A/N: Here's the sequel I promised. Sorry it took so long to finish, but I changed the storyline after my first draft.

When I was in eighth grade my friend Alex and I…hallucinated the same thing. We had been watching 'Hook', a movie I have loved since childhood. We both had different reactions and convinced ourselves of different things. Alex was convinced it had really happened; I thought the pizza had been bad and caused an odd dream. We never talk about it anymore; junior year keeps us busy with homework and such. I don't get much sleep anymore.

I can't sleep anymore. Lately it seems my mind won't stop thinking about what happened that night in eighth grade. So I sit up on the roof and watch the stars move across the sky each night. I buried myself in schoolwork so I can use it as my excuse. Since my parents work even more now they hardly seem to notice. I've always been good at faking sleep, anyway. It's better than dreaming.

Sometimes…sometimes I think it could have been different. If I'd truly been a Lost Girl…