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So, here's the next one. Most of it's a filler, but it's needed to move the story along a bit. I better let the drama ensue I suppose…

Bella POV.

Edward drove me home that afternoon. We remained silent for most of the trip, neither of us wanting to push some pointless talk. It was easier and more comfortable between the two of us to remain silent.

The moment we got into our street, I caught sight of my big old red truck perched outside my house. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Jake had obviously managed to fix it.

"Looks like your truck survived to live another day…" Edward said, breaking our silence.

"Looks like it." I replied as I wondered where Jake was. I had told him before that I didn't want people seeing him. If anyone saw him and recognised him from the bar we worked in, I was sure that people would begin to become suspicious. I really didn't want anyone to find out where I worked.

"So you won't need a ride to school tomorrow I guess…" Edward muttered as he pulled the car up outside his house.

"No thanks, unless it gives up on me again." I smiled and thanked Edward for the ride before getting out and going over to my truck. Jake had even gone and washed it for me.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I called over my shoulder at him before I headed to my front door and let myself in.

The door shut behind me with a small echo which reminded me of just how empty my home was.

"Bella?" Jake's deep voice should have startled me a little at least, but it didn't. I had no idea how he'd managed to get into my house, but I wasn't all too bothered about my security at that moment. I was more worried as to what Jacob would say about my lack of electricity. I was sure by the disapproving tone in his voice that he had realised my predicament already.

I dropped my bag at the foot of the stairs and slowly made my way forward to the kitchen, my feet dragging the whole way.

I chewed on my bottom lip nervously as I reached the kitchen doorway. Jacob was sat on the chair at the dining table that faced the doorway. He looked angry, but I was glad that he was controlling it well.

I decided to test the waters. "Hello…" I said timidly. I didn't get a reply, that wasn't a good sign. "Thanks for fixing the truck…it looks clean, you didn't have to-" I added nervously before I was cut off abruptly.

"Don't." Jake said simply, his deep, strong voice effectively cutting mine off. "Don't pretend that there's nothing wrong here, don't pretend that you're fine and don't pretend that you can cope!" Jake's voice rose to a roar toward the end before he banged a fist to the table and stood up.

I wanted to run away and hide from him, but my feet wouldn't move from the spot I was in. Jacob's intense stare kept me rooted where I was.

"How long?" he asked calmly as he crossed his huge arms over his chest and stared down at me disapprovingly.

"A few days…" I replied, referring to my lack of electricity.

"Why didn't you come to me?" his question turned almost soft as he spoke.

"I…I can…" I muttered before I realised the truth. "I thought I could cope." I corrected myself before dropping my weary body down onto another chair at the kitchen table.

I head the chair opposite me clatter before Jacob sat back down. "Didn't I tell you that you could always come to me with anything?" I nodded my head silently as I stared down at my twisting hands. "Don't you trust me?" he added, sounding slightly appalled.

"Of course I trust you!" I answered honestly. I had no idea why I hadn't turned to Jacob sooner apart from the fact that I had believed that I could cope and that I would get through this just fine by myself. Now that Jacob knew everything, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. "I'm sorry." I added weakly before glancing up at him.

"You better be." He replied before a smile pulled at the corners of his lips. I smiled back, grateful that he wasn't still angry. "I'm still mad at you though, don't think you're off the hook just yet." He added as he pointed at me.

"Thanks Jake." I said quietly before I rested my head on my arms upon the table.

"Is this your electricity company?" I heard him ask a few minutes later. I head a rustling of paper and realised that he must have found and old bill that I'd left lying around.

"Umm…" I muttered as I sat up straight. Jacob turned the paper toward me and I saw the logo. "Yeah that's it. I was going to call them tonight." I said as I dug in my pockets for my phone.

"I'll do it. Sit tight princess." He said as he got up from the table, clutching the letter in his hand and his phone in the other.

"Jake, I-" I was cut off once more.

"Bella, hush. Leave it to me please." He said simply before walking out of the kitchen, into the living room.

I tired to tidy up the kitchen in the mean time, to no avail. There were tins and other items of food everywhere. I hadn't realised before how much I relied on a refrigerator and freezer, but I sure did right then when I had to chuck away a lot of the wasted food.

"Bells, they can get you connected no sooner than tomorrow morning, or afternoon at the latest." Jacob announced from the living room.

I all but ran to him at the news. I had thought that it would have taken days for me to be reconnected. I hugged him tight as I asked him what he'd said to get that outcome.

"Just a few sugar coated threats…" he said casually as he hugged me back. I looked up at his grinning face inquisitively and had no idea if he was telling the truth or not.

"Thank you again Jake." I sighed as I looked forward to lights and working appliances. Pottering about with candles after dark hadn't exactly been fun.

"Come stay with me tonight Bells. I'll take you to school tomorrow, or Leah can." Jake offered before giving me another squeeze.

"I'll be fine Jake; one more night won't hurt me, will it?" I told him with a smile to try and ease his worry.

"Have you always been this stubborn?" Jake asked with his brow raised while he waited for an answer.

"Maybe…" I muttered before I cuddled into him once again.

It felt good to have someone to hold onto. Jacob seemed to have become a buoy in the raging seas that I had to swim in. He was someone that I could hold onto and who would keep me afloat.

"I need to get going Bells. I have work tonight." Jake sighed some time later as his arms fell from around me.

I dropped my arms and said goodbye to him before he let himself out. I cracked on with my homework at the kitchen table soon after, working with candlelight as the night drew on.

I scattered candles around the living room to make the house seem less lonely and oppressing as I read. I read, curled up in blankets on the sofa until my eyes began to close of their own accord.

The candle closest to me acted as my flashlight as I made my way up stairs. I already had a small collection of candles strategically placed around my room, and so I lit each one. The room seemed to grow warmer, even though I knew it hadn't. The little candles hardly generated any heat, but at least the flickering light looked warm.

I stretched out on my bed, wanting to relax a little in the illusion of warmth. I looked forward to tomorrow, of being able to come home to electricity. I hadn't realised how dependant of it I had been until I had been cut off. I yawned and thought of Edward and the other Cullens. I had thought that they would have noticed that there was something wrong by now, but I supposed I played my part well. I didn't let anyone in, to the house or into my little bubble if I could help it. Edward had been the only exception, but he only just brushed my bubble, not even he got close enough to burst it.

"Fuck." I cured sleepily as I realised I'd left the candles alight down in the living room. I rolled lazily off my bed and pushed my weary body onto my feet. I didn't bother with a candle, I knew where the stairs were and I had the rail to hold onto on the way down. On the way up, I could just use a candle from the living room after blowing the rest out.

I had only made it down the first few steps when I felt my foot slip from under me. I grasped out for the rail beside me but my hand only met whooshing air as my body fell. I gave up on trying to grab hold of something to steady my balance, and simply braced my arms out the best I could to try and stop myself of falling all the way down.

The moment my head hit something painfully hard, I felt my head swim. I was sure had it been light, I would have seen everything around me in a blur, but with the darkness, I saw nothing. Seconds later, my body stopped rolling and I lay still on the floor, at the bottom of the stairs, almost too afraid to even breathe. I felt the spinning and pain in my head worsen. I reached a hand up to touch my head gently, but my arm never made it. A sickening heavy smell reached my nose and I inhaled it once. I knew the odour; I smelt it each time I blew out a candle. I began to panic just before I blacked out.

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