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Full Summary: What happens when enemies are brought together to fight for the greater good. Even then when their differences keep them apart a tragedy will bring them together. This is Kagome's story.


&KPOV& = Kagome is telling the story. About the past.

Her POV from her future self.


Thanks To:

sally, Angel of Blood, Solaira


New Character's coming in to play!

And an old one will have a quick reference.

Ga-youkai - Moth Demon.

Yuki - Snow.

Takumashii - Strong, Dependable.

Tasogarekiba - Twilight Fang

Imoto - Younger Sister

Ryu - Dragon





Kara Higeki Ni Ai

By: Izayoi Tashio 18

Chapter 3: Sai-Mukeru Kimochi!



That morning we left camp early. Little did we know that today would be a day full of surprises both big and small. There was always a slight chance that the people we met on the road would be close to one or two of the people in our group. In this situation of course close was the understatement of the year. Who knew that theye was more to Sesshomaru that none knew about. We had found a nice place to camp for lunch, Sesshomaru and I had continued with our conversations. Sesshomaru still wished for me to read the notes to him, but I'm not complaining. I never knew he was as curious as he is. Though the glare he gave me that day for my comment still makes me laugh to this day! I know Sesshomaru either isn't happy with me or confused when he calls me Miko instead of my name! It was during our conversation that a most surprising guest arrived.


" You know Sesshomaru, if I didn't know you as I do, I would think you were a cat youkai!"

The glare turned Kagome's way caused her to laugh. "Why would you say that Miko?"

" I'm simply saying that I believe your curiosity rivals that of a cat!"

" I simply asked you Why they can't emit the same color."

" I already told you, their negativly charged electrons jump to higher or lower energy levels thus emiting different colors."

" Very well continue."

" Alright...... Where were we?........ Ah ha. Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures. Elements are any material that consists of only 1 type of atom. An example would be gold, gold is made entirely of gold atoms and nothing else. An Atomic Symbol is an abbreviation for an element. Based on the first letters of the elements name. However sometimes it will come from the latin name like gold it's symbol is Au for Arum. Also an example is Pb for Plumbum."

" What if two elements have the same first letters. They will use the latin name then correct?"

" Hai, your catching on quick Sesshomaru! Elemental Formula, This uses atomic symbols and numbers as subscripts to show how atoms are grouped in an element. Examples would be N2 for 2 Nitrogen atoms linked together, also S8 which is 8 Sulfur atoms linked together. Compounds are atoms of different elements attached together. Like table salt (NoCl) Sodium attached to Chlorine, creating Sodium-Chloride, Table salt."

" Miko you said that they are mad up of only the same atoms."

" Hai, To make an element they have to be the same but not for compounds."

" You are contradicting yourself."

" Iie..... How do I explain this?.......Ok! .... Think of it this way you are a full Youkai, Inuyasha hovever is a Hanyou. You are all of one he is half of two. In this situation you are an element and he is a compound. Does that explain it better?"

" I see, Hai it does, you may continue."

" Ok. Chemical formula is the atomic symbols and subscripts used to show what makes up the compound. Some examples would be, H2O 2 Hydrogen atoms fused to 1 Oxygen atom. Another is K2SO4 which would be 2 Potassium atoms attached to 1 Sulful atom fused together with 4 Oxygen atoms. Compounds however have properties that are completely different from the elements that make it up. Mixtures are th most complex of the three however. Mixtures are a combination of elements or compounds that are not attached, like iron and sand. Distillation take out impuritied b heating and vaporation."

" Do you suppose we could use this method on Inuyasha?"

Kagome began laughing immediately. " Ha ha ha ha ha..... I can't believe that....... Ha ha ha ha did you just make a joke?"

" Hai Kagome I believe I did."

" Oh Kami that is just the greatest thing ever! Ha ha ha ha...."

" Why is it so funny Kagome, I made a simple joke?"

" Hai you did, But you just asked to pretty much kill Inuyasha. Heat and vaporization would be the equivelent in this era of throwing him into a fire and then using your poision to melt him the rest of the way!"

Her only response was the quick uplifting of Sesshomaru's lips. " You may continue Kagome."

