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Author's Note: Some of the conversation that takes place in this chapter alludes to a future story, which I'll probably start by January.

August 22, 1986
1:00 PM PDT

Calvin McFly smiled at his twin, Marty - as the two stepped out of the family car. They had just arrived at Sunnyside Lake Resort, which was near Los Angeles. He really had a good feeling about the family trip. The scenery was so beautiful, and the air smelled very fresh. More importantly, though, he loved the idea of his family being together.

"Family" really was a lovely word. It was something that many people rather seemed to take for granted. Calvin sighed to himself, as he thought of how he hadn't always had a "real" family. It certainly was a great feeling, belonging to a genuine family!

"Thank you for taking us on this trip," gushed Calvin. "I can actually see that Dave has loosened up, a little. I mean, we might all be adults - but it's sure still nice to take some family trips. Anyway, it's not like I got to take many of them - as I was growing up."

"We understand, pumpkin," George replied, softly. "It really makes me feel sad, too - thinking that my children are all grown up. It's been almost a year, since Dave moved out. Anyway, you kids simply feel free to look around. It nice to have your girlfriends join us, as well. After all, they most certainly are an extended part of the family."

"That's quite right, honey," added Lorraine, kissing her husband. "Anyway, kids, feel free to look around - but don't go too far. Tonight, your dad is simply planning to grill some bacon cheeseburgers - which I know is your favourite. You all have fun, kids!"

"We will, Mom and Dad," replied Marty, excitedly. Turning to his twin, he added, "The girls said that they'd be a little busy. We promised to meet them at the lake, though." With a sigh, he added, "Isn't the scenery beautiful? I have a feeling that we're in..."

"... for one rather exciting week," Calvin finished, laughing. As Marty simply nodded, he continued, "When we get older, I just plan on taking a lot of family trips - with our future children. I'd love to do, at least, one family trip... every summer. We could go together, in fact. You and your family... with me and my family. How's that sound?"

"That'd be so awesome," agreed Marty. "As I recall, when we took that trip to 2006, you had twin sons - and they were rather the same age... as my son. Not only that, but they also resembled him. They could pass for triplets, in fact. It's a great idea!"

"I can hardly believe this!" Calvin exclaimed. "I mean, we're actually on another family trip! Y'know, this is just shaping up to be a great summer. In fact, this has got to be the best summer I've had. It's really been so long! This is so... so awesome!"

"This is certainly exciting," Marty agreed, cheerfully. "I've sure enjoyed spending time at Oak Ridge Lodge. This place really seems just as lovely, though. I'm quite glad that Doc, Chris, and the women recommended Sunnyside Lake Resort. If even Clara really enjoyed... Actually, it really looks as if Clara has come to adjust nicely to the future."

"I'm sure it really must've freaked her out, though," laughed Calvin, "when we all kept de-aging. As much as I did enjoy being a kid, for a few days - it's very nice to go back to being eighteen. I certainly can remember how you and I kept of fighting, though."

"Yeah, I really kept accusing you of being a copycat," Marty replied, sheepishly. "Of course, we both kept insisting that our names were Martin Seamus McFly - which, at the time, that was what you were called. Remember how our girlfriends..."

"Well, what about us?" asked Jennifer Parker, as she and her cousin ran up. "Oh, you really must be talking about that... that experiment. At least, Sarah and I really knew each other - being as we're cousins. We quite had yet to meet you, though. At five, I guess we were scared of boys. We felt that, uh, all boys liked pushing around girls."

"I feel real embarrassed, now," added Sarah Parker, "remembering that. Even at five, you boys were quite nice. It's just too bad that we didn't go back to our proper years, as well. I could just think of the few things that I'd like to change, from my childhood."

"I'm just not so sure there's much that I could've done," lamented Calvin, "had I gone back to my proper year, especially if it quite means returning to... Well, you know. In fact, that would've been my worst nightmare. Our experience was quite interesting."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Sarah murmured, as she placed her arm around Calvin. "I forgot all about that. I didn't mean to dredge up terrible memories. Y'know, this is simply so new to me. I mean, time travel... and alternate realities. After all, it sure does seem a little weird. It's also very strange to think that, in a sense, you guys are the same person."

