Summary: What if Galen Marek had survived his encounter with Darth Vader and the Emperor? What if he found a way back to the Rebellion and to the woman he loved? How would the Rebellion be then? Spoilers for The Force Unleashed. Galen/Juno.

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A/N: After having seen both endings of the game, I began wondering what would happen had Galen survived. Well this is how I envision it.

In a cold damp morgue on the Death Star, a medical droid had the body of a young black haired man in black and white robes slid onto its table.

It then began to perform its pre-autopsy procedures.

Then without warning its sensors detected something within the subject. Something the droid had only detected during its service as an actual medical droid and not an autopsy droid.

…a heartbeat…

…A steady pulse…

Suddenly the droid found itself compacted in a tiny metal ball of scrap by means unknown to its mechanical brain.

The subject that had been put on the table was alive…alive and well.

The man sat up and looked at the destroyed droid as he pondered.

His name was Galen Marek, though he had previously gone by the codename of Starkiller. He was a Sith…no he was a Jedi…His first master was a Sith but his new master was a Jedi. Even though he had killed two Jedi and temporarily blinded another, he knew deep down that he was a Sith no longer…he was a Jedi.

Galen stood up and noticed a small tray by the door, in it was his lightsaber. He called it to his hand with the force, and stealthily snuck out of the morgue. He located the armor of a dead Stormtrooper in a box on the floor. The Stormtrooper he had killed personally by beheading him clean at the neck. He quickly and stealthily donned the armor which fit perfectly. He then turned and walked casually out the door.

He kept going until he reached one of the hangers where he found just the thing he was looking for…a Lambda class shuttle. He approached the ship but was stopped by a nearby officer.

"Halt Lieutenant…you're not authorized to board this craft, it is reserved for Lord Vader." The officer said as Galen rolled his eyes inside his helmet as he decided to attempt an old Jedi trick his new master had taught him on the ride to Kashyyyk to rescue Princess Leia.

"Lord Vader sent me to prepare his shuttle for takeoff, move along." Galen said with a wave of his hand as the officer's face went blank.

"Lord Vader sent you to prepare his shuttle for takeoff, I'll be moving along." He replied in a monotone and autonomous voice as he stepped out of the way. Galen smirked as he passed by him and onto the shuttle.

He quickly began the launch procedures as his thoughts drifted to where he could find the senators of the Rebellion. He closed his eyes as he entered a meditative trance…then finally the answer came.

"Home." He said as he tossed aside his helmet and the shuttle left the hanger flawlessly, he finally entered hyperspace completely unnoticed amidst the countless ships around the Death Star.

On Kashyyyk…

Juno Eclipse, ex-imperial pilot turned Rebel Pilot, looked up at the stars outside the Marek family home where the Senators inside celebrated the formation of the Rebel Alliance with Jedi General Rahm Kota inside providing a bottle of Java juice for a toast.

"Are you ok?" young Princess Leia asked Juno as she emerged onto the outside deck.

"I will be…I suppose." Juno said absently.

"You were close to him weren't you?" Leia asked as Juno sighed.

"I was the one thing that helped to keep him on our side…had I known…things might have been different." Juno replied as Leia nodded.

"Perhaps, but if things hadn't gone the way they did…we would have no reason or symbol to rally together for." Leia said as Juno nodded.

"If only I had something other than the Rogue Shadow to remember him by." Juno said as she glanced at the nearby ship. Leia said nothing as she spotted something in the sky. Inside Rahm froze and dropped his drink.

"Careful General…you must still have some form of hangover." Senator Garm Bel Iblis said with a laugh as Senator Bail Organa noticed Rahm's expression.

"Is something wrong General?" he asked as Rahm looked out the door.

"It can't be." Rahm said as he ran out the door just as Leia ran inside.

"Father! An Imperial shuttle is landing!" Leia said urgently as the three senators looked at each other in a panic.

The shuttle landed outside next to the Rogue Shadow and the boarding ramp extended. Rahm watched the shuttle intently but with a hand near his lightsaber just in case.

Finally a figure descended from the shuttle's boarding ramp. At first the figure was indistinguishable but then the six humans gasped in surprise as they recognized the figure.

"Impossible." Bail said in shock.

"By the force." Rahm said as he approached the figure.

"Master Kota." Galen said as he approached the grizzled old warrior.

"Is it really you?" Rahm asked as Galen crossed his arms with a smirk on his face.

"Well who do you expect? PROXY?" Galen asked as the old Jedi's face lit up like a child's at Christmas time as he quickly threw his arms around the ex-Sith.

"HA HA! It is you!" Rahm said as Galen pried the assumingly half-drunk Jedi master off of him.

"You're drunk." Galen said to the Jedi.

"I am not! I don't always carry bottles of booze with me wherever I go boy!" Rahm said as Leia knocked over Galen in a hug/tackle.

