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"Come on Sakura! Run!!" Yelled an 8 year old boy. Sakura ran as fast as she could, they both went into to an alley. The sand ninja's followed suit.. They were able to shake them off.
"Are you ok?" The boy asked Sakura who nodded.
"Good, come on lets go back ." They both took a short cut to get to their 'home'
"Sai-ni-kun I don't like to stil I don't feel right. . . I want to help! I want to be a ninja when I grow up." Sakura said.
"Don't be stupid Sakura. You just say that because you're not use to living in the streets but trust me after a while you will get use to it. This is the only way we can live." He said and Sakura nodded once they reached a big house outside the sand village they entered.
"How much do you have?" Asked a big man.
"I collected 200" Sai said handing him the money.
"And you." He asked Sakura
"I have 125"
"Good, good, you two paid your keep for today but tomorrow is another day and if you don't get at less this much you can forget about getting anything to eat." He said as his wife gave them the food. They went to sit with the other street kids.
"You did good Sakura." Sai said, once they finished they went to bed, which was the floor with just a thin blank for both of them.

The next day

Sakura was alone in the park. She begged for money and pick pocketed the ones that didn't give her anything but she never took to much she dint like to do it but she had to. She watched a few kids playing ball as a red headed boy just watched, he had a teddy bear. She walked over to him.
"Umm. . . Hi." She said as she saw the boy look at her.
"A-A. . . Are you talking to me?" He stuttered out.
"Yes, I wanted to asked why aren't you playing?" Sakura asked
"Oh they don't like me. . . No one does. They are all scared of me." He said looking at them pain shone clear in his jade orbs.
"That's not true, I'm not scared of you. You seem really nice, my name is Sakura. What's your name?" he asked
"am Gaara "
"Oh ok Gaara-san it's really nice to meet you." Sakura said smiling at him, he was dazzled by her smile
"SAKURA!!" Sai yelled as he ran to her.
"Hi Sai." Sakura said smiling at her "older brother"
"Sakura will you be my friend?" Gaara asked her hopeful.
"Yes I will Gaara" She said as Sai got there he looked at Gaara and smiled.
"Sakura we have to go." He said looking back at her.
"Okay, bye Gaara."
"Will you come back tomorrow?" He asked.
"I don't know if I can but I will try." She said as she and Sai left, Gaara had smile on his face.
Once out of hearing range Sai stopped and looked at Sakura.

"Don't ever do that again! We cant talk to anyone when we are working, come on we still have a house, now how much do you have?"
"I have 80"
"You know you have to have 100! Here I have 130" Sai handed her 20"
"Come on lets go before all the food is gone." He said as they walked back.
"Sai why did you help me?" Sakura asked
"You remind me of my little sister." He said
"Oh. . . What happen to her?"
"She ate something that she shouldn't have at that house and when I woke up I found her. . . dead. . ."
"I am sorry Sai."
"That's okay because now I have you, you're my sister now and we have to stick together for now and forever. Come on lets go, I'm a hungry." They went back to the house.
"You made less then yesterday." Said the old man as he looked at Sakura.
"I just had a strip of bad luck. Don't worry I'll bring in more tomorrow." Sakura said.
"Fine, but you will have less food then the others." the woman gave her half a loaf of bread and 3'4 less food than normal of food. She took it and went to her spot. Sai came and gave her some of his.
"Thank you Sai-Onii-chan." He just gave her a smile. When they finished they went to bed.

Next day

Sakura woke up and put on her old beatin' up shoes on that barley fit her anymore. She left her brother but not before leaving him a note saying that she went to do her job earlier.

She walked out and begged for money when she ran into a lady.

"Hello there dear what are you doing here alone?" She asked, Sakura looked at her and saw she had a leaf headband

"You're a ninja?" She asked and the lady nodded.
"That's right now how can I help you?" She asked
"Please can I have some money?" She asked
"Money? Why that does your mother and father need it?"
"No the people I'm with wouldn't give me food unless I have money."
"Wait, what people?" The ninja asked
"That is none of your business, are you going to give me some money?" She asked
"Okay, here you go" The woman handed her 20 "Tell me, are you going to be here tomorrow?" She asked
"I don't know, maybe, but I have to go." Sakura said.
"No please wait. . ." The women called after her but Sakura was already gone. The women left to Kage tower.

In Kage Tower.

