Title: Caribbean Hybrid
Chapter Author: Wickedswanz and DesiringPirates!!
Disclaimer: All belongs to the mouse, who I hear will soon be standing in Paris. ;)
Rating: N17

DP'S note: Wow! 33 chapters of werewolf goodness! Yeah! I am going to miss working on this story, but I am glad that it is over. Time to move onto other things!

Elizabeth Swann stepped slowly into the church and looked up the long isle of chairs to the man who would soon be her husband. To honor, and obey for the rest of her life. She should be happy, people thought she would be happy, yet no one saw the tears that trailed down her pale cheeks.

How had she gotten here? How had everything gone so wrong?

She walked slowly up the aisle, her father at her arm, gripping hard as though he was sure that she would cut and run at the first chance. He wasn't wrong. She would do anything to get out of here... she would even knock her own father over and jump into the sea!

She looked up again to see James Norrington grinning proudly as she stepped closer and took his hand and they faced the priest together. James held her hand firmly, smiling at her. Elizabeth did not even try to smile, why would she smile? She was at the altar with the wrong man! This was not the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

But, unfortunately, she had no choice right now. The other man she loved was dead.

3 months ago…

The four friends sat close together as Gibbs maneuvered the long boat through the dark, candle lit bayou.

"Jack…" Elizabeth looked around nervously. "Are you sure this is where we want to be?" There was a sinking feeling in her stomach, like if she knew if they went in there they might not come back out.

Jack drew her closer and kissed her forehead and hair. That calmed her down a little bit, and she breathed in his scent. "Relax luv, I won't let anything happen to you." He lifted her chin so she was looking into his eyes. "Ever."

Will was still grinning like a Cheshire cat with his arm around Selene. "Can you believe it? I'm the hero!" He said with much enthusiasm.

Jack rolled his eyes, "Yeah, we've established all this mate." Elizabeth giggled at Jack's expression and moved to be closer to him.

Gibbs chuckled. "We heard that about a thousand times already, Will! Can we talk about something else?"

"Oh no, not yet. I get to gloat just a little more. I killed the bad guy and saved the day and…" he was interrupted by Selene clearing her throat loudly and poking him painfully in the stomach. "Ow! Sorry, we killed the bad guy and saved the day." He looked at the woman he loved and smiled warmly, "And I got the girl. For good, this time, I hope!"

Elizabeth chuckled, "You have to admit, Jack, he's right. You were too busy flirting outrageously to perform your task and 'Dear William' saved the day."

Jack glared at her, "Oi! Don't you start." he huffed, "And anyway I was flirting with you. You distracted me from my dealings."

"I like distracting you." Elizabeth kissed his cheek and leaned her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and smiled as she felt him chuckle.

Elizabeth jumped back as the dishevelled form of Tia Dalma ran towards her. The wall at her back, all Elizabeth could do was cower and bite her lip as the witch sniffed and laughed. Jack took her hand and squeezed it in what she hoped was comforting, while Will and Selene stood well back.

"Elizabeth Swann. You be Jack's woman. The one he dreamt of before he met her." The witch swayed and cooed as she spoke.

Elizabeth looked confused, "I'm sorry. I don't understand."

Tia Dalma smiled and drew closer. "He dreamt of you dear. Before he meet you he dreams of a woman who calls to him. That be you."

"Um... alright?" She nodded and smiled nervously.

Jack finally lost patience. "Tia Dalma please, this is not why we're here. That book you recommended. It was useless, a complete work of fiction. In short it was full of…"

"Jack!" Elizabeth cut him off and spoke to the witch, "We think the book was wrong."

Tia laughed and spun, her head falling back as she seemed to dance around the room till she was standing in front of Will and Selene.

"You find her then and she you." Tia said

They both nodded and half smiled, unsure of whether to be near this woman or not.

"William and Selene. When you turn, you remember who you are. You have control over the hunger within you."

They looked at each other and nodded.

"You are each other's Gem, you love each other and the beast within each other. So it does not leave you, because you enjoy the hunger and the hunting."

Will and Selene looked at each other for a long moment before both nodding and blushing.