" Hai right, Classifications of Matter. Pure, a material consisting only of a single element or compound. Examples would be, pure gold only Au, and pure table salt only NaCl. Impure, a material that is a mixture of more than one element or compound. There are two types of mixtures, the first is a Heterogeneous mixture. This is the different compounds that can be seen as individual substances, like oil in water. The second is a Homogeneous mixture. This is substances that are mixed together so well that you can't see the individual components or distinguish them from the rest. Like milk or a drink we have called Kool-Aid, that is a powder substance mixed in water. Solution, a solution is when all components are in the same phase. Like air, Air is Nitrogen and Oxygen (N2O2) and are both in the gas form. Also like Salt water, table salt and water (NaClH2O) are in the liquid form. A Suspension however is a homogeneous mixture, where the components are in different phases. Like Milk or blood, water mixed with solid properties. The way you tell the difference between a solution and a suspension is by centrifuge, spinning the substance into seperate components or layers. Well I think that this is a good place to stop for now."

" Hai, it will suffice, for now at least."

" Sesshomaru can I ask you something?" Kagome said shifting closer to Sesshomaru's side.

" Hai, what is it?"

" Have you ever wanted something so out of your reach that no matter the consequences you would still yern for it?"

" Hai I have."

" What was it?" Kagome asked. Not recieving an immediate reply Kagome thought that he would not say. Alas he surprised her.

" My desire was to get to know this one strange ningen woman. To figure out what made her tick. To find her likes and dislikes........ I did, but I still can't get her out of my mind. Do you know who that woman is Kagome?"

" Iie Sesshomaru who."

" It is you." Sesshomaru stated to Kagome turning his head to look at her.

" Me?"

" Hai, I hated ningen, they are greedy and two faced. You Kagome have changed my mind. I believe you have insnared this Sesshomaru." He stated and swiftly captured her lips in his. Kagome responded excitedly to his passionate kiss. It was followed by a series of kisses that were not long but still full of emotion. Gently cradling her cheek in his hand Sesshomaru's kisses became more needy. Pressing against her she fell back as he covered her body with his. Gasping as his body pressed to hers Sesshomaru's tongue plundered her mouth. Sliding a clawed hand up her body to rest under her shirt he caresses the tight skin of her stomach. Back arched Kagome let out a strangled moan as his heated skin touched hers. Stopping suddenly he recieved a aggrivated mewel. Turning his head Sesshomaru quietly stated.

" We are not alone."



Aggrivated as I was I knew there was a reason that Sesshomaru had stopped. It pissed me off though, I was actually enjoying myself and beginning to recover. His love was all I ever wanted. Sure at first I had loved Inuyasha but that changed after the incidet with that ga-youkai, Gatenmaru. When Sesshomaru allowed Inuyasha to live, even though he had the perfect opportunity to kill him, that was when I realized there was more to Sesshomaru. At that point was where my felings toward Inuyasha had turned. Almost as if into dangerous territory, I wanted to take that risk. Although telling Inuyasha would probably be hard for me. Before that could happen we had one surprise to take care of. This one even more surprising than Sesshomaru kissing me. But we'll get to that one a little later.


" Damnit where are they? I wanna get movin before it gets dark." Inuyasha exclaimed, Kagome and Sesshomaru were nowhere to be found. Shortly after they ate lunch they had left to 'go on a walk' and not came back for nearly 3 hours.

" Calm down Inuyasha, when they are done they will come back. There is no need for you to go ballistic over it." Miroku calmly stated sipping slowly on his tea.

" Keh, shaddup ya crazy monk. I was just saying that they are usually back before this long. I think something has happend"

" Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is completely capable of taking care of Kagome. Besides I am just glad that he has been able to keep her mind off of what happend. Remember it was just two weeks ago that she wouldn't talk or eat and he was the only one able to touch her for an extended amount of time. Personally I think that Sesshomaru has healed her spirit. Sesshomaru was pissed when he found Naraku violating Kagome. In the little time that Sesshomaru was traveling with us I think that he fell in love with Kagome, and her with him."

" I know Miroku, I see the was they lok at each other. If she's happy with him thats all I could ask for her. I know she loves me, but only as a friend, or a brother would a sister. I'll still protect her to the best of my ability."

Turning away from Miroku, Inuyasha decided to take a walk to clear his mind.

" Did you have to be so harsh Miroku?"

" Sango you have to understand that Inuyasha is still shaken up about what happend. He lost his chance to be with Kagome when he allowed Sesshomaru to join the group."

