The year mates sat in a circle on the smooth stone floor. The flickering torches flung dark shadows across their faces, accentuating the dark circles under their eyes. Around them the Slytherin stone snakes coiled around the support beams and Slytherin's statue watched silently from the end of the chamber.

The seventh year students were all that remained of Hogwarts. The castle itself was close to completely destroyed with only remnants remaining safe. Harry had suggested the chamber as a secure meeting place since only he remained living to open it.

They had held an impromptu cleaning session and the dank chamber now smelled oddly of bubbles and roses. No extra furnishings or decorations had been added though. They were too exhausted to contemplate what would be needed.

Around the circle any sign of house prejudice was gone. People leaned against whoever was closest because they knew they could trust them. The competitors had become friends and in some cases lovers. They were a family in every sense of the word that mattered. Laughing, crying, cheering, and fighting together.

Hermione broke the silence from her place next to Ron. "We still doing this?" she asked quietly. Ron resembled an American muggle linebacker and continued to be able to eat a restaurant out of business. Next to him Hermione resembled a ballerina. Not that she was delicate in anyway.

"Yes," responded almost everyone at the same time. The plan was vague, but mainly focused on going back in time to first year to fix anything and everything that went wrong.

"It is going to suck," said sweet Susan Bones vehemently.

"A lot," added her friend Hannah. The emotional strain of not breaking down everytime someone saw a lost loved one was expected to be quite high.

"What if we decided to have fun while doing it? I mean we already know what is going to happen, so what if we tried to create much chaos as possible," Harry asked. His hair had grown out to curl around his shoulders and his glasses were long gone. The dragon hide clothing he was wearing revealed a trim and fit form.

"Do you mean pranks?" asked Greg Goyle. He cracked his fingers hopefully.

"Sort of," Harry answered, "More like enthusiastically breaking every stereotype we can think of. It would drive the professors mad. We could act like no first year class ever has before. With our occulmancy it would be easy enough to act innocent. And I know you all can act."

Draco looked up from the detailed sketch he was making, "That sounds very intriguing. Would we still be able to accomplish the changes we need?"

"Of course we would, remember Luna, she got everything done and did it while confounding everyone," said Terry Boot reminiscently.

Reflective nods and the occasional chuckle showed that everyone did remember the zany blonde.

Hermione clapped to bring everyone's thoughts back to the issue. With a rather uncharacteristic grin she said, "I think we should plan a sorting ceremony that no one will ever forget. We all have talents that could make for one hell of a show if we tried."

Slowly the thoughtful looks morphed into delighted smiles.

"Well, lets get cracking," cheered Parvati.