I had fallen unconscious many times before now. When you barely survived each day tripping over your own feet, knocking things over and also dating a vampire who had several murderous enemies that wanted you unconscious in a more permanent way, you tend to grow accustomed to that feeling of fading into oblivion.

It's the waking up part that I couldn't learn to get used to. Each time was hell.

As soon as recognition entered my mind that I was indeed awake, I jerked to an upright position. The blackness was impenetrable, like a secret whose answers danced on the corner of my awareness. My head was pounding terribly - I allowed my fingers to stray to the base of my scalp, at which point an awful sickness flooded my stomach. I was bleeding. Not much, but enough to...tease whoever had brought me to this dark, cold place.

I had my suspicions.

My knees were shaky with disuse as I climbed to my feet.

"H-hello?" I called out. Damn my human eyes - had Edward just agreed to change me when we'd arranged, I would have been able to see with perfect clarity now. Instead, I was blind in a world where my predator was not.

Or judging from the several snickers that haunted my ears at that moment... predators. As in, the plural.

Their presence made things easier and harder. I felt relief, because at least I knew my fate was sealed. That kind of certainty was comforting in a strange, masochistic sort of way.

On the other hand, I felt terror.

Because I was never going to see Edward again.


Lolly: So, I thought I'd start off with a typical "Bella's gonna die" prologue which we know and love (and hate.) However, next chapter continues from this point rather than going back to the beginning.

I also want to mention that I haven't read Twilight fanfiction. All I've seen is some sillybella, and something called Cullenary Education. So yeah, if I appear to have ripped ideas from people, don't accuse me because I haven't read it. I'm a Mediator fangirl - Twilight is sooooo not my thing except for on youtube.

Hope you continue...