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"Kiba-kun," Hinata whined.

"Shush!" he exclaimed.

Neji frowned. "Watch your tone."

How dare that moron think he can just hush her up like that! She was worth more than the pathetic clothes on his back and him as a human being. Neji didn't think they should be where they were anyway. Pein was fine - he was just kidnapped. The sophomore thought that his and Hinata's world was a much better place.

Speaking of a better place, the three of them were not supposed to be there at the moment.

And "there" meaning The Third's Funtastic Castle.

After seeing Sarutobi on the television Hinata was determined to get Pein back — and Kiba was also determined to commit a breaking and entering for his rep. In addition, Neji was there, but not for support or to help out; he simply wanted to try and convince Hinata that Pein wasn't worth saving.

"We should go back..."

Kiba snorted. "You're pathetic! If I knew you were going to complain so much I would've let you come."

Neji grimaced at the idiot. He was the one that was pathetic! Kiba only felt high and mighty because the fool took Pein's grenades and was now using them for his own weapon of destruction. Neji didn't think the idiot had the guts to actually use them.

Hinata began shaking as the gang toured down the dark passageway. She couldn't see a thing but white walls. She wanted to get Pein back but she suggested calling the cops. Kiba instantly vetoed her idea and came up with this one. She couldn't believe it actually worked! Then again, when they came they found a back door cracked and Kiba saw that as their way in. It made it extremely easy and now they were in this unknown area. Neither one of them has ever been in this place. Hinata only knows of the place because when she was younger Hiashi forced her and Hanabi to protest with him at the front gates - the activity didn't take and Neji just wasn't invited.

"I hope Pein-san is okay," she commented warily.

Kiba frowned at her; that was really annoying. "He's fine..."

The three stopped when they heard a can rolling.

"What was that?" Neji asked with a protective arm across his younger, much sexier relative.

Kiba smirked wittily and pulled the two grenade clipped to his jeans. A sinister grin appeared.

However, everything suddenly became a little fuzzy — literally.

Smoke covered the hall in a matter of seconds. Kiba dropped the grenades on the ground to cover his nose and mouth. He couldn't see anything, but could hear his friend's coughing and her cousin's. Neji's seemed to be a bit dramatic to him, though.

"Hinata! Cover your mouth," Kiba warned. He couldn't see but she nodded and complied.

"Hinata, where are you?" Neji began nervously feeling around for his cousin.

His eyes went wide at a girly scream.

"Hinata!" he screamed standing up in the haze. An elbow made sure he was back on the ground.


Hinata rubbed her aching arm. "Neji-kun, are you okay?"

"H-Hinata?" He moved over a bit before getting to his feet. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine, but. . ." She bit her lip. "Did you just. . .scream?"

She was hoping he said yes.

"No." He sounded offended too.

She looked where she believed Kiba used to be. "Oh no—"

"Help!" The voice was slowly dying down the corridor.

"Kiba-kun!" Instantly, she followed the cry for help. Neji followed.

"Leave him," he breathed out. "He's a lost cause!"

She picked up the pace. "We can't just—"

"Yes, we can!"

"Neji, you asshole!" Kiba yelled as he was being hauled away. "I can't believe—"

The hand on his collar pulled harder as Kiba moved fast in thin air, choking him and breaking his words. He didn't understand what was happening and he didn't like it — not at all. One moment he was about to pick up his grenades to defend for himself and Hinata (Neji not included), and the next he didn't feel his feet on the ground anymore as a grip snatched the back of his shirt and towed him away like a car on the street. Each second the speed increased Kiba felt himself losing air. What the hell was happening and where were those two? The collar around his neck was getting tighter and tighter; he didn't like this feeling. It was almost like the time when he and Pein were fighting over Hinata for a partner. That bastard grabbed onto his necktie and was pulling. . .just as hard as this.

That's not good.

Kiba took the last bit of his breath he had to whisper, "Pein—"

The freshman was harshly tossed onto the floor. Kiba closed his eyes to endure the pain of landing and sliding onto the hard tile. He rolled for the last few seconds before actually getting a rest. He sighed. On the contrary, the rest wasn't long before a hand grabbed a lock of his brunette hair and raising him past his feet. Kiba winced, and slightly opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was grey eyes with waves instead of pupils. Then he saw a familiar android.

