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Full Summary: What happens when enemies are brought together to fight for the greater good. Even then when their differences keep them apart a tragedy will bring them together. This is Kagome's story.


Don't you just hate it when your muse decides to go on strike? She has refused to help me start the next chap for 'Let Me Bleed, Let Me Love, Set Me Free' untill I begin this one. I have no clue where it came from, I barely had enough time to pick up a notebook and write it down. She just kept pouring ideas into my head. So here it is and I have a new challenge of sorts for this one. If you can tell me the loose translation of the title and or chapter names you get a public review reply. So get to it!! This will be a slow update story!

Note : This starts off in Kagome's POV. Kagome has blue eyes, her hair has grown down to her knees. Also she is a lot stronger than before, trained and smarter. And before I start. In a couple of my other stories I have some people 'ANONYMOUSLY' correcting me on all of my Japanese language usage and spelling/grammar. To those persons I am sorry I apparently typed them wrong, but I have an official Jap-Eng-Jap dictionary straight from Japan. So I am sorry that it is telling me the wrong thing. I'm not being mean but apparently you ain't got any guts if you have to anonymously Review and PM these things to me. I will state ahead of time. I cant spell or write worth shit but I enjoy it. That is what counts.

&KPOV& Kagome is telling the story. About the past.

Her POV from her future self.




Kara Higeki Ni Ai

By: Izayoi Tashio 18

Chapter 1 : Ano Higeki



Mated and a mother, things are even more abnormal than ever. Even though I hate Naraku with every fiber of my being, I have to thank him in a way. If it hadn't been for him then I would have never been able to experience this perfect life. I love my mate with all my heart, sadly it took a tragety to bring us together. It was 2 years ago that Naraku comitted his most henious crime against me. I didn't think that I would ever get over it, at that point my life as I knew it was over. Then he saved me, unexpectedly. Even though because of Naraku I was dirty and used, he still loved me. It's amazing how it's usually the person you'd least expect that would heal your heart.

My complete story begins 5 years ago when I fell into a dry well on my family's shrine, and came to be in this feudal era. I was 15 then and I thought nothing bad would ever happen to me. Sure enough 3 years later it happend, just after my 18'th birthday. That is where this story begins. I had trusted Inuyasha without fail for those 3 years. But now my trust lies elsewhere. He broke my heart one to many times and I won't be second string any more. But now i'm babbling so I will begin my story. It was 2 years ago and Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's brother, had come to call a temporary truce to defeat Naraku. By joining our group he would be a great ally. Inuyasha wasn't so happy about it though. Of course that started a fight!



"Inuyasha why are you being such a baby about this?"

"I'm not I just don't want that bastard traveling with us."

"Inuyasha he can help us with Naraku. Also think about it, if Rin gets sick I don't have to go traipsing after her to help. It would save a lot of time, and we would have a better chance to finally defeat Naraku." Kagome shot back. He was being such a spoiled brat about this. "You get pissed off when I leave to do home, Help Rin, and any other little thing I do. Why is this so bad?" She continued, fire in her eyes.

"Fine but that don't mean I hafta' like it." Inuyasha snapped back. This would be a royal pain.

"Inuyasha This Sesshomaru does not wish to cause conflict with you. The main focus of both of our group's is to take Naraku down. This Sesshomaru is willing to put aside our differences to attain this goal. I will not debate your leadership, however we need to at least get along. This I am willing to do in order to return the lands to a peacefull surrounding."

Taking a moment to ponder his brothers words Inuyasha spoke.

"Alright, but what I say goes. I wont have you challenging my every word. We'll need to get along. I will try but you have to as well."

"Agreed brother."

"Alright now thats settled lets get moving." Kagome chirped directing the brothers attention.

"And which way do you intend for us to go wench?"

"Inuyasha I told you... Don't call me that!"

"Fine Bitch!"

"Your infuriating, Sesshomaru which way do you think we should go?"

"Which ever way your group was planning to go is fine."

"East then." Kagome replied. Sesshomaru had told her that Rin was currently at his castle. So that meant that they wouldn't have to hold back quite so much if any demons came along. This was the beginning of their journey together.



That was the beginning of our first month traveling together. Sesshomaru had always seemed cold to me. I noticed that it was just his outward apperance. Inside he was nice, wwarm, and passionate about the things he talked of. We got along surprisingly well. At night time after camp had been set up we would take a walk into a clearing somewhere an talk. We would talk about any and everything. I was a little put off because when we talked he would always call me miko. One night we were talking anout the topic of war. And when he said my name and not miko I was surprised. I thought to myself that maybe he was begining to like me more. Imagine to my surprise even more when Sesshomaru offered to train me. That was a funny conversation. I even stumped him once. It was when the group stopped to take a break. He hadn't known that I was educated. Far beyond even the level of some other lords. I felt good on that one. He actually showed the shock in his eyes. That was the first emotion I dragged from him.I was also surprised with the subject he was most interested in. I had figured it would be war. Alas it was the physical sciences that piqued his curiosity. This is one of those conversations. He was particularly interested in Elements and the atomic makeup of humans.


