A fan fiction by Aoi Kitsukawa

Disclaimer: Canon is belongs to Chika Shiomi, I only borrow the characters in the manga. Please enjoy reading it!

Summary: Set two years after the battle between the pure blood vampires and Canon and Sakaki. However, the peaceful time suddenly been disturb as strange incidents happened; people have been attack, their bloods were suck and some of them died. Canon and Sakaki feared that this incident will make them as a suspect to the vampires but at the same time, a mysterious woman appeared and she seemed to have some connection with Sakaki in the past.

Chapter 4-List of Characters.

Canon Himuro

Age: 18 (first debut in manga: 16)

Race: Human

Job: Waitress

Relationships: Sakaki (lover), Fui (comrade), friends


Age: Unknown

Race: Bird

Relationship: Canon Himuro (master), Sakaki


Age: 24 (first debut in manga: 22)

Race: Half vampire, half-human, half-Japanese

Job: Staff editor

Relationships: Canon Himuro (lover), Fui (comrade), Ishikawa, Tsuzuki

Takumi Kurosawa (OC)

Age: 26

Race: Japanese

Job: Café manager/boss, Chief

Relationships: Yukari Mitsurugi (friend), workers

Yukari Mitsurugi(OC)

Age: 26

Race: Japanese

Job: Special (Senior) Waitress, Singer/ Main Performance

Relationships: Takumi Kurosawa (boss, friend), workers

Takeru Hibino (OC)

Age: 18

Race: Japanese

Job: Waitress Ordinary Level

Relationships: Takumi Kurosawa (boss), Mai Akiyoshi (lover), Canon Himuro (friend), workers

Mai Akiyoshi (OC)

Age: 18

Race: Japanese

Job: Waitress Junior Level

Relationships: Takumi Kurosawa (boss), Takeru Akiyoshi (lover), Canon Himuro (friend), workers

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