By: Natilie Sawada

Opening notes:

A/n: This fan-fic got me out of a 3 month writer's block! claps ecstatically It was really tough! But now I still can only write fan fics! (I do write real short stories, if you can believe that!) but yeah. Okay…this story will consist of drama and romance! () And this is a TohruXKyo story (They are sooo fun to write about! Them and Rin and Haru, next I think I'll experiment with Kisa and Hiro…) But I'll stop yammering and let you read the story! Enjoy!

P.S. I do apologize for the honorifics in this story. I mixed English and Japanese according to what I thought sounded best. So, Yuki calls Tohru "Ms. Honda" like in the English anime, but she calls him and Kyo "Yuki-kun", and "Kyo-kun" so it's a bit mixed up, so I'd like to apologize in advance, but…um…yeah. I hope you enjoy the story anyway!

This work is dedicated to:

Ysabet MacFarlane for writing wonderful fan fictions which inspired me. Some of the quotes I used at the beginnings of chapters are from her stories. I encourage you all to read her work! It's amazing.

Type Fruits Basket Fanfiction into Google and scroll down until you see: Ysabet's Fruits Basket Fanfiction

My friend Mackenzie for reading the work ahead of everyone else and giving back pointers.

Thanks to both of you! This story wouldn't be what it is with out you!

Disclaimer:I do not own any of these character or circumstances.

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