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The next day Sakrua went to the living room to see her mother talking to ANBU.

"mom what going on?" she asked as she went to her mother.

"Hello there Sakrua we came to asked you a few things you think you can tell us?" one said Sakrua nodded shyly.

"Tell us do you know Itachi is?" one asked

"No, he said he was going to a mission… he said he be back….why?" she asked so innocently

"when was the last time you saw him?"

"Last night he came and told me one day he would come and we well be together he promised me that he be back and to not believe rumors about him, But why are you asking me? He'll be back right?" she asked

"Sakrua it don't matter if he comes back or not he is not aloud in the village again." Sakrua could feel her heart break.

"why?" she asked as tears come down her cheeks.

"Sakura… listened Itachi did a bad thing last night. He killed all of his family all but his little brother the he left the village. He a Criminal now its better that you don't think about him again because if you are ever going to be a ninja you well have to fight him. This is going to be your first really test and that is as ninja we do not have friends because if we let ourselves that feeling then when the day come that they ever become Criminal we are the ones that have to fight them and bring them to the village or to kill them we don't need those feelings to get in our way." by now Rin was mad at the ANBU and Sakura was now sobbing

"No….that not truth….there always a way besides killing a teammate!" Sakura whimper as she punched the Anbu in the face and ran to her room.

A few minutes later.

Rin came into Sakrua room to find Sakura face into her pillow crying her eyes out

"Sakura….sweetie." she said as she sat on Sakrua bed. Sakura stood up and cried on her stepmother lap.

"why do they keep leaving me mom. First Sai, Gaara soooo far always and now Itachi left me alone" Sakura cried as her mother petted her head.

"sweetie I know its hard.. But don't worry one day you well see them all again one by one they well come back to you and one day your brother and you well meet again and by then all of you well be together again and I can tell you this when that day comes nothing well pull you apart. I can promise you this…Sakrua but until then you have to be happy I know Itachi may have killed his family but I also know that he would not want you to be sad. He wants you to life you life and be stronger. That why he had train you isn't? don't let them down by crying and being sad be happy and take thing one step at a time I know if you ever face him again you well make the right choose." she said as Sakrua looked up at her. Rin wiped Sakrua tears and hugged her.

"thank you mom" she said as she fell asleep.

2 years later

"Hi there Sasuke." Sakura said as she looked at the ten year old girl

"What do you want Sakura?" he asked

"Nothing am just wanted to know if you wanted to play."

"Ok " both Sakura and Sasuke stared to chast each other around about an hour later they were both sitting on the grass

"that was fun!" Sakura said laughing.

"YA….Sakura why do you always play with me?" Sasuke asked her

"case you my friend Sasuke-kun."

"so dose that mean if my brother would come back you would help me kill him?" Sakura was shoot and quit she don't know what to say to that. She looked at the ground

"I'm sorry Sasuke-kun…but I don't think that Itachi tried to hurt you…I think he was trying to help you some how….he loves you, you know. " this made Sasuke pissed

"how can you say that! Sakura he killed my family! He didn't kill me case am weak to him!" he yelled

"Sasuke-kun his your brother! He loves you, you have to believe me!" she said looking at him with tears in her eyes.

"No he don't and what do you know Sakura! You don't know anything! But I'll show you one day you well see that he is a evil basted. And you know what I don't want to see you ever again!" he yelled as he pushed Sakura and ran always. As she watched him run from her. She stood up and stared to walk home…..

Skip to Sakura house,

Sakura waked into the kitten to find a note from her mother


I had a mission to go with my team I be back by tonight there food on the stove.



Sakura sighed as she went to the living room and sat down to read a book her and her step-mother stared to read together….

Later that night…..

Sakura sat at the table eating her dinner wondering when her mother would come back….until there was a knock on the door she stood up to get it only to find her mother teammate.

"What do you want kakashi were my mom she said you guys were on a mission," she asked as she looked at him

"I came to take you to the hospital Sakura am sorry but Rin got hurt and she might not make it." he told her, Sakura was in shook, she looked at him like he had two heads,

"come on Sakura, I'll take you too her, she don't have much time left." he said as he took Sakura and out her on his back and the both head to hospital. Once there Sakura ran to her mother side only to see that she in so much pain.

"Mom?" she asked as her mother open her eyes to find her there. She smiled

"Sakura there my little girl." she said as she touch Sakura's face.

"Your get better right mom?" she asked

"Am sorry dear but..I'm going to go with your brother now. But do not cry, one day me, sai and you well be together again but until then I well be watching over you with him. We well make such you see Gaara again. And we well make such to send others to you who well one day take our place to watch over you on land while we watch you from above."

"No mom you cant leave me along please." she bawl her eyes out now. She was hugging her step mother like there was no tomorrow .

"I love you Sakura take care of yourself and become a great ninja like you always wanted help children who were like you, don't forget your pass but also don't let your pass hold you back I know you well be great and maybe even become Hokage someday. I have faith that you well….."

"I love you too mom."

"good bye my little one…." and with that Rin took her last breath and close her eyes one more time Sakura know she would never see those eyes open….. Sakura hugged her as she cried as kakashi came in and held her knowing that his friend and teammate had die and once again he could not do a thing about it, all he did was hold his friend daughter in his arms and care for her from afar. Since he know she would not take his help if he offered her it. She was just like Rin that way…..but he would help her in ways she would not know it was him…..