Sir I think I have found someone who can help find out who are the ones that are making children beg for money." the female ninja said as she looked at the Kage and his red head son who was on his lap .
"Good keep it up. We need to save them." He said
"Okay, I will try and find the little girl tomorrow again. She is very odd child, she was very beautiful: full green eyes, petal pink hair and she seem to be only 5 years old." She said Gaara smiled.
"That Sakura-san she's my new friend!!"
"You know her?" His father asked him and Gaara nodded.
"Yes, I just meet her yesterday in the park and she might be there again today." He said
"Okay Haruno take Gaara to the park and see if you can find this girl." She nodded and Gaara walked over to her. They walked to the park to wait for Sakura.

With Sakura

Sakura had made 190 with out using her pickpocket talents. She had enough to eat good. She headed out to the park to see Gaara. Once she was there she saw the woman with Gaara. As she walked to them Gaara smiled
"Sakura-chan!" He went and hugged Sakura since she was his only friend.
"Hi Gaara!! Lets go play I have time this time." She said as they ran to the swings.
The women followed
"So your name is Sakura?" Sakura nodded
"It's nice to meet you Sakura. I'm Rin Haruno" The ninja said.
"Hi." Sakura then went back to talking to Gaara, she then took his hand and ran as far from Rin she could.
"Sakura-chan why are you nice to me?" Gaara asked her
"Why? why wouldn't I be? You and I are no different. And I never really had a friend, I only have Sai-onii-chan. He found me and has taken care of me." She said while he smiled and kissed Sakura on the cheek.
"Hey you stay away from my sister! Sakura, I said you can't come here." It was Sai who looked mad.
"Sorry Sai-onii-chan but I have a new friend!! Come here his name is Gaara." She said.
"I don't care, come on. We have to go." Sakura nodded and went with him after she said her goodbyes to Gaara, Rin watched the two leave.
"So Gaara is she coming here again?" She asked him, Gaara looked so sad.
"No, her brother doesn't want her to come back here." He said with some tears in his eyes. "She was my only friend. . ." He added, Rin took him back to his house and then she left.

2 Weeks Later

Sakura was around the streets again, begging for money once again. There were many people in the streets and they where all buying food, clothes, etc. As she walked on her own she saw Gaara, it had been 2 weeks since she last saw him since Sai wouldn't let her go back to see him.
"Sakura-chan!! I thought I would never see you again!!" He said as he hugged her, she hugged him back.
"Hi Gaara-san, I'm sorry about my brother." She said
"That's okay, hey want to play?" He asked, Sakura thought of a money and nodded she did make 250 so that will be enough. She played with Gaara, and Gaara got her some food to eat so they sat down and ate.
"This is good Gaara-san!" She said as she looked up at him.
"Sakura-chan why do you wear the same clothes? And they looked old and they don't seem to fit you?" He asked
"Oh, umm. . . Unlike like you Gaara I don't have a mom or dad."
"What happen to them?"
"My mom left, my dad would look for her. I became the woman of the house, I had to learn how to clean and wash clothes. One day my dad brought a new mommy for me and she was really mean to me and then she said that if I don't leave she would and dad didn't want her to leave so he kicked me out and I went to my aunt's but she had too many people in the house so I left there. Then I meet Sai!! He my big brother now!" She looked at Gaara who looked so sad.
"What's wrong Gaara?"
"That's so sad Sakura-chan! But don't worry that will never happen again, I when am older I'm going to take care of you, no one will ever be mean to you again!"
"Thank you Gaara but my brother doesn't want me to be your friend and this maybe the last time I see you. But even thought we won't be able to see each other we will still be friend ok" Sakura said looking down.
"Okay then here, I want you to have this teddy Sakura-chan. Please don't forget me." He said as he looked at her, Sakura took the teddy bear
"Okay I will never ever forget you Gaara-kun." She said giving Gaara one last hug.
"Bye Gaara-kun! I hope we can see each other again." Sakura yelled out as she ran back to the house. As she did she bumped into. . . Rin again.
"Hello there Sakura how are you?" She asked, Sakura tried to walk away from her but the women took her arm
"Sakura have you eaten something?" Sakura nodded.
"Oh well I haven't, would you come with me?" She asked, Sakura looked at little scared.
"I cant." Sakura answered.
"Oh come on now. I have this for you." She gave Sakura a bag.
"What is it?"
"will they are Clothing for you and your brother. I broth them with me cause I had I had a feeling was I going to see you today, they use to belong my sister kids who are about your age and I thought they would fit you." She said. "Now how about I take you out and get some ice-cream?" She asked
"Okay but I cant stay long I have to go soon." Sakura reasoned.
"Oh do you have to go to your mother and father?" Sakura shook her head.
"No, I have to go give the man and women the money and then I get some more food and a place to sleep." Sakura explained.
"Oh and is there more children like you?" Rin hinted.
"Yeah, there are a lot. We have to raise at least 100- 200 or more to have some food and a place to live."
"Sakura tell me where do you live?" Rin asked.
"I don't live there, I just stay the night there. But I'm not aloud to tell you since I don't know very well."
"Sakura I want you to find out where they live, I know you may not understand now but please if you can find out where they live I can help all of you kids and then you will have a home to live in. Please do this not for me but your brother. You both should be take cared of and loved so please Sakura." Rin begged.
"I don't think I can do that miss. My big brother will be mad." Sakura explained.
"Please just think about it, I will be here again tomorrow."
"Okay I will try but I have to go now." Sakura then ran off. The women looked at her run she was worried of what could happen to her. But she had to have hope that she would hopefully come around. . . and soon.

