Letters of Lyndis

Dear Rath,

This loneliness is killing me. This ache in my chest is not going away at all, and I think I know well why.

It's because you aren't with me.

I miss the plains, the grass, the people, nature...but most of all, I miss you and Sue. My family, who has always been so important to me.

How is our daughter anyway? She looks so much like you that, if she were a boy, I'm sure she would have been your mirror image. I'm certain your father would have been very proud as well. But the Kutolah clan isn't like the Lorca; they will follow a woman when the time comes. Sue will make a great leader one day.

I just wish I could hold her right now.

I've spoken to several people here, but no one appears to have a family. That is, rather no one is married with a child like I am. It makes me feel rather left out...but then I remember you and Sue and I feel special that I'm the only one here with a husband and child to go back to.

A few of my friends here have asked me a great load about our daughter. That's my favourite time of the day, aside from when I'm called upon in battle. I simply smile and tell them she's a beautiful girl with cream coloured skin and hair as deep green as grass on the plains. It's that reference that makes me feel close to home.

And I remember the night we spent on the plains. Perhaps, when I return, we should do that again and expand our family.

Things are well here. I was called into a battle yesterday that took place on a large castle that reminded me of Castle Ostia. I asked the head of the tournament about it and he said it was a replica of that very castle. I was amazed at how he could build an exact replica...and even have the sounds of wars echoing in the background! It's something you have to see with your very own eyes to understand.

I was also called into another battle that took place on...I kid you not...a floating island in the sky! It was a floating ruined temple that was simply amazing to look at. I decided to ask a princess by the name of Zelda about it and she told me that, in an attempt to conceal this sacred space, the gods lifted it unto the heavens to escape it from evil.

If that were the case, why is it serving as a battleground? She laughed and told me she was only jesting; this temple was just a stage of battle Master Hand had built. Is there no end to the surprises that giant hand brings?

In any case, I am looking forward to the end of this tournament so I can be home with you again.


A/N: Augh, I am so bad. I ignored my stories for over a MONTH now. (smacks self)

About this letter, I thought it would be fun to write because this is my favourite Lyn pairing. References to FE6 are here, like all about Sue (Rath's daughter, and likely Lyn's) and to Dayan, Rath's father. Also, I threw in a slight reference to my LynxRath lemon, called The Wolf in Me (quote, "The night we spent on the plains.").

Challenge is soon ending! :D