Two more years later

Sakura at Age 12 after running in to the sand siblings Sakura pov

It was midnight as I sat on the swings. I was happy to see Gaara but then he tried to kill Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun, its made me sad just thinking about it, Gaara was my first friend beside my brother and Itachi…..

"Itachi….Sai….mom….. I miss you… I wish you where" I wispier look up at the stairs.

"Oh I see you don't want me here. Sakura-Chan." a voice came I turn to see Gaara behind me as he stated to push me a little .

"Why would I wish that you were here with me if you already are?" I asked him with a smile I got off and hugged him… "I missed you Gaara-kun." I told him crying a little.

"I did too Sakura-Chan thank you for the letters you send me. That why I came here to see you. You look really different you have long hair now, and taller." he Said as he sat on the other swing.

"Ya, Gaara why did you try to hurt my teammates?" I asked him I was hurt and I wanted to know why he would try to hurt them.

"I don't like them being so friendly with you Sakura, I don't like you having other guys friends." he Said giving me the same pout he use to when we were kids.

"Gaara you're my best friend no matter what happens no matter how many other guys or girls I have you are like my brother… just like Sai." I told him and he saw a few tears fall from my eyes. He wiped them and hugged him.

"You miss Sai?" he asked I nodded

"Do the others know about your pass? About how you used to be a street kid in Sands" he asked me and I shook my head

"no we thought it would be best that now one knows about that or at less my step mom thought so." I told him

"I see so if we talk outside they were not know we are friends?" he asked

"Gaara I don't care what they thing… we are friends and if they others are really my friend they well accepted you." I told him as I looked at him

"No Sakura it would be better that they don't know case that would dig up your pass with your brother… don't worry I well help you in the test as much as I can with out the others know what am doing. I also want you to have this….." Gaara handed me a necklace with a blood red cherry blossom it was the same red of his hair. She looked at it and hugged him.

"Sakura one day I well make such that we can be together like we use to. Even thought we only know each other for a few days as kids I know right then that you would be one of the only one who ever showed that you cared and were not scared of me. That's why one day we well be together like back then." he Said I blushed he then put the necklace on me along with my other necklace that had the ring Itachi had given me which is not too small for my fighter., so I put it one a chain to give me luck in what ever I do and now I have another necklace that I know well gave me luck.

""ok one day everyone well know we are best friends Gaara and there well be nothing they well do about it," I Said

"its getting let ill walk you home." he Said as he took my hand and we stared to walk home were he stayed for some late time dinner and then left when I was getting too tried to stay up, with one last good night he left.

Normal pov

As Sakura went to bed two red eyes watch as she pulled the covers over herself.

"soon Sakura-chan soon I well have you with me and you well forget about them….all of them all you need is me…." and with that the red eyed fighter vanish into the night…

After the Chunin exams

It was three days since the chunin attack and three days since the batter with sands and once more Sakura was at the park once more it was pass midnight as she cried a bit. Her best friend had tried to kill her. At first she thought that it was a mistake, but then she know it wasn't, she had to protect her home and her teammate she had to she had too it was her dudes like how it was his duty to fight ageist her and her new home

"Oh Gaara I miss you already, how could you do this to my village?" she whispered as she sobbed some more.

"Sakura I'm sorry for what I did." he Said from behind her Sakura jumped and turn around in fear of what she would see but there he was looking miserable

"why Gaara why did you try to attack me?" she asked more tears coming down from her eyes.

"I didn't like the way you protected that boy, I dint like the way you looked at me like I was your enemy…" he whispered gloomily

"Gaara I know I was born in sunds but I became a Konoha ninja. I had to he is my teammate he and Rockley 12 are like family now to me even thought I well always see you as my first best friend and brother.. Am sorry Gaara but I love them as much as I love you. Am sorry Gaara" she cried some more as he held her in his arms.

"There there Sakura-chan its ok. Now that me and Naruto kind of friends we wont hit our friendship anymore." he Said wiped her tears from her eyes and she smiled

"Ya, that right and your come visit me right more often right when you don't have missions." Sakura asked him and he nodded

"Ya, I well you can be such of that" he promise as he pulled her from his arms.

"Good, Cause I want to pick up our friendship and lets pretend none of this happen, that batter was never happen ." Sakura Said joyful that he was not mad at her. He was happy that she had accepted to still be friends and put every thing behind him.

"come on its late Sakura-chan. I'll take you home." he Said picked her up bride style and took her home where they talk for a awhile before Gaara had to finally leave.

Once more Sakura went to bed and smiled as she feel asleep.

3 weeks later night Sasuke leaves

"Sasuke please you can't leave! You have everything you could want here. You have a family in us don't you?" Sakura asked him

"you are the one my brother always train you took him always from me that why he had no problem killing our clan, for that I hate you and my brother." Sakura looked at the ground.

"but Itachi don't hate you or me." she told him


"Sasuke-kun please just stay with us. Please I love you. You like a brother to me." Sasuke stopped and turn to see Sakura lament harder he went behind hind her

"thank you Sakura but I well make you see that Itachi is evil….." and with that he hit a presser point and she passed out….