"Do not be embarrassed. It be a good thing. The beast is neither good not evil. It be simply hunger."

Will pulled his love tighter against him and they watched as the witch twirled away again only to stop suddenly in front of Jack.

"The book is not wrong." She snapped, suddenly angry. "But there is a part missing. The Gem is love. A man or a woman you love and who loves you with all their heart and soul." The last word rolled off her tongue. "But there is another hole. The beast will leave only if both the Gem and the cursed wish it gone." She looked deep into Jack's eyes, "You love the hunger, you long for the freedom, and what is more free then becoming a wild animal. You wished only to find a way to control your hunger, not loose it." Tia turned to Elizabeth and grinned. "You, Elizabeth Swann, love his beast."

Elizabeth opened her mouth to argue, but Tia placed a silencing finger over her lips.

"You love that he takes your body with the wild abandon of a wolf." She smiled knowingly, "You love seeing the wild, free animal behind his eyes, and you have dreamt of stroking his fur…" Tia looked at her coyly, "And many other things, that I will not embarrass you with tonight."

"Well? What does all that mean? Why is Jack still cursed?"

"Because you both love the curse as do your friends. But your case is slightly different. You have taken some of the hunger into yourself. You will not change completely but you are different now."

Elizabeth stepped forward, "So now we are both cursed because I loved both Jack and his beast?"

Tia grinned and dipped her head. "Yes."

Elizabeth looked sheepishly as Jack. "Oops."

Jack turned, his face dark as he took a step towards Elizabeth. She stepped back and he stepped closer.

"Now Jack, it wasn't my fault. I didn't know. You could have told me what and who I was falling in love with."

He took another step towards her and she took another step back. This man, and his beast, seemed dangerous but arousing at the same time and she couldn't stop her blood from boiling for his touch.

"So…so technically it's your fault for not giving me all the details. If I'd known…"

He took another step and she found her back against another wall. She opened her mouth to say more but found it covered by his. The kiss was demanding and almost violent as he ground his body against hers and growled deep in his chest.

"Come with me."

They left the room and went into another, which was full of odd ends. Jack resumed kissing her with passion, growling as she accepted his tongue.

He pulled back slightly, his breathing rough. "Marry me."

Her eyes widened, "What?"

His mouth took hers again and this time his tongue drove deep forcing hers to move with him. Jack pulled back. "Marry me."

"But I…" His mouth covered hers again.

"Marry me." he growled into her neck then covered her mouth with his hand and looked into her eyes.

Elizabeth's heart soared. He wasn't mad at her, he loved her and wanted to marry her. She nodded then flicked out her tongue to taste his palm as it covered her mouth. He pulled back a little and they smiled into each other's eyes.


Both Jack and Elizabeth were grinning from ear to ear as they left the old shack with Will and Selene following closely. Jack pulled her closer and leant in to smell her hair, kissing her neck as they headed for the long boat.

A sudden click drew Jack's attention and a flash of light bated him into action. Without thinking, without a word he jumped in front of Elizabeth as two earth shaking BANGs sounded, and Jack fell.

"Jack?" Elizabeth looked down at the man laying at her feet. What the hell had happened? "Jack?"

It was then that she saw the blood. So much blood. It spread out around his limp body. Elizabeth screamed, a piercing sound that sent over a hundred birds flocking from the branches around them. She dropped to her knees and lifted his head into her lap.

"Jack…Oh God no. Not Jack, not now." She gently rocked him in her arms and tears fell unnoticed onto his face.

She didn't see the British navy come forward and she didn't hear Commodore Norrington's smug voice. All she could hear were her own shaky whimpering cries.

"Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack."

Commodore Norrington's men surrounded Will, Selene and Gibbs, pushing them back into the lonboat as Norrington himself walked over to Elizabeth, looking down at Jack with an evil smug grin.

"We are here to save you, Elizabeth. Come with us."

"Jack... no, come one, get up, punch his lights out, do something!"

"Elizabeth, he is dead." Norrington sighed and shook his head. "Come, we will return you home, it was wrong that Sparrow kidnapped yo-"

"I love you, Jack! Wake up!"

