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Title: A Future Uncertain

Author: JadeMax

Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance

Timeframe: Post Dark Nest AU

Summary: Sequel to Benlana Book 1 - Deception; Allana's 17th Life day has arrived and Zekk, knowing his daughter must soon return to Hapes to claim her crown, is torn between the duties he knows she must soon shoulder and the need to let her make the decisions for herself...

A Future Uncertain


Zekk of Ennth has spent the last fifteen years raising his daughter by Tenel Ka; the Hapan Princess Allana Djo. Raised in the open atmosphere of Luke Skywalker's rebuilt Jedi Academy, the Hapan heir to the throne has been privy to an atmosphere uncommon to Hapes and the freedom to do as she pleases. With her mother dead, Allana has grown into a young woman of strength and character under Zekk's patient tutelage, well aware of her impending coronation.

Having given his daughter free reign to grow in whatever direction she chooses, and forsaking his own desires for adult companionship in the interest of his daughter's well-being, Zekk remains her sole parental figure. Recently, however, that has begun to change, straining the father-daughter bond in an unfamiliar and unwelcome fashion.

The eve of Allana's seventeenth Life Day has arrived and with it an unwelcome reminder of her station and impending responsibilities, even as she struggles with the idea of her father focusing a portion of his affections elsewhere...