Turning Tail

Sam sat uncomfortably in the briefing room trying her hardest to concentrate on what the General was saying. River was under the table leaning up against her legs panting heavily. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm them both by reaching under the table and rubbing behind the wulf's ears. River pressed against her harder, revealing that she was shaking slightly. Sam swallowed hard, she simply couldn't get the knot out of her stomach.

Glancing over at Daniel she found that he was having a similar problem. He hooked his fingers into the collar of his Base jacket and pulled it away from his throat as if trying to get more air. His discomfort actually made her feel a little better, she was feeling silly about being nervous and she enjoyed the company in misery.



"Carter?" Jack demanded.

"I'm sorry, Sir. What was the question?"

"I didn't ask a question, you just seem...on edge."

"It's nothing, Sir."

Jack eyed Sam suspiciously. When Daniel started tapping his pen against the file they were going over Jack turned his attention to him. It took Daniel a moment to realize that he was being watched. He instantly stopped his incessant tapping and looked up at Jack.

"What?" Daniel asked innocently.

"You two have too much coffee this morning or what?"

"I'm fine, Jack. Just, let's get this meeting over with."

"Teal'c, buddy," Jack said "help me out here. Are these two acting like declawed cats in the middle of a dog fight or what?"

"I am unfamiliar with that expression, however, Daniel Jackson and Colonel Carter do appear to be more agitated than usual."

"I thought so. So you two, what's up?"

Sam and Daniel exchanged a pained expression. She smiled hesitantly at him, something Jack picked up on instantly. He swung his full attention to her and stared at her expectantly. Daniel sighed heavily and put his head down on the desk.

"It's the vacuum cleaner, Jack." Daniel muttered in confession.


"The cleaner in your office."

"Is the noise really that distracting?" Jack asked irritably. "They wouldn't be in there if a certain pair of mutts hadn't come running in from a rainy mission and shook all over the place."

"It's not distracting, Jack...it's...uh..."

"Terrifying." Sam supplied.

Jack furrowed his brow in total confusion. Slowly coming to an understanding Jack looked under the briefing table. Jackson and River were huddled against their respective partners quivering in fright. They were both staring at the door that lead to his office. Jack stood back up and shook his head.

"Oh for crying out loud."

"Sorry, Sir." Sam apologized meekly. "Daniel and I feel any strong emotion that they feel, and it's making paying attention a little difficult."

"Are you trying to tell me that a pair of mutts that have faced down Goa'uld, run through fire fights, traveled through space, fought off alien attackers, and cheated death on more than one occasion are afraid of a vacuum cleaner?"

"What can I say, Jack?" Daniel shrugged. "It's a dog thing."

Jack narrowed his eyes and glared at Daniel for a moment. Throwing his hands in the air in defeat Jack stalked over to his office. He jerked open the door and yanked the vacuum cleaner's cord out of the wall. The young Airman cleaning the carpet looked up in shock.

"Knutson, scram."


"You're frightening SG-1."


Just a little One Shot that I wrote up today after running the cleaner myself. Kira and River (my dogs) were just beside themselves with fright, despite the fact that I use the thing like twice a day and nothing bad has ever happened to them while it was running as far as I know.