"You're alive!!" she said excitedly.

"Leia! Get off of him!" Bail said as R2-D2, Garm and Senator Mon Mothma snickered.

"(Gasp) Good to see you (Gasp) too, princess." Galen said as he wheezed for oxygen. Leia finally got off of him as Galen dusted himself off. He then scanned the group and spotted Juno, who was looking at him as if he was a ghost.

"Juno." He said as he approached. She remained stunned and speechless.

"Juno it's really me." He said softly as he took her by the hands. She then smiled as she could truly tell it was him by the shining in his eyes. She quickly pulled him in closer and into a kiss.

Bail proceeded to shield the spectacle from Leia's eyes, much to her dismay, but she ducked and watched anyway.

After they parted, Galen felt Juno slap him across the face.

"OW! What the Krif was that for?!" Galen asked.

"That's for scaring me by making me think you were dead!" she replied.

"I was for a moment but the force revived me!" Galen said as Juno just walked past him towards the Rogue Shadow whilst giving him the "Talk to the hand" treatment as he followed close behind trying to convince her to listen.

"Crazy kids." Rahm said with a chuckle.

Inside the Rogue Shadow the two had stopped arguing and were embraced in another deep kiss as they slowly headed for the bunkroom.

Hours later…

Galen strolled out into the cockpit where Juno sat at the controls and Rahm sat sleeping in the passenger seat.

"Hello." Galen said with a smile as he kissed Juno on the cheek as he sat down.

"Hello to you too." She said with a smile.

"So…where are we going?" he asked.

"I figured that Corellia would be a good idea…I thought that you would want to recover PROXY." Juno said as Galen nodded.

"Sounds good to me…what about old and smelly back there?" Galen asked.

"I'm awake enough to know when I'm being insulted boy." Rahm said as he stirred.

"I know…otherwise I wouldn't have said anything." Galen replied as Rahm gave a chuckle and the Rogue Shadow approached the damaged structure where the Alliance had technically been formed.

After cutting through a few lingering Snowtroopers he found the inactive PROXY lying in the snow.

"Can he be repaired boy?" Rahm asked.

"The damage appears to be light, so it shouldn't be any major repair work." Galen said as he picked up the damaged droid and carried him back to the Rogue Shadow.

A few minutes later…

PROXY's optics lit up followed by the rest of him that glowed.

"Oh my circuits…ah Master! Good to see you still functioning…I was afraid that someone else got to kill you before me." PROXY said as his master shook his head.

"Hate to break it to you PROXY but I did get killed by someone else…but it's ok, I'm still alive." Galen said with a laugh.

"You are an odd man master…but oh well. I am ready to serve as I have before." PROXY said as he hopped off the table.

"Where we heading Juno?" Galen asked.

"It's up to you." Juno replied as Galen thought.

"Felucia…We're going to Felucia." He said as Juno shrugged and headed for the bridge.

On Felucia…

The Rogue Shadow landed in a small clearing that Galen had indicated.

"What are we looking for Master?" PROXY asked confused.

"A fallen Jedi named Maris Brood…that's if she's still alive." Galen said as he ventured into the forests.

After a while, he heard someone crying near the entrance to the Ancient Abyss. He rounded a corner to see the young female Zabrak sitting against a rock wall with her knees to her chest as she cried.

"I'm sorry." He said as the girl looked up at him confused.

"What?" she asked.

"I should have taken you with me…you don't deserve the fate I granted you…if you need a ride, I have a ship nearby." Galen said as Maris looked at him with hope.

"I sense…I sense the light within you…you truly are a Jedi now aren't you?" she asked as he pulled her to her feet.

"I suppose so." Galen replied.

"I will go with you then…if anything to get off this planet." Maris said as Galen nodded and led her to the Rogue Shadow.

"Why did you come back for me?" she asked as Galen paused, "Was it guilt?"

"In a sense…but not entirely…I felt that you deserve better, and you should continue your training…my new master, Master Rahm Kota is a wise…if not occasionally drunk, man." Galen said with a smile as Maris smirked.

"Thank you…what is your name?" she asked.

"Galen…Galen Marek." Galen replied.

"Well then thank you Galen Marek…for saving me." She said as they boarded the Rogue Shadow.

"Ah Master you have returned and not a moment too soon…Senator Organa is requesting we make contact with him." PROXY said as the two passed him.

"Oh, Maris Brood this is PROXY, PROXY, Maris Brood." Galen introduced.

"Call me Maris." Brood replied.

"Inform the Senator we'll try to make contact as soon as possible." Galen instructed as PROXY gave a nod.

2 Years later…

An older Galen Marek, sat meditating. Around him hovered numerous items as he caused them to levitate using the force.