Norrington's face drained of color.

"You... what?"

But Elizabeth never answered, for she fainted, falling right next to Jack's body.

She woke several hours later and James Norrington was kind enough to fill her in on the details of what had happened and what was expected of her if she wanted her friends to be set free. For her uined body, her ruined reputation, he would marry her and save her from all the gossip. With tears filling her eyes she had agreed to become his wife and he had been surprisingly true to his words, allowing Will, Selene and the crew leave unharmed.

And now here she was. About to be married to the man who killed her love. The priest was speaking but she wasn't listening. She heard a cough behind her, the swish of a skirt, some children playing nearby. Her senses were on alert but she was only tuning in the other sounds to block what was happening to her.

The sound of wings flapping drew her attention and a colourful parrot flew down from the high ceiling. She tipped her head slightly to see it better. Cotton. That was his parrot. But why would Cotton be here? Was the Pearl here... was Jack here?

"Sea turtles." The parrot spoke clearly and landed on her shoulder. "Sea turtles."

Jack was here! On his way to save her, to take her back and make her his again. This filled Elizabeth with confidence, and a smile touched her lips for the first time in months.

Elizabeth laughed despite the danger of her situation and ripped off her veil. "James, this isn't going to happen." She leaned closer and spoke quietly, "Jack touched me in places that you could never reach." she placed her hand on his sword and kept talking, "I love him and I'll die before I let another man touch me the way he does."

With that she pulled his sword from his belt and jumped back holding it to his throat. She heard the church doors swing open, and knew that Jack was walking briskly down the aisle.

"You're late, Jack!" She spoke without looking at him, her eyes glittering as they focused on Norrington, the sword pressed hard enough against his throat to draw a thin line of blood.

"Momentarily delayed luv." Jack swept his arms wide and leaned forward slightly as he spoke. "Being shot twice will do that to a man."

"I have no doubt."

At that moment Selene and William came bursting in, low on breath and faces flushed. Elizabeth's heart felt like it was about to burst out of her chest, they came to get her.

"Jack, we have company! If we're going to get out of here alive we need to go now…" Will's attention was caught by the sight of Elizabeth and her wickedly long sword.

Selene ran towards them with a wide grin. "Lizzy! That dress is so beautiful." She semi-circled this way and that to take in her friend's wedding dress, careful to stay out of Norrington's reach.

Elizabeth smiled, her sword still aimed at her almost husband, "Thank you, we have James to thank for it. I was thinking of wearing it when I marry Jack."

"Over my dead body Peapod!" Jack looked outraged, "You'll not be wearing another man's dress when ye marry me."

"Your suppose to be dead!" Norrington spat out, finally able to get a word in.

"Do I have to say it? Fine. Captain Jack Sparrow, ye little bastard." Jack reached out and touched Elizabeth's back. Elizabeth felt his warm hand gently caress her, and smiled. Yes, he was here, this was not a hallucination! "Missed ye."

"I missed you, too." Elizabeth answered, the sword still pointed at Norrington's neck.

Will started jumping from foot to foot, "Jack! Lizzie! We have no time. The guards are coming now."

Elizabeth started to back away from James and towards Jack. Slowly they backed out of the church and found themselves heading for the fort. Elizabeth heard her father laugh, amused at his daughter's actions, and knew that guards were chasing them. Will and Selene followed close behind, their swords drawn and ready to fight if necessary.

"But Jack! I don't understand!" Elizabeth said as they continued to back towards the fort, James and the guards following closely. Elizabeth was vexed to see that they were in no rush to capture them. They were after all surrounded.

"Look luv, just humour me alright! My jealous heart won't let me marry you in a dress you were about to…"

"No! Not that." Elizabeth looked frustrated at him. The four of them were still backing up, swords drawn. "I mean how are you here? I saw you die..." She felt tears prick her eyes as she remembered that moment, never again she wanted it to happen again.

"Being what I am makes me surprisingly difficult to kill, you should know that." He winked at her and threw her a gold-toothed grin, "You've read all the stories about me after all."

