Napoleon glanced at his watch,

"Where's Kip?"

He sighed as he stood in their driveway.

"He's never on time!"

The phone rang from inside the house and Napoleon's Grandma answered,"Hello?"

"Hey Grandma, Lafonduh and I are gonna be a little late."

"God Kip, again?"

"Don't be so critical Grandma Lafonduh's keeping me busy."

"I know, I never see you anymore."

"That's because Lafonduh and I live in California with her family."

"Just get here as soon as possible Kip!"

"Yeah Grandma, geez."

She rolled her eyes and hung up.

"Napoleon get your butt back in here and put on something nice.

Napoleon walked in and scratched his head.

"Something nice?" He asked confusedly.

"Yeah, you can't wear a horse shirt to a family reunion."

He did a long sigh and walked into his room to look in his closet.

Most of his clothes we're about horses.

"What the heck am I supposed to wear?" he asked his closet.

His Grandma walked in, "This was your father's,"

She smiled at him, "He wore it the night he died."

"He was wearing it while the sharks were eating him?" He asked interestedly.

She touched his cheek with her hand,

"I'm so sorry Napoleon, I only told you he was savagely murdered by a pack of wild sharks to make you feel better."


"He died at a dancing competition, with your mother."


"Your father was an excellent ball room dancer, and he had talent, that's for sure."

He was silent so she continued on,

"It was the annual Idaho state competition and your father was there to compete, your mother was watching too but she's a dumb clutch, like you so she didn't go on the dance floor."

Napoleon's eyes squinted as she continued her strange story.

"He won the first two catagories and was about to be the champion.

He winked at your mother and asked if she wanted to join him for the last dance. She of course, being a clutze said no its okay, but he asked again.

She walked out with him and they danced slowly but surely for about a minute. Then your mother went stupid, she accidently swung her leg up and broke his neck, killing him instantly."


"Why didn't you freaking tell me!"

She looked down, "We didn't want you and Kip blaming her for his death."

He opened his jaw and stared at her with a grudge.

"So you've lied to me my whole life?"

"Your making it worse than it is Napoleon, I've never told a lie that wasn't necessary."

"Now put this on so we can get going."

She looked at him,

"I love you Napoleon, and your parents would have too."

She hugged him and allowed him to change.

He put on his father's shiny dance shirt, feeling strange that he was wearing his dad's last shirt.

A few minutes later Kip showed up in his black Escalade with spinning rims. It raised up and down and then he and Lafonduh got out.