Seven years had passed since the battle of Endor and the New Republic had since trumped the now defunct Galactic Empire.

Anakin secretly underwent a series of drastic surgeries using the most advanced technology available which in turn allowed him to live without his Vader suit, now Anakin lives as one of his son's Jedi instructors at the newly sanctioned Jedi Praxium on Yavin IV.

His identity as Vader was publicly made yet carefully explained to the general populace about his past and how he had been tricked by the Emperor. Fortunately he was generally accepted by the people provided that he didn't ever take up the mantle of Darth Vader again…a promise that he could easily keep.

Galen and Juno disappeared from the public eye shortly after the battle of Coruscant for reasons unknown. It was assumed that they wanted to be alone and free of politics and wars…an assumption that was generally accepted. PROXY naturally accompanied them.

Rahm was also serving as a Jedi mentor on Yavin IV along with Maris Brood. Rahm was put in charge of the temple's security and even found a few men who were a part of his old militia during the day.

Maris was currently training a Dathomiri Force witch by the name of Kirana Ti due to their affinity for Rancor beasts.

The Republic had flourished and with Galen's permission continued to use his family crest as the symbol of the Republic.

Sol Eclipse was discovered to be an ace pilot much like his sister and eventually was offered a position in Rogue Squadron.

On Yavin IV…

Anakin sat meditating in his quarters.

He was wearing a long brown wig since they never could get his hair to start growing, but a number of cosmetic surgeries helped to make him look more human. He still had to wear a chest panel wired directly into his chest, and his vocal chords were fried so they installed an artificial vocabulator that allowed him to speak normally and in the blink of an eye be able to switch to his old Darth Vader voice complete with the familiar breathing noise…which he would frequently use to pull the occasional prank on Luke.

"Father?" Luke said as he stuck his head in the door.

"Yes my son?" Anakin asked as he stood up.

"Just thought that you'd want to know that Han and Leia are stopping by for a visit…they're bringing the kids with them…including your namesake." Luke said as Anakin took a deep breath.

"I just hope that boy doesn't turn out like his name sake if you get my meaning." Anakin replied as Luke nodded understandingly as Anakin walked out but stop as both he and Luke felt something…a disturbance in the force…a familiar presence.

"It can't be…can it really be him?" Luke asked as he and Anakin hurried to one of the windows to see the Rogue Shadow splutter to the ground.

"Looks like the Rogue Shadow is starting to show her age." Anakin said as Luke nodded understandingly and they turned to hurry down to the platform where Rahm and Maris were waiting.

Finally the ramp lowered and the familiar face of Galen Marek emerged from within the ship with PROXY right behind him.

"Galen!" Luke said as he approached his old friend.

"Luke, it's good to see you again." Galen said as the two hugged.

"We've missed ya boy." Rahm said as Galen then blinked as he saw his former master.

"Master? Is that you?" Galen asked as Anakin smiled.

"I'm not your master anymore…when you left me you were but a learner now you are the master." Anakin said with his Vader voice.

"Ok that's creepy." Galen said as Anakin chuckled and switch off the Vader voice.

"Welcome to my life." Luke whispered as Galen gave a chuckle.

"So what brings you here?" Anakin asked.

"Well…I'm looking for a job actually…I hear that you need Jedi instructors." Galen said turning to Luke who smiled and nodded.

"I've held a position open for you ever since Mon Mothma approved of the Praxium." Luke replied.

"Good because I also have a new student for you." Galen said as Juno emerged with a young five year old black haired boy holding on to his mother's finger.

"Oh my." Anakin said as Galen picked up his son.

"Meet Kento Bail Marek." Galen said as Anakin suddenly noticed his lightsaber being pulled towards the boy's hand.

"Well well…like father, like son." Anakin said as Kento held Anakin's activated lightsaber.

"Kento…put the saber down boy." Galen said with a smile as Kento deactivated the blue blade and force threw it to Anakin who caught it masterfully.

"Oh boy…another Galen…only younger…next thing you know he'll be toppling buildings onto Stormtroopers and ripping the heads off of AT-AT walkers…and then he'll lose his baby teeth." Maris joked.

"Don't laugh he's already pulled the head off of PROXY several times already." Galen said as PROXY felt his neck.

"3PO would be thrilled to hear about that." Anakin said with a laugh.

"That was actually part of a congratulations-on-having-twins card for Han and Leia…we sent holos." Juno said with a smirk.

"So are you going to train the boy yourself?" Luke asked as Galen and Juno both glanced at Anakin.

"Wait…me?" Anakin asked surprised.

"Why not…you trained me and look how I turned out." Galen asked.

"That was different…I was a Sith, and trained you as a Sith, and you wound up being a Jedi…I don't want to risk reversing it and train your son as a Jedi and have him wind up a Sith." Anakin replied.

"I have faith in you master…we all do." Galen reassured as Juno nodded and PROXY gave only a single nod before his head fell off…again.

"Well then welcome to the Jedi Praxium…Master Marek." Luke said as he extended his hand and the two shook hands.

Two years later…

Seven year old Kento Marek sat alone from a group of young Jedi. He felt ostracized from the rest of the group for reasons he didn't understand.

Then the door opened and Jedi Master Tionne Solusar entered with two five year old twins behind her, a boy and a girl.

Kento sighed knowing that it would be two more people who would ignore him.

"Everyone I want you to meet two of the Academy's newest students…Jacen and Jaina Solo." Tionne introduced as the group of younglings gathered around but Kento remained where he was and did what his father always told him to do when he felt angry or annoyed…he meditated as Master Tionne left the room.

Slowly items from on the floor around him started to levitate as his eyes closed.

"There goes the Force Freak again." One of his fellow younglings said as Kento meditated.

"Why is he a freak?" the new girl asked.

"Because his dad is Master Marek and he is very powerful with the force so it's only natural for the freak to get super force powers of his own." The boy replied.

"That doesn't make him a freak…that just means he's stronger than you." The new boy replied as he turned and approached Kento.

"Leave me alone." Kento said irritatedly as he felt Jacen and Jaina approach.

"Hey, don't listen to those guys…we know what it's like to be treated like freaks." Jaina said sweetly as Kento opened his eyes and saw the new girl smiling at him.

"I'm Jaina…what's your name?" she asked.

"Kento…Kento Marek." He replied as they shook hands.

"My name is Jacen." The new boy said as Kento shook his hand too.

It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

The End.

For now…