"Oh for the love of…" Selene threw her hands in the air, her sword swiping dangerously close to one guard's nose. "For once in you're life Jack just give a straight answer. Werewolves can't be killed by silly little muskets unless the bullets are silver that is. He was unconscious for the most part, but not dead."

William and Selene looked at each other for a moment and smiled. As one they stepped in front of Jack and Elizabeth and joined hands. As one they grinned wolfishly at the approaching guards.

"Mr. Turner!" Norrington spoke firmly and was surprised to see William look squarely back into his eyes. "I set you free last time, I will not be so lenient on you this day, pirate!"

Both Selene and William lifted their swords and displayed them, allowing the sunlight to glint off the smooth, shiny metal, then threw them over their shoulders and grinned when they heard them land with metallic clunks on the stone floor.

"Commodore." William bowed, his eyes never leaving the other man's. "Please believe me when I say that I mean you no disrespect, but you have do idea what you are dealing with."

Selene stepped forward and tipped her head slightly back and to the side, "We will give you one chance to turn around right now and walk away."

The guards looked at each other nervously. Some sniggering others looked concerned.

Norrington took a single step forward. "Miss… I'm sorry, I don't think we've been introduced."

"You can call me Selene." She returned, her smile unwavering.

"Well Selene, I will make you the same offer. Save yourself from the noose and walk away right now."

Will and Selene grinned again and stepped closer to Norrington. He watched as their eyes changed. he watched as their teeth lengthened and seemed to increase in number. He watched as their hands slowly seemed to become claws.

"Dear God, what are you?" Norrington hissed

"Would you like to find out James?" Elizabeth came up behind them and slipped her arms over their shoulders. "Because I can see they would really like to show you."

The two growled and leaned towards the trembling officer.

Norrington's voice trembled, "Get out of here. Don't ever come back, Turner!"

Jack joined Elizabeth and snaked his arm around her waist, "I knew you'd see it our way mate."

"I didn't mean you!"

Elizabeth laughed. "Does it matter?"

She looked at her lover and smiled, sending him every ounce of love she possessed as she kissed him quickly then moved back.

Arms spread wide she spoke in a loud clear voice, "I believe James that this will always be remembered as the day you almost married Miss Elizabeth Sw…" The rest was left in a squeal as she toppled backwards off the edge of the fort.

Jack rolled his eyes and ran to the edge looking down at the waves crashing against the side. He looked back and grinned at the guards who were now backing away from his two friends. With a deep breath he dived over the side and into the depths after Elizabeth.

He swam down, deeper, deeper till he found her very still form at the bottom. He swam closer and reached for her. At that moment she opened her eyes and smiled into his. This was where they had first met. He took her into his arms and kissed her. Hard and passionate, shuddering as he felt her respond to him as they floated to the surface together. They breathed harshly as they finally reached the top and grinned at one another, kissing and expressing every frustration and endearment that had been building up over the last few months. They were back at the beginning and this time they would make their own future.

"They survived?!" A soldier gasped, and saw Turner and his lady friend dash to the side and jump off also, holding hands.

"Get the Dauntless ready. Prepare the cannons. I want to see Sparrow dead and Elizabeth back by nightfall!"

"Commodore?" Governor Swann, who just arrived in time to see his beloved daughter jump off the fort with the pirate, said. Norrington looked over at him, annoyed. "That is my daughter you are talking about." Swann's lips turned into a sarcastic smile, reminding Norrington's of Elizabeth's, and continued. "And if she were here, she tell you that you were a smug bastard and to leave her alone."


Governor Swann ignored him and walked up to the top of the stairs, waving at the Black Pearl as it sailed away.

"You have my blessing, my darling daughter. Be happy."

He turned and left, leaving a disgruntled Norrington behind. "Gentleman, and ladies," he addressed the now large crowd at the fort. "There will be no wedding today. Apologies, my daughter decided to run away with a pirate. And I am glad for her. Anywho, you are all invited to the mansion for a late lunch and champagne."

A guard looked over at his friend. "I like champagne."

The crowd of Port Royal left the fort, whispering the story of Captain Jack Sparrow and Miss Elizabeth Swann. A story, very much unlike any other ever told.