Pein furrowed his brow at the fool's shock.

Kiba gasped. "What. . .happened to—"


Both looked away and there stood Hinata, relieved and devastated at the same time.

The android dropped Kiba and gave her his full attention. Her eyes were broad and her mouth was open.

She couldn't believe it — there he was. "Pein. . .san. . ."

Usually, his heart would've skipped a beat, yet his mind was filled with rage.

"How dare you speak to him," a voice spoke out.

Konan strolled into the all-white room and next to her counterpart. She hooked her arm with his.

Pein gave her a disgusted look and couldn't budge. Why? He didn't understand why she felt the need to touch him every five seconds! She was a damn leech and he was getting tired of it. The android was simply so fed up that he didn't see the confusion on his ex's face. Hinata simply stared at the girl's arm around his. Who was this lady? The high schooler took a deep, silent breath. Neji cocked a brow and almost passed out when he saw a vein throbbing on her temple.

That was scary.

"Hinata. . .?"

She blinked slowly and long. Hinata looked up at her cousin while biting her lip as if trying to suppress that frown, eyes completely glassy and turning red.

Neji grimaced. "We should have—"


Looking forward, Neji saw a body being hurled his way. It was too fast to dodge.


The sophomore couldn't breathe. It felt like the world had just fallen on him and was using him as support.

Kiba sighed and pushed himself up feeling pretty fine. "Thanks for breaking my fall."

Neji tried to push out a retort but instead sounded a grunt.

"Get off of me," Pein ordered; Konan completely complied blissfully. He stomped over to the scene in a tantrum.

The brunette scowled at the android coming their way. He put his hands on his hips.

"Why the hell did you throw—"

Pein easily silenced the imbecile by palming him in the face. He swiftly picked Hinata up by the back of her collar.

"Oh!" she exclaimed innocently from the force. His face showed disgust. That was. . .cute.

The redhead ended up dragging her to a dark corner. It was away from the rest of the company in the room and he wanted it that way. Everything that was about to be said should only be for his and her ears. She was now back on her feet but he had her imprisoned against the wall. His hands gripped on to her arms tightly and she blushed from the contact, but not as much as if he was trying to kiss her. His look was way too stern to have such a thought on his mind. The bridge of his nose creased as eyebrows closed in.

"How old are you?" he asked.

She blinked perplexedly. "Wha—"

"Answer the question."

She hesitated. "I'm. . .f-fifteen. . ."

He grimaced. Good gracious, that was young. He never took her age into perspective and it seemed he was partly to blame for them being in this predicament — but not entirely.

"I'm. . ." He rolled his eyes at his next question — then an annoyed grumble. "Am I a slut?"

Her eyes puffed out. "What?"

"Don't dodge the—"

Pein's eyes got wide when she started snickering under him — laughing in his hands. He felt his face heat up and he looked to the side with a faint hue in his cheeks. Hinata slowly tried to stop her chuckling when seeing his mortified face. She smiled warmly at him.

"I'm sorry. . ."

His face got redder and he cringed. "Don't. . .laugh at me."

Pein looked at her when she placed a struggling hand on his arm. She shook her head confidently.

"I really didn't mean to," she apologized, "but that was a silly question."

He smirked as she giggled once more. She continued to smile at him.

"Pein-san. . ." Now, happy tears ran down her face. "I'm so happy you're safe."

His eyebrows wrinkled upwards showing a content expression.

"You weren't ready," he confirmed. Pein saw she was confused and finished, "To have sex with me."

With a flushed face she looked down and averted her eyes. That answered his question.

"You should have told me."

"I'm sorry. . ."

From her peripheral she could see him shaking his head in disappointment, and that scared her. She assumed that meant he wouldn't forgive her — but she was scared! As well as inexperienced. More tears ran came out, but now they were of sorrow. He watched her crying silently to herself and sighed. She seemed genuine — and even if she wasn't he didn't care. He'd rather see this reality through rosy glasses if anything, which meant a certain pale buffoon had it coming.