" So you are saying we are made up mostly of the same thing?"

"Hai Sesshomaru. There are 4 elements that make up the largest percentage of atoms in living things. These four elements are Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon."

"And these ato-ms are?"

"Oh... Right atoms are basically the tiny building blocks of all existing matter. They make up everything around us. Inside of atoms there are 3 even smaller particles. The first is the Proton, the positively charged particles of an atom. The electrons name comes from the greek word for amber. Amber is a material that has an electrical charge. The second is the Electron which is the negatively charged particles. Lastly there is the Neutrons, the neutrally charged particles. Also inside of the atom is the Nucleus, the center of an atom."

"I see and how are these... Elements differentiated?"

"Ok thats an easy one. Atomic number and atomic mass number separate them. The atomic number of an element is different than the next. Atomic number is the identity of an element, distinguished by the number of p+ (Protons) in the nucleus. Atomic mass number is associated with an atom that is the same as the number of p+ and n (Neutrons) that reside in their nucleus."

"I see."

"Of course then you have what we call Isotopes. Isotopes are atoms of the same element that have the same number of p+ but different of n (neutrons). Basically same atomic number, but a different atomic mass number."

"How many elements do they know of in your world?"

"Currently there are 115 know elements. Most of them are naturally occuring in nature, 80 to be exact. The remaning 35 are man made. Synthetically created. Basically they took one element and added or subtracted something from it."


"Furthermore an atom also has an atomic symbol. An abbreviation for an element based on the first letters of an elements name, example Pb from Plumbum. Some however may come from their latin name. Example gold, it's symbol is Au for Arum." Placing a finger to her lips Kagome looked as if she had lost something. "Oh. almost forgot, Elemental formula. It uses the atomic symbols and numbers as subscripts to show how atoms are grouped in an element." Kagome finished excitedly recieving a questioning glance from Sesshomaru.

"Elaborate this for me."

"Ok... An example. N2, 2 Nitrogen atoms linked together."

"So if you were to have 12 of those nitrogen atoms linked together it would be N12 correct?"

"Hai, you catch on quickly."

"This phy-sicl sci-enc-e of your land is interesting. I wish to know if you have any books that you could bring back about it? It is a curious subject matter for this Sesshomaru."

"Of course."

"One more question. You say that these elements make up everything around us. What is the one that occurs most often?"

A surprised stare met his gaze.

"Do you not know the answer?"

"No... I mean... Hai I know the answer you just surprised me. The most often occuring element is hydrogen... Water if you will. It makes up everything around us, even the stars."

"Woman dont be daft. How could you possibly know what the stars are made of? They are so far away." He stated matter - o - factly.

"Easy Sesshomaru, our modern advances in technology allowed us to creat a... Well a carriage of sorts. We call it a rocket ship, it allows us to go and touch the stars." She quipped back with a smirk. His reply was one word.


"That my dear Sesshomaru, is a discussion for another time!"



That was a conversation he had shown great curiosity for. I thought to myself. 'Hell if he liked that stuff, then the next conversations would be even more fun.' It had been more than a week later when we had our next conversation. In this one I could see wonder in his eyes. Sadly that was our last peacefull night together before Naraku comitted his crime. This conversation brought us a little closer. He was amazed by my knowledge. He couldn't get enough, he wanted to know everything. I had brought a physical science book from home for him. He couldn't keep his nose out of it. His interest in knowledge this time surprised me. Quantum Mechanics and Chemstry were the topics. It seemed that atoms and elements were a big subject for him. So this time I used notes from my high school years. I told him he could read them. I was floored when he asked me such a simple question.


"Would you read them to me?"

"Hai, but why have me read them to you?"

"You know about this, I do not. When you speak of things in your time, you speak with such excitement."

At this statement Kagome blushed.

"Alright. Quantum Mechanics is the most modern and complex model of an atom. In 1925 Louis de Broglie proposed that the electrons in an atom had a wave like motion. An example of that would be an Electron Microscope. They use the wave motion of electrons to view small objects with grand detail. In the late 1920's two scientists came up with calculations or formulas for this. The scientists names were Schrodinger and Heisenberg and they calculated the location of the electrons. Also there are atomic orvitals and probability clouds. These are the regions of space around the nucleus where electrons are most likelky to be formed. Relating to Bohr's model." Passing the notebook to Sesshomaru she pointed to the diagram. A small circle sat inside of 3 larger ines surrounding it. Heavily colored in circles were stragecially placed on the outer rings. As she pointed to one she spoke. "These are probability clouds. This brought about Heisenberg's uncertanty principle. This stated 'The more you about the energy of an electron, the less you know about it's position.'

"It is like all other things in the physical scense. The more you learn about something. The more it is cast into shadows."

"Correct. Would you like to continue or leave it for another day?"

"We shall continue."

