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So he was back again, against all odds. In retrospect, she probably should have kissed him again when he first shut up. Instead she didn't say anything, just hugged him. Eventually she started to cry, her face pressed into the darkness of his neck.

She jolted awake to her name shouted above her head and her body ricocheting in his arms. She was on his lap in his old co-pilot's seat, arms still linked around his neck. He'd had a dream, he explained, forced himself to relax back against their chair. He killed a JedI wearing her face. She had not asked him what it was about, but her right hand ran over and over the so soft hair on the back of his head. Idly she thought of how huge his haircut made his eyes look, made them darker so that you couldn't help but look into them whenever he was in the same room. Magnetic. Too much in them, like black holes.

She yawned quietly and let her head fall back to his chest. He picked her up without a word and took her to her room, kept his eyes downcast from hers even as he set her down on her bed. As he straightened out she was half afraid he would bow to her and back out of her quarters. She grabbed his hand in a desperate swipe before he could and pulled until he lay down beside her. He curled around her back willingly enough, and she slept.

He was all seriousness again now, but there's sadness behind his eyes instead of rage. She kept silent at the helm, Marek trying to meditate somewhere behind her. Nothing had come off the walls yet. Had her shock worn off? She still couldn't speak to him. Nothing sounded right in her mind, the part that still worked. Other thoughts were gone that morning, waking up with him already awake underneath her, arms crossed behind his head and staring at the ceiling. Maybe she could have kissed him then and healed all this… nothing they were in. She hadn't changed their heading, she just stared and tried to think as her mind swirled. Maybe two days is too long to mourn someone. Maybe that kiss was for luck.