Chapter 1: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

A Kisa and Hiro Fan-fic By:

By: Natilie Sawada

And still love you as much

As the day we first met

Because there can be no Romeo

Without his Juliet

-Natilie Sawada

With help from Kitty

"Oh! Hello, Hiro!" Hiro looked up from the book he'd been reading. He was sitting on a bench in the park where that girl had taken them once. His mother had brought his little sister to expose her to the playground. She was three years old, now, and he and Kisa were both sixteen—freshmen in high school.

"Hey, Kisa," he greeted back, closing the book in his lap and scooting over so she could sit beside him.

"What were you reading?" She asked, her soft golden eyes still wide and innocent…and beautiful.

"Uh…" he stalled, bringing himself back form the liquid depths of her eyes. He flipped the book over so it was facing up. "Romeo and Juliet. It's an English plat by the famous playwright William Shakespeare."

"Was he English too?" Kisa asked, slipping the book from his fingers.

"I guess. I would be pretty screwy if the play was English, but not the writer." She laughed and flashed him a dazzling smile, flipping through the pages.

"That would be kind of crazy, wouldn't it, Hiro?" she sighed. "So what's it about?"

"It's about two families who are at war with each other. Only, one night, one of the families holds a masquerade ball, which means you wear a mask with a costume so no one knows who you really are."

"Oh! How exciting!" Kisa exclaimed.

"Shush. Let me finish." Hiro silenced her, and she smiled sheepishly. "So, the son of the leader of the other family—named Romeo—decides to sneak into the party. Only there, he meets Juliet—the daughter of the head of the family holding the party. The two instantly fall in love."

"How romantic," Kisa sighed, a dreamy look on her face.

"It's kind of hard to read though," Hiro said.

"But I though you'd been studying English really hard lately. You're almost fluent in it, right?" She asked, handing the book back to him. He stared vacantly at the cover.

"Yeah, but it's in Old English, which is written a little differently. I've heard it's even kind of hard for people who speak English as a first language to read. But besides that, it's supposedly one of the most famous love stories of all time, so I though I'd read it."

"I'd like to read it too now. It sounds so exciting!" She said, her eyes sparkling. "I love a good romance story, and it sounds like these Romeo and Juliet people are really in love."

"They are," Hiro agreed, "They're the most famous couple of all history. I guess the point of the story is that love conquers all. I don't know. I haven't read past what I told you, so I don't know how it ends."

"I hope it has a happy ending," Kisa said, grinning. "If two people share that kind of love, they deserve to be happy."

"I hope it turns out well too, Kisa," I hope you know that kind of love some day. It doesn't matter if it's with me, or not. I hope you can be as happy as you've made me.

"Ah! Kisa! What a surprise!" Satsuki, Hiro's mother, exclaimed, walking up to them, toddler in tow.

"It's nice to see you too," Kisa said pleasantly. Then she turned to Hiro. "Oh! Hiro! I was on my way to Sissy's house for a visit. Would you like to come?" She turned to Satsuki, "Is that okay?"

"It's fine with me," she replied. "Hiro?" He sighed.

"Okay, I'll go," To make you happy…

"Thank you, Hiro!" She exclaimed, taking his hand and pulling him in the direction of Shigure's house.

Where would I be without you, Kisa? He wondered, My one and only Juliet…