Hmm, I call this a perverted fic.

Some mini pairings but you all know who the main duo is :D

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Once upon a time, there were three brilliant apprentices.

Their names: Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade.

All three coevals were just breathtaking in what they did, which was being a scientist. Though they weren't certified yet, they knew they would be once they completed their apprenticeship with the most magnificent teacher in the world: Hiruzen Sarutobi. He would teach them everything they needed to know because that's how wonderful he was.

Oh how they would do anything to make him proud of them. Well, Orochimaru and Jiraiya would. Tsunade wasn't as competitive as they were for their sensei's affection. The two would bicker nonstop.

"Senpai loves me more!" Jiraiya would whine.

Then Orochimaru would calmly shake his head and state, "Sarutobi-sama loves me...humph."

Tsunade always watched with amusement; they were idiots. The sensei was a tough nut to crack, and making him love them as much as they wanted was impossible. It was just unbelievable.

Then the other day, Jiraiya seen something that just blew his mind.

For a while now, Hiruzen has been working on a top secret experiment lately, something he refused to tell his students about. But this made them—meaning Jiraiya and Orochimaru—determined to find out what he was doing. They wanted to help him succeed; make him a leader in everything possible. He deserved the highest rank in Japan, and both fanatic scholars would make sure nothing got in his way. And thanks to the young white-haired trainee's nosiness, he found a way to win his Senpai's heart.

He found out that the project the sensei was working on was robots. And not just any kind of robots, androids. Not cyborgs but freakin' androids! He made two: one was a girl with navy blue hair and the other one was a boy with short orange locks. The girl looked like she was in perfect condition. Jiraiya thought it was even possible for them to, like, you know...hook up, have a go at it, lie in hay, DO IT!!

But he realized he had a mission and ignored...other...things.

His twisted mind converted back to normal when he saw his teacher flip out on the naked male android—the girl was clothed. Sarutobi continued to yell at the thing, spit flying, calling it "a piece of shit" and "junk". And those few words were just music to the apprentice's ears. So he went back to his fellow colleagues and told them everything.

Junk was trash, and if junk and "a piece of shit" is garbage then they would just get rid of it for him. After that, the sensei wouldn't have to worry about that android anymore. It'd be history.

Tsunade wasn't convinced that this was "their" big chance, thought it was going to be a catastrophe, but Orochimaru was.

"Jiraiya, that's insane," the blonde said in her usual lordly tone with hands placed on her hip.

"All we have to do is throw him away, then Senpai would love me—us!" he corrected ignoring the naïve girl.

"We're not—"

"Aah," the pale one breathed out in realization while holding his chin in a pensive manner. "I see…"

Her eyes popped and she cocked an eyebrow. "What?!"

"Sarutobi-sama…would love me—I mean us," he said. "And all we have to do is throw that android away...?"

"Yup! Just dump him!" Jiraiya smiled. "How about tonight?!"

"Guys, no one's—"

"That's perfect!" Orochimaru cheered with eyes sparkling with tenacity. "Let's…let's go get ready…right now!"

Tsunade smacked her forehead as the buffoons ran out the room.

The Great and Powerful Mad Scientist Hiruzen Sarutobi would be the ruler of the world!!

I wonder if I'm a pure idiot sometimes... -shrugs-

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