"Don't apologize," he said. She looked up at him as he continued. "I would have pressured you more. . ."

She sniffed. "I. . .I want to go home. . ."

He shrugged. It wasn't that he didn't care, it was just too late for simplicity. "Likewise."

Hinata began to smile but stopped when he dragged her back to the public and lightly tossed her towards the two idiots she came with as they slowly came to.

"Hinata!" Kiba yelled. "Are you okay?"

He helped her to her feet and she shook off the pain to look at Pein who was now standing next to that blue-headed girl — and between them was the aging man from earlier on the TV. He had a sinister grin and showed it proudly. He put a hand on Pein's shoulder.

"Nice to see that all of you have—"

Pein elbowed him in the face to stop his introduction and to get the scientist's hand off of him.

"Don't touch me," he warned.

Sarutobi got up and wiped his bloody nose. The android folded his arms. "Yes. I apologize. So, like I was saying—"

"Just finish it."

"We're going to take over the world," he complied quickly.

"What?" Kiba shouted. "Shouldn't you be in a retirement home or something!"

"Watch your mouth, boy," he scolded.

"Whatever, grandpa! Now, we came here to. . .to. . ."

He looked at his two accomplices. "What did we come here for?" he whispered.

Neji shook his head and Hinata just stared blankly.

Neji put his hand up. "We'll just leave," he suggested and grabbed Hinata's arm. "Come on, Hinata."

She resisted. "Neji-kun. . .! We can't just—"

"You're a coward!" Kiba demeaned.

"Too bad. He had the right idea."

Orochimaru and Jiraiya materialized at that moment, the pale apprentice grabbed the young Inuzuka while Jiraiya grabbed the other, pushing Hinata out of his hands. She stumbled and lost her balance resulting in her falling to the ground. The tall pupil smirked but turned cold when he felt two grey eyes glaring at him. He gulped at Pein's stare.

"I didn't mean that," he confirmed.

"Ew! What's up with your skin! Is that a disease?" Kiba said as he squirmed. "You should get out more!"

Orochimaru deadpanned. "Shut it."

Neji stopped wrestling and heaved a sigh. "Just let us—"

"We can't," Orochimaru said. "You three are the only loose end."

"You won't just kill us."

"And why wouldn't they?" Kiba interrupted smugly.

"Hiashi will come for us," Neji confidently said.

Kiba stared at him with half-lidded eyes and a frown. "No he won't. . ."

"You don't know—"

"I mean, he might come for me since I have a debt to pay, and maybe Hinata since that's his daughter — but he has no reason to come for you."

"We're related!"

He shook his head. "You're retarded, y'know that?"

"Enough!" the mad scientist intruded. "It's time to finish this."

He looked at the staggering girl on the floor and smirked.

"She's first." He smiled humbly at his creation. "Pein, would you do the honors?"

The redhead didn't even look at his inventor and furrowed his brow as he stared at a surprised Hinata on her hands and knees. Why would he even suggest a task like that for him to do! That was awfully brave of him — and audacious. Pein got a little confused when she shifted to her feet. He could see her legs were shaking and he was wishing she would start running — he thought she was going to — but she just stared at him with those big, bright eyes of hers. Now, his heart skipped a beat.

He began slowly pacing towards her. So many things were going through his head, like were his loyalty lied — and why would it be with that man he only met for the first time a few hours ago. He asked himself why he was here, and why he didn't leave earlier. Pein now knows she wasn't being malicious, but why would he believe such an accusation in the first place? He missed her, and even though she was right in front of him, standing self-assuredly, if felt as if she was more far away than ever. Their eyes locked and his cloudy mind cleared. She could see his unsettled appearance was saying the same she was trying to earlier: "I want to go home."

He finished what he was thinking. "I want to go home—with you."

She smiled. He didn't.

He pushed her to the ground. She was surprised when he bestrode her. Instantly, she jerked when she felt him tense up, and then she became even more shock with wide eyes.