Suddenly he felt a deafening disturbance in the force. Billions of voices crying out in terror then suddenly silenced. Something terrible had happened.

"AUGHHH!!" he shouted as the objects in the air fell to the floor. He breathed heavily as he felt the billions of sudden deaths echoing through the force.

"GALEN!" Juno shouted as she burst in with PROXY right behind her. She no longer wore her old Imperial uniform, but instead had adopted a more unique feel. It was like rebel pilots uniform except with a grey jumpsuit instead of the orange, and without the white padding on the front. Her hair had also grown a little longer, reaching the middle of her upper back.

"Juno…set a course for Alderaan…something terrible has happened." Galen gasped as she pulled himself up.

"Alderaan what for?" she asked.

"Just do it!" he said angrily but paused and collected himself, "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to shout at you like that."

"It's ok Galen, there's no need to apologize." Juno said sweetly as she helped him up, and then turned to run for the cockpit.

A few minutes later the Rogue Shadow dropped out of hyperspace into an asteroid field.

"What the frag happened? Why aren't we at Alderaan?!" Juno asked confused as she dodged asteroids left and right. Galen looked at the field in horror.

"We are at Alderaan Juno…only…the planet has been destroyed." He said softly.

"What?! How?! It takes a lot of ships just to pull off a Base Delta Zero it would take thousands more to take out a whole planet entirely!" Juno replied.

"Unless you had something larger and far more…powerful." Galen said as his mind flashed back to the massive space station that Rahm and the senators were taken to years ago. At the same time he could also feel a strong presence in the force nearby and getting closer.

"Like what?" she asked.

"Remember that space station two years ago?" Galen asked as Juno thought for a moment.

"More specific Galen, we've been to thousands of space stations in the past two years." Juno replied.

"The big imperial one that you said looked like a moon." Galen said as Juno thought and looked at him.

"That was a weapon?" she asked confused.

"A big weapon…I felt like there was something dark about it the moment we saw it…I never did like the looks of that big circle above the equatorial trench area." Galen said as a console beeped.

"Master, there is a vessel approaching nearby, it appears to be a stock freighter by the name of…the Millennium Falcon." PROXY said from his console.

"Hail them." Galen ordered.

"Are you sure? If the Empire is here and the people on board are Imperial supporters…then we may have a major problem on our hands by merely contacting them." Juno asked.

"I'm sure…the Millennium Falcon is a smuggler ship…I helped the pilot and his Wookie friend escape a couple of Imperials last year." Galen said with a smirk.

"Channel open master." PROXY reported.

"Millennium Falcon, this is the Rogue Shadow, Han you there?" Galen asked.

"Starkiller that you?" A man's voice asked back over the radio.

"Han good to hear your voice again old friend." Galen replied.

"You still call yourself Starkiller?" Juno asked confused.

"Eh, old habits die hard…of course so do I." Galen replied with a chuckle.

"Yeah well, I sure wish someone would tell me what is kriffing going on around here? What happened to Alderaan?!" Han asked as an older and slightly English voice spoke up over the radio as well.

"Destroyed by the Empire." The voice said.

"Han who was that?" Galen asked.

"Ah just some crazy old man who believes in hokey old religions…he and a farm boy along with two droids have passage booked for Alderaan." Han replied.

"Oh." Galen replied as one of the consoles started beeping rapidly.

"We got another ship coming in!" Han said over the radio as an Imperial TIE Fighter flew overhead.

"Juno, move us into position for us to do a mid-space transfer." Galen said as Juno nodded.

"Han with your permission I'd like to come aboard." Galen said.

"Sure…can ya breathe in space?" Han asked as Galen grabbed a rebreather out of a small compartment nearby.

"With a rebreather yeah. Just cut the engines and open the top hatch. I'll see yeah in a few." Galen said as he turned to Juno.

"Keep cloaked until I give the signal." Galen said as Juno quickly ran over to him and they kissed for a moment.

Galen ran into the main hold and grabbed a few things from a container on the floor.

The utility belt from the Stormtrooper armor he stole two years ago, his lightsaber, and a vibroblade with retractable blade.

The Vibroblade was a simple cylinder looking slightly like his lightsaber hilt but noticeably different even at a glance. The blade itself would retract into itself in stages lightning fast and at the same speed when it extended.

It was the perfect weapon for a Jedi trying to avoid using a lightsaber.

"Master the Millennium Falcon is in position below us awaiting your arrival." PROXY reported as Galen strapped on the rebreather.

"Good, wish me luck PROXY." Galen said slapping the droid on the shoulder as the droid took the holographic form of Rahm Kota.

"In my experience there's no such thing as luck." PROXY/Kota said with a smirk causing Galen to pause and shake his head.

"Oh of all the droids in the galaxy I get the changeling wiseacre." Galen muttered as he headed to the airlock.

End Chapter 1

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