"Ok. I have a feeling that you'll like this next subject even more. Chemistry, the study of matter and the transformations that it undergoes. Matter, the stuff that makes up all things. All existing things mst have mass to take up space. There are 4 stated of matter. Solids, gasses, liquids, and plasma. The first solids, have a definate shape and volume,cannot be easily determined. Liquids have no definate shape, but has a definate volume. Molecules in a liquid are freely flowing. A gas however has no definate shape of volume. Plasma we can get to later in our conv..."

"Why?" He questioned with a glare.

"That is how I studied it as well Sesshomaru, I'm not just trying to hold back information."

"Very well, continue." He stated resting back against a tree and getting comfortable. They had taken to sitting close nearly 2 weeks ago. Now when they conversed Kagome would sit inbetween his bent knees and rest back against his chest. They were getting a lot closer, but they didn't care. Sesshomaru enjoyed her prescence, even though she was human.

"Molecules in states of matter. Solids have tightly packed atoms, which jiggle back and forth in place. Liquids have freely flowing atoms, which flow past each other. Gasses have atoms that are spread out, which move around each other in rapid random motion. Do you still wish to continue?" Kagome asked shifting to snuggle closer to the warmth his body provided.

"Hai I do."

"Ok, physical and chemical properties. Physical property describes the physical appearance of the substance. Color, hardness, density, texture, and phase. Chemical property, charachterizes the tendancy of a substance to change it's identity, Basically how they will react with other substances. Physical changes, a change in a physical property of a substance. Occuring mostly from heating and cooling, although the chemical identity must remain the same. Chemical change, the process of forming something new. Like a new substance. Chemical reaction, when 2 or more substances combine to form a new substance. Example salt and water, salt is added to warm water and stirred, thus creating salt water... Well that's it tonight. shall we continue tomorrow night."

"So we shall."



That night was amazing Seeshomaru and myself got a lot closer. I only now think if we had kept talking would Naraku have got to me? it was shortly after our 'chat' that he arrived. We had seen little of him, hiding like the coward he was. W were all un prepared for the attack. Somehow Naraku had learned of Inuyasha's night of weakness. So we had only Sesshomaru for even the slightest chance to win. I had thought that this was the worst thing that would ever happen. Boy was I wrong. Swsshomaru was the first to notice him of course, what with Inuyasha pretty much down and out.


"Naraku you've finally come out of hiding."

"Lord Sesshomaru, come to protect the pathetic whelp?"

"No, I have not, but on this day you will fall."

"That is what you think Sesshomaru."

And thus the battle began with the clang of metal resonating throught the field. Racing across the ground quickly Sesshomaru had won first blood. Naraku had countered by ensnaring Sesshomaru in his tentacles. Miroku and Sango quickly entered the fight. Yells of 'Hiraikotsu' rang through the clearing. Naraku was on his own this time, Kagura had betrayed him and he had dispatched her. Kanna was taken down in the last battle we had. So he was one against 4 at this time. We had sent Inuyasha and Shippo to cover seeing as how they would just be in the way. I had a full quiver of arrows, but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity. Naraku had lost almost half of the jewel piece that he had. That was our advantage. Although those had been spread out across the land once again. Noticing my opening, praying my arrow flew true I released it. It hit the mark, and Sesshomaru was free. Naraku on the other hand was pissed. None of us suspected the turn that was to come.



It all happend so fast, one moment I was safetly on the ground. The next Naraku held me captive. It was then that I had noticed it Sesshomaru had been caught in the purification from my arrow. He was hurt badly, and I felt so guilty. It was then that the others found out. This had all been a trap. A trap to kidnapp me, and it worked. That happening tore my world a part.


"You'll never get away with this Naraku." I spat, 6 days ago I had been kidnapped. He was trying to break me. All I could do was struggle. Naraku had somehow gotten a hold of shackles that diminished my holy powers. So here I lay naked and exposed, shackled to this raised futon. His eyes bore down on me. The bed groaned as his weight settled on it. He crawled over me settling his disgusting body between my protesting legs. It sickened me, really I wish someone would just help me out a little.

"Come now little miko, I just want to play." He replied running his vile hand down my exposed body.

"Don't touch me you monster." I snarled at him.

"I will do far more to you than touch."

That is when it went down hill. No warning or anything. Disrobing himself quickly I had no time to fight as he entered my virgin body. Squeezing my eyes shut quickly against the pain I screamed.

"Ahhhhhhh... Stop get off of me." Tears fell down my face as he did the opposite. Quickly retreating from my body he slammed back in. The pain was horrible. Everything ached, I felt dirty already. I was being used and I couldn't do anything about it. His hands brutally groped my sensitive breasts. Claws cut thin lines in my flesh as the blood rolled out of me. The vile beast just kept on pounding brutally into my body. I just wanted this to end. At that time I heard voices, they were calling my name.

"Help me!" I cried feeling Naraku ripped off of me the pain was even worse than before. As I lost myself to exaustion I saw a blur of silver.


That was harder to write than I thought it would be. I never in all my life thought I would write about a rape between Naraku and Kagome. But I did, I hope you like it. This will be a slow update story.