big head jutsu?" Naruto asked.

Shikaku looked at him questionably and then looked up and then snickered. "I didn't see anything. Now get over here!"

Shikamaru and Naruto both took their time getting up and walking over to their dad before situating themselves as comfortable as possible.

"I just wanted to let you both know that the academy starts in a week so from today on I'm going to start training you both seriously. No more going easy on you two."

Naruto and Shikamaru exchanged worried looks. "When was training easy?"

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