August 23, 1986/2016
1:30 PM PDT

Lisa smiled, as she glanced around the cabin. It felt good to actually be able to spend time with some friends, including two friends from her childhood. She also quite found the idea of being surrounded by five Michael J Fox look-alikes to be rather thrilling.

"Well, this has been a real good lunch," commented Marty Jr, as he flashed a lopsided smile. "This certainly is one strange phenomenon, but... Well, I sure must admit that I sort of enjoy this. I mean, to be rather honest, I do sometimes feel a little disgruntled with my generation. Sometimes, I just wish that I could be a teenager of the 1980s."

"You rather feel that way?" asked Marty Sr, seeming a little surprised. "I mean, I think it's awesome that you enjoy our music - as well as the movies and TV of our time. Still, you guys have cool things like... like hoverboards. I think it'd be quite cool to have..."

"Well, not all the music of the future is that bad," Marty Jr replied, sighing. "I mean, I do quite enjoy bands like Adelitas Way, Disturbed, and Avenged Sevenfold. So there is still some good rock. Still, it seems like too many people would rather listen to rap."

"I don't like rap, either," Mike agreed, nodding. "I don't like how it seems like being a rock fan isn't as cool as... as it used to be. Also, there's very little good on TV that I actually enjoy watching. I rather hate how big reality shows have gotten. You even have crap like American Idol and X Factor - which are, basically, karaoke contests."

"Yeah, you guys had awesome shows," Alex added. "I love shows like Family Ties and The Cosby Show. You guys also had rather cool cartoons. Granted, My Little Pony did make a comeback - with Friendship is Magic. Still, I do think the eighties were cooler."

"Well, I suppose we should be flattered," Marty Sr commented, softly. "Still, I wish we could have things like hoverboards and flying cars. Also, it would be very nice to have shoes with power laces, and I think the acid cap looks very nice. Psychedelic, even."

Lisa smiled, as she glanced at the cap that was on Marty Jr's head. Indeed, she sure wished for a cap like that. She could not understand why the boys from 2016 wished to live in the 1980s. If anything, the future seemed to have more exciting things.

"Yeah, that's why I really love this cap," Marty Jr replied, smiling. "Well, I suppose we should stop complaining about the future. While I enjoy hair metal and arena rock the best, I also love much of the newer rock. Y'know, we went to our first concert - when we were thirteen. Mike, Alex and I went to see the Foo Fighters. It was awesome."

"Well, I have no idea who the Foo Fighters are," Marty Sr replied, smiling. "Or some of the other bands that you've mentioned. Y'know, there are times when I do feel regret that... that I was never able to go to a Led Zeppelin concert. Sometimes, I quite envy those who were able to see them. Therefore, I really understand how you guys feel."

"I never got to go to any rock concert," Lisa commented, sighing. "It just feels odd to think of how my cabin turned into a... a time portal. Y'know, I'd quite like to see more of... of 2016. Perhaps, I could even move there. That way, social services would..."

"I don't think Doc is gonna agree to that," Calvin interjected, shaking his head. "You really don't belong in the future. It would just be a major risk to the space-time continuum to let you do that. Y'know, Marty and I would be happy to help you out."

"As would Sarah and I," Jennifer added, softly. "We're both very sorry to hear about your situation, and I don't quite think it was right for your foster parents to treat you the way they did. Still, I don't think that moving to the future is the answer. After all, where would you live? I mean, you really would have to have some sort of identity."

"I can't help but feel amused by the irony," Sarah added, chuckling. "Our future sons wish they lived in the past, while Lisa is considering moving to the future. I guess the grass really is greener on the other side. Anyway, Lisa, I do also want to help you."

"Well, it's so sweet of you guys to want to help," Lisa replied, in a near whisper. "Still, I'm simply afraid that they're just gonna place me in another foster home - one where they don't give a shit about me. Also, just what does 'Doc' have to do with all this?"

"Doc..." Calvin started to say. "Dr. Emmett Brown - and Chris Brown, for that matter - believe in being cautious of just how time travel is used. The thing is, Chris and I came from a world that was... dystopian. Some guy, named Biff Tannen, simply managed to use time travel to... to make himself rich. Biff then turned this world into a... a dump."

