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A Chance Encounter

"Lord Malfoy, how good of you to visit," the scrawny store clerk called out. He had been in the middle of fitting another man for a suit, but dropped his tape measure and bustled over to greet Draco the moment he walked through the door.

Draco dusted off his jacket and removed his hat, placing it carefully on the rack by the door. "Tidwell, I'm needing to purchase four new suits and a set of dress robes," Draco called out. "What new fabrics have arrived?"

Tidwell rushed to the counter and pulled out several sample books and laid them out in front of Lord Malfoy. He knew from experience what the man usually liked, so he immediately flipped to the green and gray swatches.

"Perfect. I'll take one of each of these," he began, pointing to a set of expensive sage green silks and silvery gray brocade patterns. "The dress robes need to be unique though. I am to finally meet Pansy," he boasted.

It was common knowledge among the town that the only child and heir of the Malfoy estate was promised to the daughter of another prestigious wizarding family, the Parkinson's. Their daughter had been raised much like Draco, home tutored in the ways of magic and how to live as a proper pureblood in a world where wizards were the minority.

Unlike Draco, however, Pansy never left her estate, and no one outside her family and their house elves had ever set eyes upon her. Rumors flew that she was a hideous monster, but Tidwell never listened to gossip, and seriously doubted that Draco's parents would inflict such a fate upon their beautiful child.

For Draco was beautiful.

He turned heads wherever he went, his pristine blonde hair was pin straight and flowed elegantly over his shoulders, but was usually pulled back with a thick black ribbon. His skin was pale and almost luminescent, and his features were sharp and haughty, befitting that of a noble pureblood wizard. Thanks to Tidwell, he was always in the height of fashion and everything he wore fit him like a glove, showing off his fit body to the best of its ability.

"Here are some designs I've been working on, sir. Is there anything here that you like?" he asked. He had to stay always prepared for a visit from Draco, as the boy never made an appointment, and was known to make odd demands, but pay handsomely for them.

His arctic gray eyes scanned over the parchment, eventually flicking between the final two. "I like this one, but with this collar," he said, pointing at the last two drawings. "What colors do you suggest?" he asked.

Tidwell felt alight with honor at being asked his opinion by the most sought after man in all of England. "Well sir, I think you have fine taste, and the colors you usually choose suit your coloring perfectly, but might I suggest this," he said, offering a large swatch of sapphire blue brushed satin with quilted pleats and icy blue brocade trim.

Draco nodded and a subtle smirk pulled at the corners of his mouth. "This is perfect, Tidwell. Brilliant as always," he said.

Tidwell beamed and began scribbling down the order. Draco set a black velvet pouch on the counter and Tidwell knew there would be more than enough galleons to cover the cost of the five garments ordered today. There was probably even enough to cover the possibility of his previous customer, who was still waiting for Tidwell to return, walking out in frustration.

He looked up to thank Draco, but his shop was already empty of the lord's presence. It was a common thing for Draco to make such a swift transaction, which is why Tidwell managed to keep his patronage over the years. Other vendors tried, but often failed to live up to the Malfoy family's expectations.

They were the most important family in England, maybe even the world, and they thought they deserved to be treated as such. It was a view most wizards didn't agree with, but Tidwell, heavy moneybag in hand, agreed wholeheartedly.


Narcissa met Draco at the door when he arrived home from his trip to Diagon Alley. She took his hat and cloak and led him into the study, where his father awaited him. He sat in the chair across from his father and his mother stood in the doorway, as if preventing an escape.

"Draco, my son," Lucius began, and Draco knew at his fathers tone that he was in for a lecture. "Pansy will be arriving in one weeks time. Have you prepared everything as I've instructed?"

"Yes father. The final thing on my list were the dress robes for the welcoming ball, and I ordered those today," he replied.

"The ring?" his father asked.

Draco took the small velvet box from his pocket, opening it to reveal a stunning emerald engagement ring. The stone was five carats and flawless nestled amongst several smaller pave diamonds that made a trailing vine pattern down the setting.

His father raised a delicate blonde eyebrow in startled amusement. "You keep it with you?"

"I trust myself to keep it safe," Draco answered with a nod.

Lucius sighed and shook his head lightly in disapproval but surprisingly said nothing to demean his son's choice. "After the wedding, your mother and I will be vacating the main part of the manor and will reside exclusively in the west wing. The household and the accounts will all be transferred to your name, and you will be the sole executioner to the Malfoy fortune. I hope you understand the weight of that responsibility."

Draco exhaled the breath he had been holding and nodded. He knew this day was coming. From the moment he had turned seventeen he knew that one day this would all be under his control, he just didn't expect it to be so soon. "I understand, father."

"It is of the utmost importance that you produce and heir, and quickly. The longer our family is without an heir, the larger the target we become. Many pureblood families would kill to be in our position, and they certainly wouldn't blink at killing us," Lucius said.

He knew this too, it had been drilled into his head for almost twenty years now, but Draco still nodded his acceptance.

"Very well. I shall see you at dinner, son. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon," he said and offered as much of a smile as Draco had ever seen from his father.

"Thank you, sir," Draco replied and exited his father's office.

His mother caught up with him on his way down the corridor and steered him toward the back garden. It was the dead of autumn, and the only flowers that were left were the hearty ones like the orange chrysanthemums, and the pale pink stonecrop that bordered several of the large beds. Draco's personal favorites though, were the goldenrod the bloomed wild at the forest edge.