Pein was laying on her.

He placed his head between her breasts — well, he actually fell on her. However, he contained his weight as not to hurt her. The android wrapped his arms around her and snugged her like he found he long lost stuffed animal. She blushed feeling his breath through her clothing and put her hands on his head — he squeezed her harder. She smelled so good! Everyone watched with wide eyes. Neji and Kiba frowned; it was like a sick love scene. Pein looked up at her from her chest. She made a small smile show.

"Do you like me?" he asked.

On the verge of fainting she hesitantly nodded, completely red.

He smirked faintly and tried to close the gap, but stopped himself.

"Can I. . ."

Before she nodded all the way for a second time their lips were touching. He moved himself upwards to make it less awkward. Hinata's closed eyes tightened at feeling the cold metal on his bottom lip and nose. He smirked against her lips at her smile. This was perfect; the happiest moment of his life!

And then it was all taken away.


Hinata's eyes shot open when she felt him moving away from her. She saw he was surprised as well. And behind him was Konan, pulling him off of his beloved and being an absolute cock blocker. He couldn't do a thing with her being as strong as him and was at her mercy, she brought him to his feet and pinched his cheeks.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

He gave her an estranged look. He was never hurt until she started squeezing his cheeks!

"Stop. . .touching me—"

Immediately, she pressed her lips against his and Pein's eyes looked like they were about to explode. He desperately tried to push her away but it was futile. His eyes moved from side to side, looking if anyone would even try and help him! Sarutobi looked away, Kiba was laughing — and it seemed out of spite, and Neji was smiling evilly as well as Jiraiya. The last person he looked at was Hinata who was frozen since she saw the two kiss. He tried to mumble out a word of assistance but stopped when he felt vomit in his throat.

"Um. . .excuse me?"

Konan pulled away and Pein was gasping for air as he turned blue. The creation looked at the girl that Pein was just being harassed by as she stood up. She frowned at Hinata's grimace. Rudely, she glared and asked, "What?"

"Can. . ." Hinata looked away for a second, but nervously stood her ground. "Can you please let him go?"

The blue-haired girl pushed Pein away and walked up to the pathetic schoolgirl in front of her. She could sense Hinata trembling. Konan scowled and placed her hands on her hips arrogantly as she towered the harasser. Hinata stared up at her and gulped.

"Leave. . ." Pein contained a hack. He sickly glared at Konan from the ground. "Leave her alone."

She ignored him. "Do you like Pein-kun?"

Konan laughed when Hinata opened her mouth to speak. "He's out of your league. . ."

Hinata looked at her feet, shaking utterly now. Pein saw her upset face and tried to comfort her.

"No you're—ugh!"

He quickly held his stomach where Konan just kicked him. Damn! One minute she was in love with him, and the next she was abusive! He missed his low-key relationship with Hinata; she would never do that — and even if she did it wouldn't hurt this much! Pein forced out a cough and Hinata furrowed her brow.


"You won't do anything," the android said. "You're too scared."

Konan smirked at her prey quivering yet again and looked at her struggling beau. "You don't deserve him; he belongs to me—"


The world just stopped.

Kiba and Neji stopped resisting and simply stared with wide eyes.

Pein's surprised face turned into a confident one as he smirked.

Konan furrowed her brow as she held her red cheek and Hinata had her hands over her mouth apologetically. She couldn't believe what she just did.

"I-I'm. . .I'm sorry," she said behind her hand.

"What was that for?" Konan barked.

"Well. . ." Hinata cleared her throat. "You kissed him even though. . ."

She blushed and averted her eyes. "I-I thought you could tell that we. . .were together when we. . ."

"You forced yourself on him. . .!"

"No. . .no I didn't!"

"You're in denial!" she spewed. "He'll never—"


That was unexpected as before. The android's brows arched. "Stop that!"

"Well. . .well. . ." Hinata unsurely balled her fist. "Stop saying t-those things. . .!"

"Fine." Konan moved her hair out of her face and turned towards Pein. "We'll let him choose."

He scoffed, still on the ground. That was going to be easy.