With Sakura at her "home"

All of the children where around that man that was trying to put on some shoe that where in the bag that Rin gave to Sakura. It was at less 2 sizes smaller then his foot but he some how manch to put it on.
"That fit just fine, now go throw these other clothes away we don't need them." He told his wife.
"But we can have them there enough for all of us." Sakura said and the man stood up and hit her.
"Why you don't need none of it! We give you a roof over you head and food what else do you want?!" He yelled at her.
"Please sir don't hurt her, she did her job today she did as you told her like we all did" Sai said as he helped Sakura up.
"Well if you don't want her to get hurt then teach her how to treat her elders!"
"Don't worry I'll have a talk with her."

Later that night

Everyone was in line to get some food, everything was going good until it was Sakura's turn.
"Good, good, I see you got 250. You did good" He said as his wife fulled her bowl of beans and bread.
"I'm not hungry." She said
"I said I am not hungry sir." She said again.
"If your not hungry then get out of the way." He hit her once more and she went to her and Sai's spot where they would sleep.

The next day Sakura found the women and told her about where she could find the house. Later that night that night she did something that would change everything not just for her but for everyone in the house.
"Um sir I want to quit taking money from the people." She said.
"What? Hon why would you want to do that? You have everything you could want here. You have a bed, food, what else do you want?" He asked
"I just want out, you said that I could get out at anytime I want and that I was free to go whenever I wanted." Sakura said
"Well you cant! Come here you useless girl! You're not going anyway where." He yelled at her as he grabbed her arm and pulled her to one of the beds. He threw her there and took off his belt, "You're going to get a betting your never forget!"
"No you don't!!" Sai took out a kunai, threating the old man.
"What are you doing boy?" He asked
"I'm getting my revenge on you!!" Sai screamed.
"Revenge?! For what?" He asked clueless of the young boy's pain.
"For killing my sister!!" Sai yelled
"I didn't kill her. She drank the drink and died, she did it herself not us."
"Don't lie! She was hungry that day! She asked you for food and you gave her that poison to eat!! You will pay for what you did to her!! I swear!"
"Don't you dare, if you do then you little friend here will die like your dear sister!" He said taking Sakura and put his hand on her neck. Sai looked at Sakura he couldn't have her get hurt. She has been like his sister. So slowly he put down his Kunai. That man looked from Sakura to Sai.
"instilled of betting her you will get it.!"

5 minutes later

"That should teach you a lesson."
"Jordan I think the kids going to die." Said his wife.
"We're leaving him here for the night. If he dies then oh well." that's when Sakura ran in and saw Sai all beaten up.
"SAI!!" She yelled as she went to him.
"be grateful that it wasn't not you." The man then left and locked the door.
"Sakura are you ok?" Sai asked
"Yes. I am so sorry! I didn't mean to get you in trouble! I just wanted us to go away and find a home where we could belong!" Sakura said as tears came streaming down her face.
"Don't cry, don't worry everything will be fine."
"But your all beaten up. Just wait here I'll find a way to get you out of here." She said as she smiled though her tears.
"You can't, I've been locked in here before and there is no way out, Sakura I'm going to die, I can see my sister." Sai said
"NO!!" She yelled that when she heard the women from the park.
"Sakura!!" She yelled
"Mrs.Haruno!!" I'm in here! Please I need help my brother is here and he's hurt!! Please come!!" Sakura yelled, she then heard her right outside.
"Sakura we will get you right out don't worry okay."
"Okay but please hurt." Sakura cried she ran back to Sai. She didn't move from his side until the very end but he died in her arms. Mrs. Haruno took Sakura away and took her home with her. Later on Rin Haruno adopted Sakura and took her to the Konoha

with her in hopes that Sakura could put everything behind her. The rest of the children were taken to other homes where they grow up happy and with a loving family . Sakura had also been happy but she could never forget her brother nor what happen to her even though she did grow up making it seem like she did. She would always cry over her loss or at lest that what she thought…..