He tried to avoid the forest as much as possible though. His father had warned him since he was a child that the forest held ancient magic and creatures that Draco had no experience with, so it was best that he just stay away. Someone with noble and pureblood like himself needn't go traipsing through the woods anyway.

"Draco," his mother began once they were a good deal further into the garden than Draco usually ventured. "Are you nervous?" she asked.

Draco laughed, but the smile on his face never reached his sparkling gray eyes. "I'm scared witless, mother," he replied in all honesty.

She smiled prettily and ran her fingers through her son's hair. "Everything will be okay," she assured. "You're father and I might be relegated to the west wing, but we'll still be here if you need us."

"I know, mother. I just…" his sentence trailed off as he didn't know the right words to complete his thoughts.

"You know, your father and I had an arranged marriage. Things have not always been easy, but I love your father and he loves me. You will learn to love your new wife, and no one could resist your charms," she told him, her voice soft and soothing. "And then, when you have a son of your own… why Draco, you will never know joy such as that," she added, a single tear escaping her perfect eyes.

Draco smiled and kissed his mother delicately on the cheek. "Thank you, mother."

His parents, though they looked so similar they could be siblings instead of husband and wife, were polar opposites. His father was cold and calculating and his mother was warm and sensitive. If two people as different as his own parents could love each other, then he shouldn't have any problems with Pansy.

He watched as Narcissa floated back into the house, her ice blue gown trailing after her. He was near the edge of the garden, and he rarely came out this far without the purpose of seeking potion ingredients.

It was peaceful and quiet, not even the birds were whistling or the trees rustling. Since he was already so close, he made his way down to the forest edge; flicking his hand down to gather several stems of the goldenrod he so loved. He didn't know why this wildflower always caught his attention, but something about it seemed to draw him near.

He had just gathered enough to create a lovely bouquet for his mother when he heard the sound.

It was light at first, but then grew more potent as he walked into the fringe of the wood, careful not to stray too far into it. The music sounded like an orchestral violin, but more powerful and intoxicating than Draco had ever heard before.

He had to seek it out, had to find and harness the sound for himself. Surely, one brief trip into the wood to find the source of that beautiful melody wouldn't hurt.

Leaves of gold, umber and crimson fell lazily around him as they made a silent decent from their homes in the canopy. The setting sun shone through the fading trees, flashing against the crisp autumn leaves and casting dappled light of red and gold along the forest floor.

All the while the music folded around him like a lover's arms, pulling him deeper and deeper into the wood. The light around him slowly faded and his home could no longer be seen through the trees, at this point, Draco normally would have panicked except the enchanting music filling his ears assured him he would be fine.

But then it stopped.

It was abrupt and it felt as though it had been torn violently from his mind. He looked around in a daze, unsure of where he was, the light still catching on random golden leaves and sending glittering beams all around him.

A slight movement caught his eye, a lithe form flitting nimbly through the trees, and he unthinkingly pursued it. He knew it was foolish, but the more glimpses he saw of the pale creature, the more he wanted to catch it, speak to it and Merlin only knew what else he would do if he were just permitted to touch it.

The creature was beautiful and agile, racing through the trees in haste, but leaving the forest undisturbed. Its long obsidian hair trailed behind as it twisted and slid between the trunks on dancers feet.

Draco stumbled after it, clumsy and human in his pursuit, sure that he would never catch up, but feeling as though he could never give up his mission. When he finally looked up from the barrage of limbs and vines cutting into his progress, his eyes went wide with wonder.

He found himself in a glade, and it was the most beautiful sight he had ever beheld. Twilight met him in the glade, filling the forest with an otherworldly glow. The sounds of twinkling stars could be heard in the silence and the moon rose into view, casting its silver shine onto Draco's pale skin.

A fragrant breeze whipped through the glade, sending shivers up Draco's spine. It brought the sent of lilac and vanilla and Draco found himself leaning into it. He felt as though he had stumbled into a faerie glade and that at any moment he would look up to see faeries dancing all around him.

The sound of rushing water filled his ears and he followed it, marveling as he came across a crystal clear spring in the center of the silver moonlit glade.

The being he had chased through the wood danced over the water, its twinkling laugh carried over the damp grass, caressing Draco's skin with its joy and amusement. Draco gasped at its ethereal beauty, playfully dancing along the waters edge.

Everything stopped at the sound of Draco's breath, the moon, the plants, the water but most importantly the watery sprite, dancing in mirth. Draco was now certain it was a male because the sprite was clothed only in moonlight, and he turned his angelic face to stare at Draco, who could only gasp at the deep emerald pools of his eyes.

He was frozen in place, held still by the hypnotic jeweled tones of the sprite's eyes. He could only watch as the sprite flitted to his side, eyeing him curiously, a mischievous smirk playing on his lips as he ran a delicate finger over the flowers Draco still clutched in his hand. His hair fell in long raven locks, curling gently over his shoulders and down to graze the top of his arse, the fringe in front haloing around his magnificent and knowing eyes. His skin took on the same silvery sheen as Draco's; only it was slick and wet with spring water.

The sprite smiled, just a small curl of the lips, and Draco reached out to touch him, just a bare graze of fingers. Too slowly he watched his hand extend, only to grasp a fine mist, as the sprite faded into the air, his bell-like laugh the only thing left behind.

A second later a splash erupted in the spring and Draco stared unblinkingly as the nimble feet of the sprite descended into the depths of the crystal pool.

Just as quickly the spell was broken, leaving Draco to stare around him at an apparently ordinary glade. The world of the faerie faded around the edges, seeking a new audience in the night, and left Draco to stumble his way back to the manor alone.

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