"By the best kisser." She smirked. Pein began frantically shaking his head.

"Please! D-don't. . .don't touch him!"

Konan ignored her. Hinata furrowed her brow and turned red.

"Please. . .don't touch him!"

She scoffed. "You won't do—"


Before Konan knew it she was on the floor with a sweet girl turned gremlin on her and going crazy. Hinata was moving so fast Konan couldn't predict where the next move was coming nor could she touch her. All she saw was cream-colored blurs, feeling their nails and pulls on her hair.

All the guys in the room stood there in awe and happiness. This was great and was making their night. Kiba couldn't believe that his friend had it in her! He should have figured since she was so calm and mellow; it must have been all that pent-up anger! Jiraiya was getting too excited and suggested that everyone take bets. Understandably, Pein, Neji, and Kiba bet on Hinata, and Jiraiya bet on Konan. However, he was starting to regret that when he saw that flower in her head get ripped to shreds. Orochimaru bet on Hinata as well.

"You don't even know her," Kiba commented.

He shrugged with folded arms. "She has potential."

"Wait!" Jiraiya exclaimed. "I need to get my camera!"

Orochimaru nodded and both dashed out the room.

Even Sarutobi was enjoying himself watching the catfight — it was better than pay-per-view!

In spite of this, nothing seemed to go his way. That happiness was taken away by the single swing of a frying pan to his face. And the force behind it was so powerful! Sarutobi saw stars, smiled absently, then fell to the ground from the numbing pain.

Hiashi dropped his weapon of choice before he started raiding the unconscious man's pockets. The author cursed to himself when they were empty. He furrowed his brow and grabbed the man by his shirt collar before smacking him a couple to wake him up.

"Uh. . .huh?" Sarutobi muttered.

"Wake up," Hiashi demanded.

The inventor squinted his eyes. "Who. . .who are you?"

"You have something of mine."

"Wha—I don't even know—"

His breath was cut short when his collar tautened viciously around his neck.

"I. . .I can't bre—"

"Five. Thousand. Dollars." Hiashi intensified his hold. He glared. "With interest."

"Hinata!" Kiba yelled. "Stop!"

He pulled his raging friend off of the unfortunate android. Hinata came to her senses after seeing the creation in a complete state of overwhelmed unconsciousness. She put her hands up to her mouth as tears filed her eyes.

"I'm. . .I'm so sorry."

Kiba gave her a confused look. Did she suffer from neurosis or something?

"Hinata!" he said. Kiba began shaking her back and forth by her shoulders. "That was AWESOME!"

"Good job!" the pale apprentice praised.

"Um. . .aren't you—"

"That doesn't matter," he said with a smile. "You just won me five hundred bucks."

Orochimaru closed his eyes cheerfully and put his hand out towards Jiraiya. He scoffed and coughed up the money.

"Ahem!" Kiba and Neji put out there hands as well.

Jiraiya scratched the back of his head and diverted his eyes. "I can't pay you as of—"

Pein put him in a headlock.

"The hell you can't!" Kiba screamed.

Hinata was at a loss of words. They betted on her?

Abruptly, a bust came through the front doors. The two men did not have their weapons holstered.

"Okay! This party is over!" the one with blonde hair screamed.

His partner gave him an annoyed glance. "Minato, this isn't a party. . ."

He rolled his eyes. "Metaphorically speaking. . ."

"It doesn't make sense—"

The Uzumaki throw his hands up in the air. "Why do you always have to downplay anything I do?"

"I don't. . ."

"Yes you—"

Just then, Minato saw his hero. "Hyuga-san!"

The officer ran up to his idol and gleamed. "W-what are you doing here?"

His partner stood by his side. "Who is—"

"Don't ask that question!" Minato snapped. "He's the best author alive!"

The blonde blushed and closed his eyes cheerfully. "I love all your books!"

Hiashi glared at the fool not doing his job. He called them for a reason.

"Officer," Hiashi called.

He saluted him. "Yes, sir!"

Hiashi's eye twitched. "I called—"

"You were the one with attempted theft?"

He nodded.

