Blizzarian Bubble Gum

It was a sad day for terra Blizzaris and the Blizzarians today. Ravess had come and invaded the snow lands which they inhabbited.

And to make matters worse, The Absolute Zeros, the Terras only defence was almost beaten. Only Suzy Lu, their Sky Knight was left

"Surrender to me and blow down to Cyclonia," Ravess said

"I don't want to bow down eh," Suzy said

"I just want bubble gum. BAZOOKA, ZOOKA bubble gum," she said as she began to dance. Pretty soon all the Blizzarians began to dance and sing the Bazzooka Bubble gum theme song

" My momma
She gave me a dollar
She told me to buy a collar
But I didn't buy no collar
Instead I bought some bubblegum
BAZOOKA, ZOOKA bubble gum

My momma
She gave me a quarter
She told me to tip the porter
But I didn't tip no porter
Instead I bought some..."

"Enough! I don't have any Bazooka Bubble gum" Ravess said

"What about Hubba Bubba eh?" Suzy asked

"What's that?" Ravess said

"It's a whole new kinda bubble eh," Billy Rex said

"How so?" Ravess asked

"It's like this," Suzy said as she began to chew a piece of hubba bubba bubble gum. Pretty soon she began to blow a bubble, A BIG BUBBLE. In fact it was so large that Raveness got trapped inside it. But that was no problem, just pop the bubble right?


Once Ravess popped the bubble their was a huge exploision. Plus now Ravess was totaly covered in gum, from head to toe

"Help me In stuck," She said now unable to more her body. Two Cyclonian talons had to pick her up very carefully s they wouldn't get stuck to her, at least finding a place for her to sit was no problem. They just stuck her to the win of one of their skimmers

This story broght to you by Suzy Lu's bubble gum. "It's Suzylisious."

Wait what? So it tastes like Suzy Lu?

Whatever I'm still paid for this.

Good, funny start?