" I know that Miroku, but Inuyasha has loved her for a long time. When we'd got to the hot spring to bathe we used to talk about that. Up until a few month's she would talk to me about how despite his quirks she loved him. Then she just wouldn't tell me about anything anymore. That's when I realized that she didn't love him like that anymore. I asked her if she had a new love interest and she simply said hai. After she told me that she wouldn't talk about it, she wouldn't tell me who it was. She simply told me that it was a faraway dream that he would love her back. I knew it couldn't be Koga, that wouln't be a faraway dream, he'd snatch her up in a heartbeat. So I got to thinking, who would be a faraway dream for her." Sango finished quietly, and paused.

" I take it you finally figured it out not long after that."

" Iie, it wasn't actually until Sesshomaru began to travel with us. They spent so much time together, it seamed that they were attached at the hip. Then the tragedy of Naraku....... Well you know, and it hurt that Kagome wanted nothing to do with anyone except Sesshomaru. It was then that I realised that my hunch had been right."

" Dear Sango, I had no idea that you felt that way." Miroku replied drawing Sango into his arms. " Let it out Sango, I will think no less of you."

" Thank you Miroku." Sango stated cyrling herself into his chest, and after two months finally let all the pain out.



Who knew that Inuyasha would be right for once. Though as Sesshomaru turned from me to look toward our evesedropper, and pull me up behind him, I would never forget the woman standing infront of us. Long silver hair that nearly rivaled Sesshomaru's hung to her ankles. Her clothes the exact opposite of Sesshomaru's, Black where his was white, blue honeycombs on the shoulder. Blue crescent moon on her forehead along with 3 magenta stripes on each slender cheek. Her eyes were like a mixture between Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru's. I knew she had to be a full youkai, even if she appeared to be 19-20 years old. Next to her there was a little dragon floating around, it looked to be about the size of Kilala's smaller form. I realised quickly that she was infact the exact opposite of Sesshomaru. She was entirely too bubbly, her personality was even happier than Rin, which is pretty hard to beat.


" Dear Sesshomaru, gallivanting around with ningens now are we?" The woman stated giggling after.

Kagome was unable to move, her body frozen to the spot. Who was this person that addressed Sesshomaru so informally. Why had Sesshomaru said nothing, why was he also frozen to the spot? Had she put some sort of spell on him? Was she an enemy or ally? Her appearance made Kagome think of a female version of Sesshomaru.

" Come now Sesshomaru, aren't you happy to see me?" She stated poutin out her lower lip. "

" I thought you were on the continent Yuki."

Kagome thought to herself that they had to be related. So the womans name was Yuki.

" What Iie welcome home Yuki, I missed you. I haven't seen you in about a century?"

" Yuki you grate on my nerves. What is it you want?" Sesshomaru stated harshly.

" Um..... Sesshomaru who is she." Kagome stated getting a good look at the woman.

" This is Yuki imoto to this Sesshomaru. She is born of my father and mother." Turning back to face Yuki again Sesshomaru finished. " Yuki I know you have come to ask for something, however you will not get it from me. If you need something so badly ask that ryu vassel of yours Takumashii."

" I don't need anything aniki, I just want to travel with you for a while. I would like to catch up with you, Pleassssssssse?"

" It is not my place to say Yuki, do you remember Inuyasha."

" Hai, I do though the last time I saw him he was still an infant, that was nearly 300 years ago though. What has that got to do with this then?"

" It is because I am traveling with his pack now. You will have to get permission from him."

" Well I would love to meet him. I bet he's grown up strong!"

" Yuki."

" Hai Sesshomaru."

" You are annoying."


Well Yuki has been introduced. A little background info on Yuki. She is little sister to Sesshomaru. She is his fullblooded Youkai. Now I'm just making her up, but she was born to Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father, and Sesshomaru's mother. Thus making her Sesshomaru's full blood sister. Yuki was born approximately 10 - 20 years after Sesshomaru was. If you have any questions about her just pm me. Also I have a plan for her she will play a big part in this story. You must not always believe any one persons outward appearance or personality. sometimes the sweetest thing can turn and they will have the last laugh! Also I forgot to mention, if your wondering, Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un won't be in here much. The reason for this is because this is a more adult type fic!