Letters of Lyndis

Written by: The Peanut Gallery

Dear Eliwood,

It's been six months since I came to the Smasher's Brawl tournament. Even though it was an honor to be invited as an Assist Trophy, I still can't stop thinking about you or our new son. Every chance I get, I hold that picture of us close to my heart and I wish I was back in Pherae with you and Roy. I sure won't ever forget how you two look so much alike. I can only think Roy will end up growing up to be exactly like you: a hero of Lycia.

It's funny...when I mentioned I was the mother of Roy, some of the Smashers looked pretty surprised. One of them, a princess with sunny blond hair and a pink dress, said I looked way too young to be the mother of a teenager. I looked at her and I asked what she was talking about: my Roy is still in his toddler years! A lot of people were very surprised, and a blue haired prince approached me and said, "Is this some kind of joke?"

I told him no. Then the chief of the Smashers, the Master Hand, said it was a time paradox. It seems that, in another twenty years or so, our Roy is going to be a big hero and he was invited to the last tournament. I'm guessing that he has the power to manipulate time and dimensions. Amazing, isn't it?

Since then, a few smashers have been saddling me with various questions on Roy. Most of them I can't answer because...let's face it...Roy is still a baby for us. It seems that he had a bit of a rivalry with an elf named Link and that blue haired prince I mentioned earlier. His name is Marth. What really puzzles me is how he can look like a girl...I thought he was a princess at first. A swordswoman princess...how wrong I was!

There's another swordsman here that reminds me so much of Hector. He has blue hair and he carries around a two handed sword with one hand. Isn't that amazing? His uncanny resemblance to Hector almost made me laugh...until I heard him talk. He's very passionate and a man with few words. That part sort of reminds me of Rath. In fact, he makes me feel a bit closer to home as well, so I decided to seek him out and talk. It turns out he's from a war torn land, just like Elibe, only his continent is called Tellius. Through the talks of home we had, we've become fast friends. His name is Ike. I bet you would have liked him too, Eliwood. If he's any more like Hector, I'm sure you two would have become friends as fast as you did with that Ostian armorhead.

It's not that I hate him, he's just so easy to tease! He makes it easy as well.

But there's more then just people who use swords here. There are princesses, one who fights hand to hand and one who can use magic. She's not like the mages of Elibe, but her magic is almost as powerful. When I saw her magic, I was so amazed. It reminded me a lot of Nino, Erk, Pent and Priscilla.

Just thinking about Nino makes me wonder how she's doing. The last I remembered, she and Jaffar were expecting twins, right? She's so young, but I'm sure she will be a great mother. She has a lot of love to give.

Let Roy know that Mommy will be home soon. I'm thinking of asking Master Hand to let me off for a few weeks so I can spend time with him. I miss him...and you...way too much.


A/N: This bit was pretty fun to write. You'll see again how I poke fun at Marth here, and I also bring in Lyn's family...if she marries Eliwood. If you've never played Fire Emblem, the Assist Trophy, Lyn, has the option to marry four different suitors. Personally, I don't believe she and Eliwood were married, but this was a way of showing people who haven't played Fire Emblem what kind of woman Lyndis is. She's one of three different options for Roy's mother.

This is one of the four letters I'll be writing. The other letters will be addressed to the other potential suitors Lyn has in the game, with my favourite one being last.

This is also an example to follow for my Letters challenge. (cuts the ribbon) Good luck, authors! See my profile for details regarding the Letters challenge.