Title: Caribbean Hybrid

Author: Wickedpiratez (Desiring Pirates & Wickedswanz)

Disclaimer: We don't own Jack Sparrow or any of the other characters. All hail the Mouse.

Summary: Jack Sparrow has a rather furry problem, and finding out that the beautiful Elizabeth Swan is now unattached is just going to really ruffle the matter.

Rating: R for sex and violence (Ah come on!)

Warnings: Violence, sparrabeth sex, and possibly some filthy werewolf sex later he he he.

Captain Jack Sparrow stepped out of the longboat and onto the shore of Port Royal. The day was quickly moving towards night and the horizon had turned a deep orange. After a quick look around the beach Jack peeled his coat back and let it fall from his shoulders to the sandy beach.

"Are you sure about this captain? You are a wanted man here ye know", Mr Gibbs stood beside the captain looking nervous and his eyes flicked this way and that keeping a keep eye out for passers by.

"I am aware of that Mr Gibbs, but we are low on choices…Savvy", Jack swung one arm out wide as he spoke and quickly and deftly opened the buttons on his dirty white shirt. "Besides it's too late to make new plans", Jack flicked his head to the horizon then looked upwards towards the dark sky as he let his britches drop then piled all his clothes into the Longboat.

"You know the dill lad, stay on the Pearl, return in the morning, don't lose my hat.", Jack waved his beloved hat at Gibbs before dropping it into the boat with his other effects.

"But captain, what if ye not here when we return?" Gibbs kept looking left then right.

Jack spread his arms wide and stumbled slightly backwards as he spoke, "If I'm not here then ye can make only two conclusions", he held up a finger, "One that I have been arrested, in which case you will hear the honourable Commodore Norrington's Girlish squeals for miles", he grinned as Gibbs laughed boisterously, grabbing his sides.

"But what of the second?", Gibbs asked once he had regained control.

"Ahh, well the second could only be that I've found a bonny Lass to warm my morning, in which case I will need a minute longer"

This was greeted by even louder laughter as Mr Gibbs pushed the longboat out into the water.

Jack stood tall on the beach, head high and hands on hips, seemingly unaware and undisturbed by his nakedness. He closed his eyes and took a long deep breath of the cool salty air, and sniggered as the sound of Gibbs laughter still floated on the breaze. A bonny lass to warm my morning, now there was a joke. Only one bonny lass would suit to warm his bunk and he knew exactly where she should be at this time. He felt his temper heating as he thought of young Bootstrap Jr. The lad had saved his life, more times then he cared to admit, but the thought of him touching Miss Swan, his soft, gentleman's hands caressing those creamy thighs…

Jack shook his head to clear his mind and forced himself to unclench his teeth.

He tipped his head to check the sky. A lopsided grin touching his mouth as he felt the light of them moon. His breaths came faster and he could feel something inside him speeding up. His head arched back and his mouth opened wide as he felt his teeth elongate. He watched as thick brown hair began to sprout all over his body, and he spread his arms wide as the muscles became larger. Jack fell to his knees, his fists striking the ground and a loud cry leaving his lips as his body and bones changed, enlarged, and became the form of a large, horrific wolf.

The beast raised his head and howled towards the full moon above. A long deep sound that seemed to vibrate and echo around the beach. His long tangled hair hung around his long wolf face like a mane and his red bandana remained in place, large pointy ears sticking out through the top. He sniffed the air. There was now only one thought in the beast's mind. Hungry

On all fours he padded forward up the beach leaving a set of large paw prints behind him. In the distance he could hear a familiar sound. A sound that made his stomach roar and his mouth salivate excessively. The beast kept moving, occasionally pausing to sniff the air, and before long he reached a large fence.

He growled, baring his teeth as he looked through the fence. There were at least 20 sheep roving and bleating nervously. They could sense the danger he presented but were unable to flee so they continued to bleat and rove around the field.

Beast Jack backed up about 3 meters, growled again and bounded towards the fence. Gaining speed as he ran on all fours then lunged up and over the fence to land with a skid right next to the tasty treats. He lowered his head and growled at the walking meals, picked one, and the sheep was dead before it had time to register its predicament.

He ripped out the sheep's throat and enjoyed the taste of hot, raw meat. It had been weeks since he'd enjoyed such a meal and he planned to enjoy every second.

Beast Jack slowly got back to his paws and arched his neck. He flicked out his tongue to lick up any stray drops of blood from his feast. At length his extra long tongue wrapped up around his long nose and then up around the other side. Full and energised he trotted away form the field, leaving 5 dead carcasses behind him.

He wandered calmly around the streets of Port Royal. Up one road and down another. Past houses and shops with black empty windows. All was dark. Except there was one light. He trotted towards the light, curious. It came from a large white mansion surrounded by a tall metal fence.

The light was in a high window, flickering yellow/orange as candlelight does. As the beast watched as figure walked past the window, then walked back. He tipped his head to the side, trying to understand what he was seeing. This figure passing by the lit window again and again. Sometimes pausing to look out, then pacing again. He watched for a little longer.

A scream sounded out somewhere behind him. He spun on his heels prepared to attack whoever had seen him. But he was still alone. Beast Jack wined softly then growled into the darkness. His ears pricked up and he listened for the sound to come again. It did.

The scream came from a young woman on the fort. She was backing away as a soldier stumbled drunkenly towards her. She was fending him off well, but he was obviously stronger. As the man drew closer to the trembling woman the beast heard him speak, saw her answer and keep backing away. He didn't understand what they were saying but he understood the universal language of threat and fear.

He growled as he watched the soldier advance on the woman. The beast lowered his head and prepared to pounce. He wasn't really hungry any more, but he was sure he could fit in another tasty meal. The man grabbed the woman's arm and laughed as she turned her head from his grog filled breath, and at that moment Beast Jack pounced.

He lunged towards the drunk soldier, forcing him to his back, his paws on the man's shoulders. The beast's large mouth and teeth snapped close to the man's face. The man looked up at the beast above him with unhidden terror. The beast growled down at the man below him. A drop of saliva dripped from the beast's mouth and onto the man's face.

"Dear God, mother Mary, please…please" a voice from behind him made him turn.

The woman sat rocking on the hard ground. Something inside the beast changed and he was no longer hungry. At length he stepped back from the cowering soldier. He watched as the man climbed to his feet. The beast growled, then barked at the man, and the man ran.

Beast Jack turned slowly to the terrified woman. She was still rocking and praying. But that stopped with a gasp when she looked up to see the beast standing before her. The woman's eyes were wide and she pressed her back hard against the rock wall behind her. Her breath gasped out. She whimpered and she gasped as the beast slowly stepped closer.

He lowered his head and wined softly, butting his head gently against her leg, then her hand. Her fear changed to a confused fear as she lifted her hand carefully and placed it on top of his large head. The beast rubbed his head against her hand, showing her that she was doing right.

A half gasp, half laugh left her lips as she petted the huge creature before her. He almost purred as he lowered himself to a sitting position and let her stroke his hair. After a time he licked her leg then stood again and trotted away into the darkness leaving the sad dark haired woman looking after him. Not entirely sure that she hadn't imagined the whole episode.

Beast Jack made his way back to the beach. He took his time and wandered through the green trees and shrubs before breaking out onto the beach. Totally calm he lowered himself to the ground and rested his head on his large paws. The Beast closed his eyes and he slept.