"Well, I sure have no idea who this Biff Tannen is," Lisa replied, "but I promise that I'm not gonna use time travel to make myself rich. I simply wish to just get out of this time period, so that the social services people won't be able to... to find me. That's all!"

"I didn't mean you would do that," Calvin explained, softly. "I simply meant, after Chris and I had escaped from that world, Chris - and Doc - is really gonna be... At any rate, time travel is not a toy. It's not something that one can just play around with."

"Yeah, I suppose so," Lisa replied, sighing. "I could simply try talking to Chris and Doc, later on. Anyway, why don't you tell me about the... the world that you came from?"

"Doc and Chris aren't here," Calvin replied. "Although, they were here - a few weeks earlier. As for the world that I came from... I don't like to think about it, too much. It was the world that I spent most of my life in, granted - but I wouldn't want to..."

"Return to it?" Lisa asked. Calvin nodded. "Oh, I am terribly sorry. I remember reading 1984 for school. Y'know, that book by George Orwell? It was real terrifying. That book has given me such nightmares. Was that world anything like that, by any chance?"

"Well, not quite," Calvin replied, quietly. "Basically, crime really was rampant - and Biff created all these pollution-causing devices. Also, Biff killed my father - and married my mother. Biff really treated all of us, including my mother, like shit. That's why it is very painful for me to remember that place. Biff quite ended up making my life a living hell."

"Wow! That's even worse than I thought!" Lisa exclaimed, as tears filled her eyes. Of course, she really felt grief over her mother's death - but, at least, her mother hadn't been murdered. "I had no idea that... that your life was that bad. That's horrible!"

"I did manage to survive," Calvin commented, sighing. "But, yeah, it really wasn't fun. It was quite hard for me to remain optimistic, when so many things were going wrong. I had no idea what I would do with my life, once I graduated from boarding school."

"Yeah, I'm quite glad you were able to escape," Lisa replied, softly. "Of course, my life wasn't as bad as yours - and, if I quite had any idea of what you went through... Still, I sure dread the idea of of going to another foster home. I'm really so sick and tired of being told that that I'm a worthless person who would... never amount to anything."

"Biff used to say the same stuff to me," Calvin replied, as tears filled his eyes. "I quite dreaded going home... to Biff's Pleasure Paradise, that is... for the holidays. The only reason why I even bothered to come home was because of Mom. I really loved her."

"I never knew any of that stuff!" Mike gasped. "I never realized just how hard of a life you had, Dad. I mean, I knew you were adopted - but you never really wanted to talk about your life, from before you finally connected with your... your biological family."

"Yes, Dad," Alex added, shaking his head. "I've always deducted that you didn't have a very good life, growing up - but I never really knew about the... the specifics of it."

"Actually, I wasn't really adopted," Calvin pointed out, quietly. "Biff Tannen never had any real interest in us children. After all, he was simply after my mother - and, most of the time, we kids were at a boarding school. 'Being adopted' was just a cover story."

"Ah, I think I get it," Mike replied, sighing. "After all, you couldn't exactly tell the public that you came from... from another world. They might just think you were very crazy, and maybe even... lock you up. I certainly see why you would need a cover story."

"Yeah, this is just... baffling," Alex added. "Granted, I feel bad about what happened to you - but the fact that my father... is from another world. It really astounds me."

"Yeah, Uncle Calvin," Marty Jr added, "this is just so..." He glanced at his watch, then added, "We should start heading back. We'd like to spend some time with our family. I think we could meet back here at around eight o'clock or so. How does that sound?"

"That's a good idea," Calvin agreed. "Come to think of it, I wonder if our older selves remember... being in here, with you guys. Man, this is rather making my head spin. I think we should probably start heading back, as well. Will you be okay here, Lisa?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Lisa replied, smiling. "Thank you for keeping me company. It's been a long time, since I was able to do something like this. You are all wonderful friends."

Lisa felt very touched, as everyone smiled and waved at her. She watched on, as her friends started to step out of the cabin. She quite noticed the scenery shifting, as the visitors from 2016 were being transported back to the future. The sight was amazing.

After everyone was gone, Lisa flopped onto her mattress. She hoped that her friends would be able to help her. She still wished to move to 2016, though - as she really felt that the future would be much more interesting. Besides, after thirty years, her social worker would have stopped looking for her. She felt that she'd be safer in the future.