"Well, not exactly," Jennifer countered. "They've both had very different pasts. Their experiences have just helped to shape them into the kind of people that they are. It's the whole 'nature vs nurture' argument. It's just best to not think of them, that way."

"Oh, I didn't mean any harm," Sarah replied, blushing. "It's just... Well, never mind! It sure is wonderful, though. Your parents are just accepting, and we... Well, you really know those horror stories... about evil in-laws? We won't have to worry about that!"

"You've got that right," Jennifer replied, smiling. "Apparently, according to Marty, his mother used to not be as accepting of me... in the original timeline. It's very hard for me to imagine, though. After all, we've simply always had a real nice relationship - as I remember it. She even invited me to go to Wishing Well Resort, with them."

"I thought that was so sweet," gushed Sarah. "Of course, you were already planning to just spend that week... with my mother and me. Calvin wasn't a part of this world, yet - and... It feels more than a little strange, thinking of how things have changed."

"I just can't help envying you, Marty," Calvin commented, sighing. "It sounds like, last summer, you and your family had a very nice vacation. I really wish I could've been in that picture. I would also really like to go to Wishing Well Resort, one of these days."

"Yeah, it was an okay trip," Marty replied, shrugging. "We even went, in the original timeline. Remember me telling you that? In that timeline, it wasn't that fun. The only reason why we even bothered to go, in that timeline, was because Linda called into a radio station - and, as a result, we won a family trip to Wishing Well Resort."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that," Calvin replied, blushing. "It's a little amazing how, in both timelines, you guys took that same trip. I suppose it's just the self-preservation effect. Of course, I guess that picture really sort of worked as your... your gauge."

"The truth was, I didn't want to go," continued Marty. "I, very reluctantly, agreed to the idea - simply because... I guess I actually sort of hoped that... that, for just one week, we'd be a real family! I believed that one family trip could, magically, fix..."

"Oh, don't be so hard on yourself," Calvin suggested, gently. "I can understand why you'd feel that way. I guess, all our lives, we both really wished for one thing. I sure know that feeling. Granted, your life wasn't as bad - but I'm really not so insensitive, as to believe that people who didn't have as bad as me have no right to complain."

"Thanks, buddy," Marty replied, softly. "It does quite help, though, that I remember both pasts. Granted, it can get pretty confusing - but, within time, you actually do get used to it. Anyway, it's a family trip! We really should be having some fun!"

"I have the swimsuits," commented Jennifer, holding up her package. "Y'know, I feel so happy for Doc and Chris. It seems strange, though, thinking that Clara Clayton is the great-great-grandaunt of Jessica Hoffman. They really get along well, though."

"Imagine when both couples get married," Calvin pointed out, laughing. "The song I'm My Own Grandpa certainly comes to mind. If both couples also have children, it's sure going to make things even more complex." As the quartet stepped on trail, he added, "They mentioned something about having a double wedding. That sounds awesome!"

"Yeah, it sure does," agreed Sarah, smiling. "I'd rather love for the four of us to get married that way, as well. Our children would practically be double cousins. Doc and Clara wanted to marry, in just a couple of months. Jessica prefers to wait, though."

"The attitudes of the past were rather different," explained Jennifer. "Nowadays, we do more things to consider. That's actually a big part of why Marty and I don't plan to get hitched, until a few more years. Granted, we're all just barely into adulthood."

"In spite of our, uh, experience," replied Calvin, "I don't feel like I'm all too ready for adulthood. I mean, I wouldn't exactly want to go back to being eight - but I just feel that... Well, I don't want to give up the perks of being part of a family. I'm not quite sure if you've noticed, but Dave just seems more relaxed. It might be my influence."

"Yeah, maybe so," Marty replied, laughing. Pointing to something, he added, "Do you guys see that? It's a log cabin! What do you think that's simply doing, in the middle of the woods? I must, it seems so weird. The cabin is actually surrounded... by trees!"

"That is an interesting site," agreed Jennifer. "Y'know, maybe we should just go check it out. I can't imagine that anyone would live in a place like this. Basically, it's just right in the middle of nowhere! Think about it! There's not even a place to park your car."

Calvin was curious, as the quartet left the trail. He quite had a feeling that he, along with the others, would be in for more than they've simply bargained. He noticed that the cabin had a metal pole attached. Halfway down, he noticed that there was some welded metal - as if the pole was previously broken, and someone decided to fix it.