"Okay! We got it from here. You're the greatest!"

Minato frowned at the startled man as he sat up.

"How did Sarutobi fall so low?" his partner commented.

The blonde shook his head. "I don't know. . "

"FREEZE!" both shouted.

Sarutobi became more aware of his surroundings and almost pissed his pants when he saw two guns in his face. He automatically put his hands up.

"You are being placed under arrest for the attempted theft of Hiashi Hyuga's property and currency!"

"What? You have—"

"Shh! I'm not done!"

"He has to read you your rights. . ."

The professor sighed. He was too old for this.

The group watched from afar as the two police began reciting and putting Sarutobi in handcuffs. Orochimaru and Jiraiya were beyond stunned. They wondered how they got in without any alarms activating.

"I know what you're thinking, and it was me."

The two men turned to see Tsunade and their jaws dropped.

"Tsunade?" Jiraiya exclaimed. "But why? What about—"

"Are you kidding? He was going to take us down with him!" she explained. "Plus. . .this plan was very stupid of him. . ."

Orochimaru sighed with a complacent expression. "She's right. . ."

"You're just agreeing with her," Jiraiya teased.

"Be quiet."

Tsunade folded her arms and looked over at the three teenagers with the android. "Hey!" she called out to them.

The four looked at the three menaces and held their guard up. Tsunade smiled at the redhead who had the girl's hand in his protectively. He narrowed his eyes at her and got angry at their past conversation.

"We're leaving," she announced, "See you around."

The blonde headed for the door. Orochimaru nodded as his departure and followed.

"I hope this doesn't leave anything between us," Jiraiya commented.

"Hey!" Kiba called at the escaping hazard. "You still owe us—"


Kiba cringed at that voice.

Hiashi folded his arms as he approached the four.

Neji smirked at the brunette and snidely said, "Like I said, Hiashi would here."

"Neji," Hiashi lectured, "did you drag your cousin here?"


He glared. "Lower your voice."


All looked at the two policemen regrouping the tired old man in their grip.

Minato saluted again. "We are taking him into custody now and you will get your possessions and money back as soon as possible!"

Hinata blinked confusedly. "Possessions?"

Hiashi glanced at Pein and walked out with the cops.

She blushed from embarrassment and saw Pein was turning red from anger. She frowned at Kiba's snickers.

"Pein-san," she said, "It's. . .okay. Please just calm down."

"It looks like you owe him more than I do," Kiba mocked.

The android took a deep breath and squeezed his princess's hand. At least this way he had her forever.

"We have school tomorrow," Neji pestered.

"Whatever!" Kiba folded his arms begrudgingly. "This wasn't as fun as I hoped."

He stared daggers at Pein. "But it was very painful."

His face still hurt.

Pein rolled his eyes at the idiot and started to follow them out the door but stopped when he didn't feel Hinata walking with him. He turned to her and saw that she was staring at the ground with a reddened, pondering face. He pulled her arm and she looked up from surprise.

"What is it?" he asked.

She bit her bottom lip and turned away. "Never mind. . ."

"Tell me." He was curious and raised his eyebrows to show it.

She gulped and wished she didn't say anything in the first place.

"Well, I know that you. . .you're always, um. . .well—"

"Just say it."

She began playing with her fingers. "We can. . ." She looked away with a blush and a bashful smile. "When we get home. . ."

He stared at her with apathy. She figured he didn't understand.

"Well. . .!" She got nervous. "I know this all happened because of me and. . .I don't want it to happen again!"

He back up and cocked his eyebrow when she looked at him with pleasing eyes. "I'm trying to say that. . .I don't mind if we—"

"Not interested."

She went pale. He just refused her. . .with her putting herself out there? That took a lot of courage! She couldn't believe it.


"I don't feel like it," he hurriedly said, seeing her rejected look. "Maybe later. . .maybe."

Hinata stared bug-eyed as he dragged her out of the amusement to meet of with the others.

Her face was marked by blue as she went pale from bewilderment. What was this!

That was a start to a new beginning.

Finally done.

Simple ending, simple love. Enough said ^^

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